Pushing the soft flesh and so on against the so and so blades of the immutable machine etcetera, second installment.

Thursday, 08 February, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I said "you know I'm just the guy to do it" last time, and I guess that part hasn't changed. For how would it ? The blades sharpened meanwhile, and the thing spins faster, because how could it not ?

Without further ado, let us proceed to substance. Dear alf, here's a fresh peek behind the scenes :

mircea_popescu : Yeah, I was just sitting down to read about your site. But drama drew me in first, what can I say.
diana_coman : Ahaha.

mircea_popescu : The truth is the truth.
diana_coman : Aha, and I see he came back with exactly what I told him to nevermind. Obviously. That's why I didn't hit it "harder", because the fugue was obvious, how great that there's an excuse available and see ya, home free.

mircea_popescu : Far as I'm concerned... It's not like I bought him at the marti. Whoa what a header I've got today. Kickass.ii
diana_coman : It's not that, but still, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

mircea_popescu : Everyone has his own loyalty investments. Especially in the recent generations, odds are it'll be some kind of bellybutton lint or other. They flatter themselves with "having a personality", but this happens to be the only possible meaning of personality : what are you loyal to ?
diana_coman : It's not clear to me there's that many people loyal to whatever it may be.

mircea_popescu : What's not clear ? Or why, or what are you saying ?
diana_coman : It's not clear to me a capacity for loyalty even exists anymore, in the general.

mircea_popescu : Of course it does. It is not possible to have such a thing, human that's not loyal to something, except for severe dementia. Otherwise there's always something. The problem is that left to own devices / raised by themselves or the wolves as it's common these days, they pick something you can't upon examination fucking believe.iii
diana_coman : Hm, that may be...

mircea_popescu : That is. He's with you 100% until you tell him he's got a small cock, or whatever, various variations.
diana_coman : I can see it, I was thinking if you extend the notion of loyalty object to any nonsense however defined, however narrow or otherwise, then yes, I can see it.

mircea_popescu : Did you see the thing with Angelina Jolie back when she still had tits and Banderas ? How they love each other on some plantation or something ?
diana_coman : Zorro something or what ?

mircea_popescu : What was it called... Original Sin.
diana_coman : I don't know it, no.

mircea_popescu : Eh, the story's like this : extremely hot kitteniv was raped in her youth by some dubious psychopath. And as the psychological theoretical tradition as well as to a large degree reality goes, the deed restructured her personality fundamentally, in the sense that there can no longer be a man that would impress her as an adult woman as much as that dood impressed her when she was a little girl. Whether she liked it or disliked it or it hurt or it tore her snatch apart or whatever else. Because those things don't really matter to the little brain, especially in women. But then she meets a guy that's actually pretty cool (Banderas) and who treats her, you know, like a human being. For the first time in her life. Thus the problem of the film, will the heroine manage to heal just like that, for the sake of love, because lo it's imperatively necessary ?
diana_coman : Aha.

mircea_popescu : And obviously, the movie being US-made, the answer's yes, of course she manages, Jesusv downloads mind in her brain spontaneously just when she needs it and without words or other spurious bullshit like that.
diana_coman : I was about to say, Jolie, Banderas... certainly, absolutely and completely.

mircea_popescu : Fine, but the problem remains : she was loyal to something. That the something happened to be the dude that raped her prepubescent self dun matter any. And this is exactly how it goes, it's not some kind of invention, it's a strict rendition of plain reality. Which is why raping underaged girlies isn't even encouraged.
diana_coman : On the grounds it's an obvious avenue to ruin a person, though in no sense the only one anyway.

mircea_popescu : Absolutely not at all the only one. Overtolerant parents can also ruin heads, as a ready example. But that one happens to be very immediately and utterly obvious, you know ? Or whatever, to the eye with a certain experience, it's directly visible.
diana_coman : Hey, on the other hand if it broke then it was always broken, right ? :p

mircea_popescu : What can I tell you, just like the hammered microscope, it was badly designed in that it permitted hammering in the first place.
diana_coman : The design of human beings is definitionally broken to begin with, but whatever.

mircea_popescu : Myeah.
diana_coman : Gah! Watch him spin about, just like the 5yo kiddo that doesn't really like things not going his way, just like the 16yo not wanting to clean up his room, just like... pshaw.

mircea_popescu : That's it, I'm publishing.
diana_coman : What.

mircea_popescu : The discussion with... god damn it. On one hand I'd publish, Original Sin, stuff. On the other hand... hm. It's kinda raw. Boys are delicate. Fucking hell.
diana_coman : Lol. But yes, they are. And not just this crop, but generally. 'Tis the truth :p

mircea_popescu : All of them and everyone, confound it.
diana_coman : I'm not against it, the sooner we clarify what the fuck we're doing the better, what's the loss.

mircea_popescu : Are you talking about keccak ?
diana_coman : Yeah.

mircea_popescu : I was talking further up.
diana_coman : Ah. Oi poor guy.

mircea_popescu : Myeah. Too much is not healthy whichever way...
diana_coman : I'll tell you he seems to me bothered to death over the whole thing, but in a most unhealthy manner, which is to say as improductive as it could be. And... I've... let's say I've seen this before.

mircea_popescu : Myeah.

The question is : knowing as you now know that the adults aren't actually impressed with the infantile tantrum to any kind of degree, what can you do with this painfully got and expensively purchased knowledge ?

  1. No, seriously, think of me as I were a knife. You can definitely use me to sharpen yourself, just as you can use me to fuck yourself up. Do you really expect the knife to care ? It'd be a shitty knife if it did! It'd be a sort of Microsoft paperclip, and who the fuck wants that ? []
  2. The comment was made yesterday, about that nicely set table with cakes and stuff. Meanwhile, the header changed : to the superb shot of me holding up a baby turtle, which had been placed in the list three months ago but never before came to fore. It's a sign, I tell you. []
  3. Do you recall the cartoons with the eclosing duckling that picks Tom to imprint on as "mommy" ? []
  4. This doesn't even begin to do the Romanian original (pisi) justice, but what can you do. []
  5. The original read "Gizas", because the original was, obviously, in Romanian -- but not just any Romanian, the Romanian spoken by a certain generation. The most expressive Romanian ever spoken, the Romanian that includes "ghetali" as well as the retroverted spelling of "Isus" (aka Jesus) as a mark of distanced disinterest. []
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5 Responses

  1. "...but not just any Romanian, the Romanian spoken by a certain generation. The most expressive Romanian ever spoken..."

    Pfft, "cock" is in there what, once, nowai.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    Lol. For the record, it appears twice in the original as the revered plm, and so on.

  3. IMHO this post is sorely missing an illustration, e.g. "disapproval cat". (Or alternatively a disapproval-Lenin, I had one of these somewhere but can't seem to find now.)

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    Hey, feel free to add, Trilema is traditionally made by the comments not the articles.

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