The Republic without MP

Wednesday, 21 February, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : Ma Gep... secondo te,
si se potesse davvero
far scomparire una giraffa...
io starei ancora qui alla mia eta,
a fare queste baracconate ?!
E solo un trucco...

One of the more... amusing, shall we say ? What shall we say ? One of the results of the recent crisis was, in the words of its original author,

asciilifeform: it so happens that asciilifeform has purchased a 50% stake in bisp. and specifically with one condition: that mircea_popescu (named, concretely) will not be a back-seat driver there.

But let's think about it for a moment. If indeed it were possible, si se potesse davvero to have an item in Bitcoin somehow isolated from me, wouldn't USG have long had its preferred coin installed ?

If it were indeed possible to achieve such insulation by convention, wouldn't the USG's conventions have long ago prevailed over the underlying reality of the matter ?

It's not just that you can't make giraffes disappear. It's not just the rapes, and it's not just the beheadings. It's not even just the strategic superiority, or intellectual, or financial, or however you wish to look upon it.

Consider the TimSwanson problem. Who's to say "how debates work" ? Who's to say how everything works ?

Consider what triggered this article : as the Republic ever develops, as its tools and methods take the forefront in people's minds to match the forefront they've always held upon the transition phase between known and unknown where furthest man's mind ever went -- ever went! -- as lobbes' archive morphs into an item capable of recognizing which websites stole whose images and hanbot's svg-izing project grows to the point where we can have true standards of "how things look", as Amazon's business modeli goes the way Tesla's went leaving behind the Republic's item as the only item (much like MIT's coin went away leaving behind the Republic's Bitcoin as the only coin), there will be a huge influx of interest on the part of the pantsuit in "joining" -- specifically through the ag3nt_zer0 approach.

They'll want to have a Republic without MP, a WoT without the WoT, a Pizarro without the Pizarro, a this without the that. Absolutely typical pantsuitism,

Then the immigrants sweat and strain and break their hearts carving out a "civilisation". Fine. Great. Then when they get all pretty and prosperous, along come the grafters, the landgrabbers and politicians and with one hand skim off the cream and with the other scoop up the gravy. Not for me.

which is to say ye age old "we can always get into it later".

Except you can't get into it later. The fact that you weren't here, to take your marching orders from me, isn't a free option you write yourself ; it is an option you write at considerable cost : it limits your ability to participate in future discussions as to computing! Altogether! If you're not here today to do what I tell you with computers, you will not be able to do anything with computers. Let me repeat that : You. Will not. Be able. To participate in computing. At all. Whatsoever.

I understand that you don't think this "can ever be the case" ; but in point of fact it has already been the case : the conquered peasants of the middle ages, living on the land as tolerated cowards, the notional equivalent of captives of war whose lives are already forfeit, had no participation in that thin barrier of the furthest man's mind ever went at the time! None whatsoever!

Rustics you were and rustics you stay ; you will remain in bondage, not as before but incomparably harsher. For as long as we live and, by God's grace, rule over the realm, we will strive with mind, strength and goods to suppress you so that the rigour of your servitude will be an example to posterity. Both now and in the future people like yourselves will always have your misery.

Bitcoin is feudal, you understand. Do you understand ?

Do you ?

The time while the lords are still even looking for more knights is drawing to a close, like all windows of opportunity ever do ; do not let yourself be seduced by the siren song of idiocy, imagining your present, accidentally loose circumstance will long endure. It won't ; as it hasn't.

I'm sure I make myself perfectly clear ; but I am also sure that the Pointless & Witless parade will dumbly & deafly claim otherwise at such a point as there's no recourse left (but not before -- because just as the pantsuit arguments come instinctively to the pantsuit mind, just so the presence of optionality inhibits action in them).

  1. "Hey, let's emulate an imaginary box on a pile of real boxes cobbled together". Contrary to what was hoped, this is not something exant iron can do. In fact, it works in practice abount as well as quantum computers and electric cars. []
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17 Responses

  1. At *some* future point MP gotta be able to "drop case" and make the Caesar[man] to kaiser/царь/et al[job description] transformation, neh. Otherwise -- guaranteed problem.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 22 February 2018

    This has certainly been a major point of meditation for many years. But let's for the sake of argument consider briefly the worst case : MP disappears / ascends / is (un)expectedly eaten by crocodiles one day, leaving no arrangements in place whatsoever.

    At that point, the Republic either splits or doesn't. If it doesn't split, what's the problem ? If it does split, either it splits over defensible lines or indefensible ones. If it splits over defensible lines, then what's the problem ? But let's say instead it split over undefensible ones. They can then either be defended or not defended. If they're not defended... then what's the problem ? And if they are defended, what Republic was there in the first place ?

    In a word : the cyberfeudalism of today has over its 1.0 version ten centuries prior the significant advantage that it's not space bound, and this is no small matter.

  3. Observe the interesting find : we had a kind of dress rehearsal , if you wil, of "crocodile ate" and... nobody split. Much to the frustration of the tard gallery, I imagine.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 22 February 2018

    "The iron... my god, the iron!"

  5. Well, this wasn't the first dress rehersal. There was the bubble...

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