The catfishing story

Tuesday, 03 July, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

lowly_slut Found it :)
LordMPofTMSR hey!
lowly_slut hey

LordMPofTMSR win
LordMPofTMSR anyway, you don't know what irc is ?
lowly_slut no I actually don't. technology is the one area I don't have much knowledge in - which is definitely an issue considering it's 2018 lol

LordMPofTMSR lol. what do you do for a living ?
lowly_slut I'm a student, majoring in human biologyi and hoping to go to medical school
lowly_slut yourself?

LordMPofTMSR i'm... ah, you don't know who i am huh.
lowly_slut oh I already did my internet searching trust me lol
lowly_slut but asking directly tends to get you good answers

LordMPofTMSR lol. so basically i lord over a buncha projects / people.
lowly_slut a hardcore, tech-savvy supervisor

LordMPofTMSR you know ?ii stuff sluts' nightmares are made of.
lowly_slut the best sluts have good dreams about the things normal people consider nightmares

LordMPofTMSR this is quite so.
LordMPofTMSR do you want to tell me some ?
lowly_slut my sexual dreams? I could write an entire saga.... probably longer than lord of the rings lol

LordMPofTMSR you ever read ?
lowly_slut I haven't but I will now. love that you write

LordMPofTMSR there's really a lot on trilema ; once you're done with that, the continuation is
LordMPofTMSR and i shall be off to town ; but if you're around later drop a line, we'll chat smore.
lowly_slut I'll be around. message me when you're free :)

lowly_slut love that story by the way. brutal gang bangs are on the top of my wishlist to try

LordMPofTMSR look at this :
LordMPofTMSR * lowly_slut has joined #trilema
LordMPofTMSR * lowly_slut has joined #trilema
LordMPofTMSR * lowly_slut has joined #trilema
LordMPofTMSR * lowly_slut has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
LordMPofTMSR stop doing that, it's stupid.
lowly_slut I know it is, I don't do it on purpose

LordMPofTMSR lol ok.iii
LordMPofTMSR aaanyway, what were we saying ?
lowly_slut I believe we were discussing sexual fantasies

LordMPofTMSR ah right, you were going to tell me some of yours.
lowly_slut Honestly, it's easier to explain what I *don't* like because I'm very interested in a lot of things
lowly_slut I'll try pretty much anything twice

LordMPofTMSR but you also have ~0 experience irl ?
lowly_slut I have ~23% experience
lowly_slut irl

LordMPofTMSR ahahaah what the fuck. what did you divide to get that figure ?
lowly_slut wellll I figure I have a lot more experience than someone with none, but it felt overzealous to say I had experienced a quarter of things yet....but I've also tried a lot. so 23

LordMPofTMSR they don't teach you statistics in biology anymore ?
lowly_slut would you like a normal distribution curve so I can approximate that number using my calculus skills? lol

LordMPofTMSR "i tried 391 out of the 1700 things there are to try" is how you get 23%.
LordMPofTMSR and if it's 39 out of 170 you don't have 23%, you have 20%. because significance is a thing. yes ?
LordMPofTMSR the significance of your number is, wait for it... 0.
lowly_slut in the grand scheme of everything I'd like to experience, its significant to 0

LordMPofTMSR were you ever naked on the street ?
lowly_slut nope

LordMPofTMSR at a club/bar/party ?
lowly_slut nope, I have started going to a swingers party, but I've never been nude in a typically vanilla environment
lowly_slut well actually
lowly_slut there was this party in high school where everyone dropped acid and I was naked the entire night.... so *Technically*

LordMPofTMSR lol ok.
LordMPofTMSR what's "started going to a swingers party" mean, you're not even married ?!
lowly_slut swingers party as in a group sex environment. maybe the terminology is distinctly different, is it?

