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Wednesday, 20 June, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

... and the slut's like "What do you mean you don't remember ?"
"I just don't," I say.
"There were two girls, a gringa and a local chick, naked in the pool."
"Uh... yeah... did the white one have kinda meh tits ?"
"No, she had great tits. And the other one had huge ones."
"Oh, the really huge ones ? No..."
"No, that was the cab driver, remember ? This was in Nicaragua."
"This wasn't with the wax, was it ?"
"No, that was [redacted]. The lesbian."
"This is ridiculous. I remember theoretically, yes, you picked them up, they were naked in the pool... I just can't recall any single fucking detail. I got a bottle of..."
"No, I brought the bottle. From upstairs. Remember ?"
"What were you wearing ? I can't even remember, was it a bathing suit ?"
"At first. Then I took it off to encourage them."
"I just..."
"You have any idea what piles of drugs normal people have to chuck in order to replicate this level of cognitive performance ?"
"I can't imagine anyone listening in would believe I don't even get drunk."

Which I don't, not that it makes any apparent difference, I seem to misplace orgy memories as a matter of physiology.


To be honest, I had totally forgotten that discussion ; but then I was watching Al Pacino not fuck Tea Leoni earlier, and... honestly now, it must suck being one of those.

In any case, here's something to help the general effort :


In other inconsequential minutia, I went to watch La Strada at a little cinema club here. As it happens it's the whet's favourite film. We had just seen it in our own private little cinematic den last week, but she noticed it on some San Jose Cultural thingee, and well... let's check out what locals are into Italian Neorealism, right ?

There were a dozen or so people there, mostly old folks with airs (and the largest concentration of berets in all of Costa Rica) and a few working class couples getting out of the rain. The pompous dweebs talking nonsense before the function had the decency to limit themselves to five minutes, and the indecency to propose that "maybe some of us never saw it, maybe we saw it many years ago". How about last week, bitch! And he thought Quinn actually spoke Italian. How the hell one can watch that thing and imagine Quinn speaks live is anyone's guess, but whatever.


Also, they punish cars here too. I give you, the world famous Noterent No Cars!


There'd be more, of course, but sadly I don't remember any of it.

Au bientot!

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