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Thursday, 08 February, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I might publish the list of girlies sometime ; but until that time, and since the "little mishap" has meanwhile cleared, let's review some of the lulziest interactions on the okcupid for young womeni.

girly, 18F, San Diego, California : Just curious, is it difficult to be a full time master?
me : Well it depends you know... is it hard to be a full time llama ? Not for the llama.

girly, 23F, Albany, New York : I make 100 dollars a week
me : That doesn't take one very far in new york huh. What do you do ?
girly : I babysit

girly, 28F, Glasgow City, United Kingdom : The link isn't working but I admire you helping animals. I'm a huge animal lover.
me : How could it not be working ? I just clicked it, worked fine
girly : Perhaps because I'm on my mobile phone. I will check tomorrow when I'm on my IPad.

me : How's the New Year find you ?
girly, 21F, Lancashire, United Kingdom : Honestly, really really drink
girly : Drubj
girly : Drunk
me : Lol, I can tell!
girly : Sorry

girly, 25F, Krakow, Poland: Maybe I will buy camera someday, but now I have other things that are more important than money for camera, and I'm having a lot of fun with handmade ;-)
me : Handmade camera ?!
girl : Noo, I just started doing handmade. Crochet, beading, soutache, decoupage, things that you can do at home during long cold evenings ;-)
me : I just go to the beach. Anyway, aren't you a little young for that stuff ?
girly : You mean, aren't I'm too young to serve guys for sexual pleasure? People grow up in different moments of their lives, I grew up a little faster, as long story short, I always wanted to try, so I did and I madly liked it. About this site told me one of my colleagues, before I didn't even knew that site like that exists ;-)
me : No, no, I mean knitting is what 50yo women that failed to correctly serve men sexually end up doing with their life.
girly : I know it's sounds weird but I'm getting relaxed and learning patience. Ans I really like to sit for example 6 hours in a row with movie, making, bracelets and flowers from 1500 smal beads ;-)

me : When do you graduate ?
girly, 21F, Berlin, Germany : In 4 years :') I'm French, here it's 7years of University to be a vet
me : Ahaha we could be dead by then.
girly : Don't say such premature sad end would be too bad

girly, 26F, Waco, Texas : I didn’t read it to be honest...I just scrolled and looked at the baby turtles <3
me : Easier that way I guess.
girly : It was. I’m having a kinda rough 24 hours and I didn’t feel like thinking much :/

me : How's the New Year find you ?
girly, 29F, Mason City, Iowa : Welp the short description would be “confused and ambitious” Living in a small town, trying to meet and learn from the kinksters I can. Tough being an asexual female domme, I catch the interest of lots who don’t share my interests at all :<

girly, 18F, Battle Creek, Michigan : That's a lot to read but the pictures were really pretty!

me : How's the New Year find you ?
girly, 19F, Hartford, Connecticut : I really just need money for a new phone. Mine is breaking.
me : If you don't have money for a new phone the absolute last thing you want to buy is a new phone.

me : How's the New Year find you ?
girly, 19F, Aquitaine, France : I'm sorry, what do you mean ?

me : So, do you blog or anything ?
girly, 19F, Roy, Utah : I want to start a blog for people who suffer from anxiety and depression but I don't know how

girly, 22F, Omaha, Nebraska : Happy new year's eve to you
me : To you too!
girly : How's the weather there right now?
me : Splendid, just about to go to the beach for new year's fireworks shooting & pie.
girly : cool. here I live right now it's cold and they cancelled the fireworks tonight because they don't anybody to get frostbite it's because we got snow

girly, 21F, Duluth, Minnesota : so you live in Duluth?

girly, 23F, Coventry, United Kingdom : Where are you? Ur not celebrating Christmas?
me : Can't really be bothered, no.
girly : Oh how come?
me : Well... I dunno. I just never got into the whole xmas thing I guess.
girly : Different culture/religion?
me : I don't think so, just not particularily into Coca-Cola.
girly : Hahaa

girly, 24F, Antarctica : what's the difference between a Dom and a Master?
me : A Dom is one of those scensters, plays pretend at being a Master for an hour or a day at a time. About the same as the difference between George Raft and Owney Madden.

girly, 23F, Ljubljana, Slovenia : Oh I thought you perhaps wanted to be my slave:)
me : Do you have a lot of slaves then ?
girly : Nope, not at all. So far I'm still looking, they've all been pretty disappointing to say the least.
me : I hear that a lot tbh.
girly : I can imagine, It's hard finding someone who really fits with you.ii

girly, 28F, New York City, New York : hey
me : Whassup.
girly : do you like being financially dominated?