LordMPofTMSR swingers means married people getting together to exchange partners. it's a... 1950s airforce/suburbia thing, mostly.
lowly_slut gotcha. well this is just an orgy party loliv

LordMPofTMSR aaanyway. ever had sex with someone not your age / from your environment / however you politely say "as dumb as you in the same exact ways" ?
lowly_slut as dumb as myself?v

LordMPofTMSR you know what fashions are, right ? like how everyone in the 70s had the ridiculous hair ? and the pants ?
lowly_slut yes trends

LordMPofTMSR ok. ever had sex with anyone who wasn't in your own cultural bubble.
lowly_slut yes

LordMPofTMSR wanna tell me about it ?
lowly_slut well.... I fucked one of the professors at my college. not my own - I don't need to fuck for a grade, but yeah I liked his position so I fucked him

LordMPofTMSR did he teach you anything ?
LordMPofTMSR i don't mean, in his subject matter.
lowly_slut the professor? he didn't teach me anything really but fucking him somewhat ignited a sexual revolution I was/am still going through. Basically I want every experience I can get
lowly_slut I also had a little stint talking to this one guy who loved watching me fuck BBC. I was raised in a very suburbia, upper middle class white area, so going to the ghetto and taking bbc from older black men with a much lower vocabulary than mine was an experience

LordMPofTMSR did you do a lot of that ?
lowly_slut I fucked 5 BBC's for him and filmed everything

LordMPofTMSR why ?
lowly_slut because I'm kinky as hell and want to try everything

LordMPofTMSR did anything interesting come of that ? personally i mean.
lowly_slut yes. I wasn't attracted to black men at all before that, now I love getting fucked by BBC lol
lowly_slut definitely led to a great change of mindset

LordMPofTMSR that's rather impersonal, isn't it ?
lowly_slut well what do you have in mind as being personal?

LordMPofTMSR you ever seen glengarry glenn ross ? the movie ?
lowly_slut no I haven't

LordMPofTMSR ah. well, pacino has a few great lines in them, one of which being, "the fucking's not generally what you remember of the great lays you might have had. but some noise the broad made, the way she held her arm..."
lowly_slut well... I don't know. all the meetings were very impersonal honestly... I wasn't interested in sticking around or getting to know them

LordMPofTMSR why not ?
lowly_slut I'm not attracted to anything other than their cocks and what the dynamic represents..... so I'm not really trying to cuddle and talk much lol

LordMPofTMSR what does the dynamic "represent" ?
lowly_slut I like being a little white slut that takes huge black cock. If we really wanna dig deep we can talk about how it represents a flip in social norms, talk about how it represents true dominance - black man destroying the white girl that would've oppressed him 60 years ago during Jim Crowe USA. Where I grew up, there's still some racism too and even though I consider myself quite progressive, I was around a lot of people th
lowly_slut I'm not supposed to be fucking them. white people are "above" them (not true but some people still believe it)
lowly_slut so it like feeling like a dirty slut being taken raw by people some of society view as below me

LordMPofTMSR eh get out, destroying my foot. it's not made of soap, you know.
LordMPofTMSR all this is so much esltard wank.
lowly_slut esltard?

LordMPofTMSR a sec
LordMPofTMSR here :
lowly_slut so english as a single language combined with retarded?

LordMPofTMSR exactly.
lowly_slut so I sound too american?
lowly_slut these are obviously new terms to me

LordMPofTMSR you know how populations stuck on islands degenerate ? just so culturally, provincial peoples degenerate, end up with these highly wrought piles of nonsense.
LordMPofTMSR i don't think you're too american, for one thing america is where i live, you knowvi ? but i do think the people you're around are pretty... how shall we put it... narrowminded ?
lowly_slut lol you can say that again. my immediate friends and nuclear family are quite openminded but the community I was raised in isn't
lowly_slut I live in mid-michigan. you can imagine.. it's quite narrow-mindedvii

LordMPofTMSR but this entire "bbc" that as-fucking-if "destroys" bla bla, is just wank of a different color. as if instead of a red lampshade you put a yellow lampshade. same fucking lamp.
lowly_slut that's a very fair statement

LordMPofTMSR and i think it's a little bit wasteful to fuck some guy you don't even talk to. because who knows, maybe the black guy some retard reduced and repackaged for you as "bbc" had something actually meaningful to say to you.
LordMPofTMSR if you but listened to the guy you're fucking instead of some rando maniac ranting and raving behind imaginary cameras on a set that only he can see.
lowly_slut lol somehow you understand my situation without me even needed to explain it

LordMPofTMSR i am known for this.
lowly_slut i think it was important for me to learn how to fuck without any connection however. useful skill to have

LordMPofTMSR no dispute.
LordMPofTMSR but anyway, free bit of advice from guy you ran into on the internets, whether he somehow understands your situation without your even needed to explain it or not :
LordMPofTMSR the principal problem for you is running into idiots masquerading as doms.
lowly_slut absolutely

