Scar tissue where Law used to be.

Sunday, 19 August, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

In random news nobody cares about, Romania's president signed the paperwork by which Romania gets new magistrates (judges and public prosecutors).

The girls : Madalina, Cristina, Gabriela, Raluca, Andreea-Cristina, Marie-Jeanne, Elena Salapa, Alexandra, Alina, Gabriela-Aura, Anca, Ioana-Adriana, Simona-Elena, Oana-Bianca, Maria, Reli, Cristina, Ioana-Valeria, Oana-Andreea, Mara-Isabella, Diana, Anca, Lavinia, Ana, Andreea, Alexandra-Nicoleta, Anamaria, Maria-Petronela, Ioana, Laura, Ioana-Maria, Andreea-Georgiana, Iuliana, Andra-Georgeta, Andreea-Iuliana, Anca-Alexandra, Ramona, Oana-Monica, Daniela-Cristina, Alexandra, Ionela-Tatiana, Camelia-Rodica, Ancuta, Lucia-Roxana, Luiza-Elena, Ana-Maria, Andreea-Ileana, Elena-Andra, Alexandra, Alina, Elena, Maricica, Georgeta, Mara, Lavinia-Nicoleta, Anca-Maria, Ana-Maria, Marilena, Lucica-Andreea, Anca, Beatrix-Yvonne, Dana-Florica, Georgiana-Cecilia, Alexandra-Ioana, Maria-Madalina, Ioana, Andrada-Roxana, Iustina, Flavia, Corina, Monica-Raisa, Andreea, Ana-Maria, Dana-Andreea, Cristiana, Ana-Maria, Livia, Diana-Nicoleta, Mihaela, Ana, Alina-Mihaela, Mihaela-Daniela, Stefanita, Anca, Daniela, Alina-Madalina, Alexandra, Catalina, Gema-Celina, Miriam, Floriana, Silvia-Mihaela, Elena-Andreea, Daniel-Doru, Maria-Corina, Alexandra, Cristina-Elena, Anca, Maria-Mirabela, Ioana-Teodora, Cristina, Ioana, Luciana, Alexandra, Codruta, Alina, Anca-Loredana, Mihaela, Ruxandra, Lilisor, Iustina, Ioana-Mihaela, Mihaela-Carmen, Irina-Adina, Cristiana-Flavia, Andra-Maria, Larisa-Mihaela, Doina-Lacramioara, Anca, Iuliana, Rodica, Liliana-Mihaela, Alexandra-Maria, Ioana-Simona, Ioana-Raluca, Alma-Maria, Corina-Raluca, Ana.

Yeah, that's right, there's no less than 127 of these. Does it seem at all likely one could find as many as a dozen girlies capable of this job even before you consider it's all happening in a country the size of Oregon ? Well... be that as it may, the state needs its bureaucracy, and it ain't sending any circulars to you and me anymore. By now it earnestly believes it knows better than anyone.

The boys : Mihai-Narcis, Bogdan, Cosmin, Alexandru, Sebastian, George-Marian, Sebastian, Cornel, Cristian, Mihai, George-Marius, Ion-Radu, Ilie-Darian, Catalin-Nicolae, Marius-Catalin, Radu, Sandu-Nini, Dan-Adrian, Marius-Catalin, Ionut-Daniel, Mitica, Cornel, Mircea-Radu, Gabriel-Ionut, Daniel, Ioani, Catalin, Adrian, Alexandru, Nicusor, Florin, Adrian-Ioan, Nicolae, Florin-Lucian, Dan, Cosmin, Alin, Andrei, Alexandru, Ion, Ionut-Marius, Mircea, Alexandru-Octavian, Dragos, Ilie-Andrei, Octavian, Simon, George-Florin, Laurentiu-stefanii, Remus-Paul, Ionel, Emanuel-Florin, Sebastian, Petric, Marian, Catalin, Daniel, Constantin, Andrei-Razvan, Matei, Alexandru-Madalin, Valerica-Noroceliii.

The obvious observation would go along the lines of "holy shit, such overflowing abundance of cunt, the cuntkeeper's stuck resorting to hyphenation to compose new names in a mostly doomed attempt to distinguish the indistinguishable". What the everloving fuck is this nonsense!

But let's leave that aside and instead point out that "justice" dispensed by an overwhelmingly female apparatus is ipso facto not Justice ; yet mysteriously nobody seems to have noticed that the pretext under which this outrage is being perpetuated (an "exam", don't you know) nevertheless manages to push out "results" that are more than two thirds female (a concentration which climbs to >80% if one counts judgeships only). How is this wonder possible, then ?

How did they manage to not notice that "the field" as they defined it fails to interest men, and therefore fails to meet the fundamental, basic criteria for social relevancy, and that therefore Romania doesn't have a legal system anymore ?