Yeah. That's it. The cream of the crop of many thousands upon thousands of interactions over more than ten weeks.

By and large today's crop of girlies is desperately passive, extremely inept and altogether not very interesting. Maybe mommy-government will provide, and if it doesn't... well...

What can you do ?

  1. Don't tell me you've not noticed all the sexually worthless 30+ yos go to OkCupid. []
  2. Yeah, that's, her the problem, the fitting. Totally. []
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24 Responses

  1. Erai si tu mai spumos cind ziceai in romana. Da' e drept ca si ele-s dubios de pasive.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    Pai ie automat, nu stie multe.

  3. Lmao, this has got to be my favorite: "Tough being an asexual female domme, I catch the interest of lots who don’t share my interests at all :

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    The most shocking part of the whole thing is the sheer abundance of these misguided idiots who appear, for all practical purposes, to somehow actually believe that they're at liberty to set out their usage and function. As if anyone ever fucking gave a shit what the twentysomething girly ditz thought she's all about or whatever the fuck.

    Declarative personalities, like in the movies/fanfic, "I am a heroine". It... sounded good on the inside of the top of the box, and therefore the whole world's now bound to treat the seamstress as a princess or something. It's not just gender roles they have trouble conforming to, it's social roles just as much! Poor wench doesn't feel, somewhere deep down inside either poor or wench, and so therefore she's not going to be felt up by anyone who cares to @ the public house.

    Modernity, the time of resplendent plebeian insanity.

  5. > Declarative personalities, like in the movies/fanfic, "I am a heroine"

    If they instead were to introduce themselves as, e.g., "wormfood on the hoof", and described their occupation as "polluting the sky with my exhaust while waiting for the lime pit" -- would it make a difference ?

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    If they used that as their internal self-symbol it'd make a difference. But what nobody says has no effect, obviously, it's not the sayings that are the problem here.

  7. > If they used that as their internal self-symbol it'd make a difference

    Seems to have helped ( or at least not much hurt ? ) e.g. Heaviside.

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    I have no idea how Heaviside could be part of a conversation about adolescent females. He wasn't interesting as an adolescent nor was he female.

  9. > idea how Heaviside could be part of a... ...adolescent females

    Going strictly by the writings of contemporaries, the man had a properly "wormy" internal picture; little to no delusions of heroism. Fairly consistent, even: burned most of own writings in the end.

  10. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    Well, spending his 20s on 40 pounds a year certainly supports the view.

  11. >As if anyone ever fucking gave a shit what the twentysomething girly ditz thought she's all about or whatever the fuck.

    I'd say diana_coman nailed it in teh logs with:

    I.e. everyone around them growing up did, in fact, give a shit, mostly because they themselves were trained to give said shits. Hell, I can still hear my $us-public-school's "official mantra" echoing in the back of my head: "Respect for self and others!"

    Ties into respect vs honor society model wherein in respect societies "everyone starts at $maxscore". And in the US it is often the case that you lose points in most circles for not giving shits (what, are you some sort of intolerant bigot??)

    Hence, the snowflake engine keeps churning out moar n' moar. There are still circles of resistance to this insanity in US, but they are dying out as most of this snowflakism has been dried and encrusted into the nooks and crevices of everyday business.

  12. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    Yeah, well... fuck'em.

  13. Living in a small town, trying to meet and learn

    just need money

    But they're all like this at any age. I don't know where the party's at (pls point me at), but whatever's left of people is precisely like this.

    They're not even hiding... I mean.. it's not only an interest in money, as if such judging wasn't rational (capabilities), they're fucking begging.

    Begging. Nothing to offer. Nothing to talk. Nothing to do. A lifetime wasted.

    @lobbes: It's teh same in Europe except zero circles unless you count rednecks.

    Had a look at the link,

    tell Daddy what you like, tell teacher what you'd like etc

    Long post.