LordMPofTMSR i have known girls with a lot of baggage as a result of rando idiots pretending their abusive nonsense is bdsm.
LordMPofTMSR generally, they're 23-25 ; when they were your age they i expect they sounded a lot more like you.
lowly_slut my most recent experience was definitely that scenario

LordMPofTMSR how did that go ?
lowly_slut uhhhhhhh

LordMPofTMSR what, you're bad at storytelling or something ? go ahead, let's hear.
lowly_slut started with a guy on fet saying he's the guy in

LordMPofTMSR ahahaha what!
lowly_slut ended awfully
lowly_slut it's embarrassing but I totally got catfished. I'm a smart girl, but this guy was an absolute psychopath. he toyed me along for like 2 months and he spun an extremely good story
lowly_slut but I also wanted it to be real so I was more inclined to believe the good and ignore the bad
lowly_slut but I fucked 5 bbcs for him, listened to everything he asked of me, filmed everything and sent it to him, only to be stood up because he wasn't who he said he was. It was impulsive and now that I'm typing it out makes me sound like the dumbest girl out there, but you know how manipulative people can be
lowly_slut and he was older, experienced, offered me money, and was kinky and was helping me explore things i wanted. it was the type of relationship I've realized I very much want, and so yeah a lot o factors played a role as to why I was so gullible

LordMPofTMSR so you fucked some guys, not the end of the world.viii
lowly_slut it bothers me that I was lied to, and knowing that those videos with my face in it are out there. It's probably fine, but what it, you know?

LordMPofTMSR from what you're describing odds are you'd hurt him more by publishing them yourself lmao.
LordMPofTMSR the sort tends to treasure the items. anyways.
lowly_slut especially because I still need to get into graduate school and eventually a residency program. obviously he's a psycho so what would stop him from going one step further and posting everything somewhere?

LordMPofTMSR i wouldn't be too worried about it, i don't know anyone who's anyone and would seriously hold stag against a girl.
LordMPofTMSR now the opposite, "eh, she doesn't even have sex tapes" as a put-down, now that i heard plenty of times.
lowly_slut but yeah he's probably fat and old and will probably just wank to them forever, which is fine - he outsmarted me he deserves the fruits of his labor. as long as they're kept private lol

LordMPofTMSR and if they're public what ?
LordMPofTMSR you've seen buncha girls on my profile, not like they died from it.
lowly_slut but he was quite manipulative and I knew it wasn't proper BDSM but i went along with it because the person he was impersonating was hot as hell lol

LordMPofTMSR was this on fetlife ?
lowly_slut met him on fetlife yes

LordMPofTMSR but i mean... how do you mean impersonate ?
lowly_slut kik

LordMPofTMSR that didn't enlighten me...
lowly_slut google images, instagram, knowing your lie inside and out, and being a psychopath all help
lowly_slut we talked almost daily for almost 3 months. that's just cruel.
lowly_slut internet people are craaaazy
lowly_slut this person catfished as their passion, they invested time into the process

LordMPofTMSR i never heard anything like this from a fetgirl before.
lowly_slut really?

LordMPofTMSR honestly.
lowly_slut well I'm young and naive i suppose

LordMPofTMSR reasonably rare, i talk to a lot.
lowly_slut but I'm not stupid. I'm quite intelligent actually, which is why I'm so disappointed and surprised in myself

LordMPofTMSR i can tell.
lowly_slut and frustrated

LordMPofTMSR cuz stuck in shittygan ?
lowly_slut no one plays me like this and gets away with it irl lol

LordMPofTMSR lol
lowly_slut being stuck in shittygan as well lol. beautiful state buuuuuut I'm moving to a city for med school

LordMPofTMSR ah right, how about moving over here for a coupla weeks ?
lowly_slut you never know ;D

LordMPofTMSR of course... my interests don't really run towards gangbangs and such.
lowly_slut what are your interests?

