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Saturday, 28 September, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Nomy" comes from the same root as numismatics and nominology, right, it's to do with names ; while eco is like about being good to the environment and ethical shit like that, yes ? So economy is then the art and science of naming things to benefit the Amazon forest, correct ?

I thought so.

Further : vice in service is not the same vice as in Miami Vice ; it just (coincidentally) happens the orc's notion of Miami and the retard's notion of a service economy have a lot of Disneyland in proprietate devalmasa. Wouldn't you say ?

Thus therefore it follows that...


The modern Romanian fambly, a dude who's willing to wash your car while his princess sucks your cock.


A hundy's not even so bad in that jurisdiction, roughly the price of a quarter tank of gas or thereabouts. Call now!

And while you're busy with that : here's something Romania, for all its easements, doesn't have : an actual hotel. Actual hotel, with the fucking parking garage and everything.


What can you do ?


Getting the quarter ton pile of paraphenalia through to the elevator was no joke. A brief hundred yards or so, yes, but nevertheless we nearly broke out the lube.

Oh, and below, this splendidly promising restaurant whose display looked so great it actually arrested me walking.



The soups were great...



... sadly the sushi at best mediocre. I guess they mostly cater to the gimmick trade, which does very little for me. I wouldn't recommend it, for which reason I also don't.

And now, are you ready for our grand closing finale for the day ?

Yes ?

Here goes!


I have no idea what it says ; something about chasing donuts and other baked goods deliciously or whatever -- but mind the psychotic smile of the clown riding the Ki-44 ?



That'd be all.

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