Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Sunday, 11 February, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Scott Pilgrim vs the Worldi is vaguely interesting, perhaps, as a "world seen through snail eyes" piece. The snail here is the lost generation, the very downwardly mobile NEETs. The dreamers, if you will, that evanescent "next generation" caught in the brief interval before the dog shows up.

That a chinless dork with a girl's name is the hero should not surprise. They are, after all, principally busying themselves with the business of not noticing things.

Things such as the distance between Cash's boy named Sue and the current bois named Sarahii. Nobody, not even the poorest of the poor white trash was forced to share a bed with a faggot, in Cash's day, but they don't notice that ; and nobody was forced to not notice they're forced to share a faggot's bed back then, either... but they don't notice that, either! It'd be "unenlightened" or whatever, right ? Noticing things ?

They were stolen a bed from, these idiots. The kids coming back from WW2 had a fucking house and a sopping girlie delivered to them on the god damned government milk truck, no ifs butts or maybes. At some point during the intervening decades someone stole the house, and the girlie, and the fucking milk truck and the road it used to go on! And "we don't know who dun it", because they also stole that knowledge. "Somehow". It'd be racist or something to know who stole all your shit, wouldn't it now ?

So... yeah, it's with a whole lot of cartoon stylization, because that's pretty much all they've got left, and indie bands and videogames. And with a whole lot of parasites mixed in for good measure, lest somehow somewhere there appears a zek without a full parasite load in the mindstream. Take the coin metaphore, for instance : the visual gag of "enemies" exploding into "coins" (just like in MMORPGS!) is extended into the idiotically socialistoid proposition that it's the money that's the root of evil -- for the plainly obvious reason that money's strictly the only way out, and the pantsuit really really don't want anyone to find anything even remotely in the vaguest of general areas of the way out. The pseudo-religious "modesty" and the vehehehery insistent "we already had the conversation" eliding of the plain and rather obvious solution whereby the 17yo and the other one could very well live as the guy's harem slaves, loving each other forevermore while taking turns at sucking his cock / baking his pies is of the exact same substance : the one thing they don't want you to figure out is the exit route.

So... yeah, entertaining. For me, at the least, it was.

  1. 2010, by Edgar Wright, with Michael Sarah, various other randos. []
  2. Sue wasn't a jewish name, have you noticed that ?

    No, that's not to say "jewish conspiracy". It's to say the kids are so fucking rotten, a far reaching jewish, elfish or pewterdish conspiracy would actually be a preferable situation! Just like the case of the zero sexual value female slipping herself mickeys at the bar : if someone else could somehow summon the interest to do it to her, that'd actually be a net improvement in her situation! []

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  1. No review for "the salton sea" yet?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 11 February 2018

    Not yet.

  3. I would like one on Her (2013), probably the hating will be exquisite.


    Addams Family Values!

  5. aetc: That'd be the opener in

  6. The Boondocks!

  7. @pletz: ty for assisting.

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