LordMPofTMSR obedient girls, basically. the smarter the better.
lowly_slut obedience is sexy

LordMPofTMSR ikr?
LordMPofTMSR but! you may be too young to be enslaved, honestly.
lowly_slut I want a master because I want to learn to be more obedient. I've always had issues with being impulsive, and blindly driven by my strong emotions

LordMPofTMSR hm.
lowly_slut why do you say that? I agree, but why do you say

LordMPofTMSR yes but listen, you're not even 20 yet. there's maybe some stupid you still gotta get out of your system ?
lowly_slut honestly..... got a lot of stupid out in my early days. I'm much more composed than many 19 year old girls
lowly_slut had many more experiencesix

LordMPofTMSR well be that as it may, it won't be discerned over the internets anyways.
lowly_slut I don't need to do stupid things other kids my age are doing because I was the crazy kid that did that at 13/14
lowly_slut but i still have some left in me of course, I'm very young

LordMPofTMSR generally it's "come for a coupla weeks, if i like you you may stay". in your case it's more like "come for a coupla weeks, we'll have fun and if you truly really want it... ill think about it"
lowly_slut it would be interesting
lowly_slut but I'm also not a drop everything for a life of sexual slavery kinda girl

LordMPofTMSR you'd be in a proper house though, no bs.
LordMPofTMSR you'd have to behave.
lowly_slut i would love to experience that environment
lowly_slut it would be extremely interesting

LordMPofTMSR would it ?
lowly_slut yes I've always wanted to see how a "proper" BDSM household operates. I think it would be interesting. even if I don't enjoy it I would highly revere the experience

LordMPofTMSR because even senior girls can get in trouble and end up with a few red welts on their backside in short order. it's pretty intense
lowly_slut that does sound a little scary, in all honesty, but that's what makes me intrigued

LordMPofTMSR that said, i don't expect i'm very typical, in all honestly. not that such a thing as "typical" exists outside of faker-fanfic.
LordMPofTMSR but generally i'd guess i'm a lot more relaxed than most.
lowly_slut really?

LordMPofTMSR well yes.
lowly_slut the breaking in period...seems as though it would be a lot
lowly_slut I'm sure you have to bring down a heavy hand at first, to establish yourself no?

LordMPofTMSR nah.
lowly_slut well that's nice to hear lol

LordMPofTMSR lmao.
LordMPofTMSR you'll do most of that for me yourself, why should i be bothered.

What can I say, "accept no substitutes" ?!

  1. You know biology students seem to work quite well ? []
  2. Tech savy, you hear that ? I hope we understand each otherrrrr!!111 []
  3. What'd you have said, o ye technologically savy folk ? Hm ? []
  4. Because what they do these days for "swinger parties" is, everyone hires a whore and they show up with their "partners" to "exchange". Most escorts even have specific tariffs for this service in their little book. All hail the mass culture.

    By the way, remember back when "progress" was "consensus" and so the only way anyone ever denoted The Republic was by presuming it is the avant-garde of the place the fucktarded dullards are all headed eventually anyway ? What a sickening way of looking at things! []

  5. It stings, because imagine this wonder -- nobody told her before she's fucking stupid. The only true lot of infancy, childhood and adolescence, sheer and unmitigated idiocy, and nobody diagnosed it for her. Not ever.

    You are remiss in your duty and derelict of life! []

  6. It's a continent. The United States dangles off the side of it like stinky dangles off the underside of donkey. []
  7. I can't imagine, because counterexamples I won't go into the details of are all I know. []
  8. Can you believe this insane shit, by the way ? []
  9. And she also dropped the percentiles, just to humor me! []
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  1. Problemas económicos

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 9 April 2020

    No, because the average Indian or Arab kid posting here is likely getting by on 1/5 or less per day of what the average Latino has available ; yet what the Arabs and Indians are out here looking for is girls. The Latinos are just begging.

    Which brings to mind that the most striking characteristic of native indian populations to the European eye was... their propensity to beg. In which vein, let us quote Samuel Clemens :