How did they manage to not notice this problem brewing ? Nobody, quite pointedly and in the most literal sense, nobody, not even the very women involved in the bureaucratic mechanism care one whit about female "law". Everyone will readily admit to this, in their own private mind, yet somehow everyone also omitted to point it out in the magically "proper" format of slideshows or whatever it is they do when nobody's looking. How can this be ?

Recursive Dunning-Kruger, right ? For the same reason idiots are not merely incapable of performance but equally incapable of reviewing their misperformance, the female state is not merely incapable of doing anything useful but also and for the same reason (to underscore that reason : female participation) it is incapable of noticing why and wherefore its impotence.

Wut do ? Wut do ?

Mars la cratita, pizdet. Nu e nici loc, nu e nici nevoie, si nici nu v-o intrebat nimeni nimic.

  1. This is like, the first humanly named male in the sad agglomeration of despicable faggots. Fucking Narcis, seriously now ?! Hyphenation, Cornel, what the fuck. How did these abominations survive primary schooling, in isolation units ?! []
  2. Male names not universally worthy of majuscle initial, in teh new romania. Fair is fair, I guess. []
  3. Holy shit already, nigger names now! In a country with 0% nigger population! Cuz if it doesn't exist Nuland gotta invent it. []
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26 Responses

  1. meh, as a penis owner, I would even find it insulting to serve as a judge for some idiots that hack themselves with machettes, fight over deeds and wills and such peasant shit.

    it simply shows the sex division of labor between men and women: landwhales are judges, because that's a safe job paid by the State while the guys are too busy somewhere else, coincidentally to pay the salary of the former through taxes. it's the same for nurses, teachers or whatever the fuck else paid by the state.

    last time i've been in a court room, two idiot vagina owners were suing the state because they were doing temporary work as functionary auxiliaries and wanted to skip the state exam to become a public functionary because "we've already worked on the same tasks so experience should be enough and we demand to be installed as functionaries". yeah sure. even the judge was like "are you really suing for THIS reason with two plaintiffs?"

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 20 August 2018

    Which is the fucking problem -- dumb judges will preside over dumb cases on an ever expanding ticket.

  3. no problemz, daddy's just gonna raise taxes, a levy, a wall, keep the bad guys looted and you can safely bang your blonde curls with a starbux in hand while defending your cat client in court for being misgendered and butt-probed at the veterinary.

    aoleu dar ce-ai facut ma nene ma cu headeru ala, ie soare cu dinti pa cacata rica ? :))

  4. More of a curiosity because the rant on male names seems a bit forced, what exactly do you find so wrong with names such as Bogdan or Radu? I do get the idea that Ioan sounds finally like someone from another time, namely a better time at least for males but I don't know that Radu for instance is not of the same sort if that's the criteria. I can see Mihai as wrong version (i.e. Mihail), perhaps even Alexandru at a rather forced stretch (Lisandru?) but I don't know what Bogdan should be.

    Also: hyphenation is added by default whether one wants it/has it on birth certificate or not. Basically if it's 2 given names, then "official" papers hyphenate it to make it 1. I don't know whether mercedesa-isaura-antonella-etc also gets hyphenated but it might well be.

    Altminteri asa optimismul meu ar zice ca Ioan acela ar fi cumva cu totul alt aluat decat de-alde Mihai-Narcis ori Sandu-Nini da' practica ii cam da la cap ca adica e numai alta bisericuta de moda, fara substanta in spate, ca inspiratia s-a oprit la ales de nume si atat.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 21 August 2018

    > what exactly do you find so wrong with names such as Bogdan or Radu?

    I'm forcing a point rhetorically, it doesn't stand up so well to minute analysis. Mihai-Narcis really got my fucking goat, wtf.

    > Also: hyphenation is added by default

    That the new state does it doesn't make it acceptable. Magyarization was also "added by default", fuck that dumb shit.

    > ca inspiratia s-a oprit la ales de nume si atat.

    Mai futa-i si cucii. Is satul pina-n git de redditarzi, ce sa mai.

  6. > Bogdan


  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 21 August 2018

    It's actually a very common Romanian name ; certainly attested historically before there was such a thing as ukrs (the guy who invented Moldavia as a Romanian item, cca 1300, was Bogdan). Evidently old Slavic influence, but anyways.

  8. @stanley: kinda has to do with the first and second bulgarian empire and the local church's domination by the bulgars during dark ages. we wuz kangz.

    i've always wondered if it's pizda and pula because 'she' named hers like that and 'he' named his like that, or, did she asked for pula and he asked for pizda in their native languages.

    even the patronyms don't make sense, i mean, they've all added -isc to their surnames as if they were german or latin but WHO FUCKED WHO i mean, why would someone baptize themselves in latin fashion if slav, or, if latin, why the fuck would you take a slav name.

  9. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 21 August 2018

    And why woudl you call Stanislav Stanley, while at it.

  10. daciam condus, sefu. the anglicization of it was shorter to type. it would make sense to adopt the name to the local language, but, then, who's language was the local one. eh, whatever.

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