    On the morning of the sixteenth day out from St. Joseph we arrived at the entrance of Rocky Canyon, two hundred and fifty miles from Salt Lake. It was along in this wild country somewhere, and far from any habitation of white men, except the stage stations, that we came across the wretchedest type of mankind I have ever seen, up to this writing. I refer to the Goshoot Indians. From what we could see and all we could learn, they are very considerably inferior to even the despised Digger Indians of California; inferior to all races of savages on our continent; inferior to even the Terra del Fuegans; inferior to the Hottentots, and actually inferior in some respects to the Kytches of Africa. Indeed, I have been obliged to look the bulky volumes of Wood’s “Uncivilized Races of Men” clear through in order to find a savage tribe degraded enough to take rank with the Goshoots. I find but one people fairly open to that shameful verdict. It is the Bosjesmans (Bushmen) of South Africa. Such of the Goshoots as we saw, along the road and hanging about the stations, were small, lean, “scrawny” creatures; in complexion a dull black like the ordinary American negro; their faces and hands bearing dirt which they had been hoarding and accumulating for months, years, and even generations, according to the age of the proprietor; a silent, sneaking, treacherous looking race; taking note of everything, covertly, like all the other “Noble Red Men” that we (do not) read about, and betraying no sign in their countenances; indolent, everlastingly patient and tireless, like all other Indians; prideless beggars—for if the beggar instinct were left out of an Indian he would not “go,” any more than a clock without a pendulum; hungry, always hungry, and yet never refusing anything that a hog would eat, though often eating what a hog would decline; hunters, but having no higher ambition than to kill and eat jack-ass rabbits, crickets and grasshoppers, and embezzle carrion from the buzzards and cayotes; savages who, when asked if they have the common Indian belief in a Great Spirit show a something which almost amounts to emotion, thinking whiskey is referred to; a thin, scattering race of almost naked black children, these Goshoots are, who produce nothing at all, and have no villages, and no gatherings together into strictly defined tribal communities—a people whose only shelter is a rag cast on a bush to keep off a portion of the snow, and yet who inhabit one of the most rocky, wintry, repulsive wastes that our country or any other can exhibit.

    The Bushmen and our Goshoots are manifestly descended from the self-same gorilla, or kangaroo, or Norway rat, which-ever animal—Adam the Darwinians trace them to.

    One would as soon expect the rabbits to fight as the Goshoots, and yet they used to live off the offal and refuse of the stations a few months and then come some dark night when no mischief was expected, and burn down the buildings and kill the men from ambush as they rushed out. And once, in the night, they attacked the stage-coach when a District Judge, of Nevada Territory, was the only passenger, and with their first volley of arrows (and a bullet or two) they riddled the stage curtains, wounded a horse or two and mortally wounded the driver. The latter was full of pluck, and so was his passenger. At the driver’s call Judge Mott swung himself out, clambered to the box and seized the reins of the team, and away they plunged, through the racing mob of skeletons and under a hurtling storm of missiles. The stricken driver had sunk down on the boot as soon as he was wounded, but had held on to the reins and said he would manage to keep hold of them until relieved.

    And after they were taken from his relaxing grasp, he lay with his head between Judge Mott’s feet, and tranquilly gave directions about the road; he said he believed he could live till the miscreants were outrun and left behind, and that if he managed that, the main difficulty would be at an end, and then if the Judge drove so and so (giving directions about bad places in the road, and general course) he would reach the next station without trouble. The Judge distanced the enemy and at last rattled up to the station and knew that the night’s perils were done; but there was no comrade-in-arms for him to rejoice with, for the soldierly driver was dead.

    Let us forget that we have been saying harsh things about the Overland drivers, now. The disgust which the Goshoots gave me, a disciple of Cooper and a worshipper of the Red Man—even of the scholarly savages in the “Last of the Mohicans” who are fittingly associated with backwoodsmen who divide each sentence into two equal parts: one part critically grammatical, refined and choice of language, and the other part just such an attempt to talk like a hunter or a mountaineer, as a Broadway clerk might make after eating an edition of Emerson Bennett’s works and studying frontier life at the Bowery Theatre a couple of weeks—I say that the nausea which the Goshoots gave me, an Indian worshipper, set me to examining authorities, to see if perchance I had been over-estimating the Red Man while viewing him through the mellow moonshine of romance. The revelations that came were disenchanting. It was curious to see how quickly the paint and tinsel fell away from him and left him treacherous, filthy and repulsive—and how quickly the evidences accumulated that wherever one finds an Indian tribe he has only found Goshoots more or less modified by circumstances and surroundings—but Goshoots, after all. They deserve pity, poor creatures; and they can have mine—at this distance. Nearer by, they never get anybody’s.

    Honestly I think it's genetic -- the unwelcome, regrettable fundamental characteristics of pre-Colombian native stock.

  3. Gracias

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