    Meh I come from a culture were kids are sent to work (hers) - the appropriate way to raise kids - I was sent, except there were no jobs when I grew up and there still kinda aren't (now they sit on the phone like vegetates). Or, truth said, I didn't want when I still could have had and wasn't even sent at first, and when 2009's crash happened, goodbye to the myriad of opportunities. ...and I have tried to fix my life to stop being useless as the phone-sitters. If five years counts as too little, well, maybe you can count it as 'in process of'.

    As for teachers, I've got many many times into trouble from actually asking teachers to work, not what I like (as in 'make this shit sufficiently easy for me to not put effort at all' but rather 'are you just gonna sit over there or work with me onto something cause there's no time at least for me to waste').

    What I got was "who the hell am I to make such demands" because we're all equal and so on "but guess who has degree, a status and who's a civil servant here".

    Even having paid out of my pocket for tuition I still get suspensions for "vexing the personnel" with quotes from the public servants status law where I cannot vex the personnel because they have integrity, you know.

    ...and they don't even come any longer from job market. Back in the days you had teachers who were semi-retired engineers whom due to health problems were no longer fit for working, good enough for teaching. They've soft banned those, now asking for master degrees in pedagogy.

    Now they ask respect for these... 28 year old ... useless piece of shit phone-sitters who Google like every 5 minutes what they are supposed to do because the powerpoint slides where everything was wrote down doesn't work on Libreoffice cause it's with M$ macros or so.

    There's no reversal, this is the end of it. Try talking to children.

    I did it. Phone-sitting. Even tried doing homework with some out of pleasure. Current level is can't difference between noun and adverb but begging for that $2k computer with webcam cause Youtube is where teh monies & bitches are.

  14. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 9 February 2018

    Tu si manowar.

  15. Nu, că manowar și-a găsit mare femeie de afaceri pe eBay, care vinde „să zicem (e doar un exemplu, nu despre asta e vorba) tricouri de bumbac”.

  16. Nu cred ca ne-am intelege si el oricum s-a apucat de munca de mai dinainte. Iar el e pe idea ca a dat de bine. Eu tot ce vad e cenusa pe aici. Telefoniste, fotbalisti, cerseala si alte harfe. Nimic de zis, nimic de facut.

  17. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 9 February 2018

    O-nceput pe dracu' ghem, vezi mo de treaba. N-are nimeni nevoie pentru nimic anume de albi corditi cu impresii, figuri si dureri de valoare -- nici azi cum n-avea nici acum zece ani. Care nu-s de supt pula, la doi dolari kila in cel mai bun caz.

  18. Daca chiar lucreaza in ce zice, interactiunea nu cred ca trece de buna ziua. Se poate lucra si cu figuri, doar ca n-o sa ai prieteni prin jur... si atunci o sa cam depinzi 100% de productivitate. Daca-i convine patronului...

    Cu femeile poate-i mai altfel, daca ai prea multe impresii, te scot alea afara din firma pe misoginie. Dar intre barbati e cam "da-te-n pula mea" si "da-te-n pula mea de asemenea". Femei la servere si sysadmin... meh, mai pe la receptii deocamdata.

    Sunt chestii & chestii de invatat muncind, nu stiu, depinde pe ce drum moral pleci cred.

    Primul meu job era sa fie la un ONG pe comision (fund raising), doar ca n-am mai dat pe acolo dupa ce instructorul meu era un pulete cu 5 ani de scoala de muzica si nu stiu ce povesti lacrimogene ca viata era grea, dar avea totul felul de comentarii tip 'nu te duce la ala ca-i urat/gay/mos/' si nu intelegea de ce nu avea niciun job. Plecat pentru ca fix gandirea de taran prost ma tinea unde eram, pe stop.

    Dupa, am lucrat la ceva ca voluntar (tot fund raising dar fara cerseala) cu lume de toate varstele, profesiile, unii chiar ingineri; ca taran prost ai gandi 'la ce cacat ar veni aici X cand el e Y'... si uite-ne aici la carat saci si servit beri. Dupa, nu stiu, cand am lucrat calificat, am vazut una alta, unii mai beau seara singuri, 'ala e nigger', scriu rapoarte tampite, n-ajuta pentru workload balance etc.

    Nu-s prosti nemtii/americanii/whatever/ cu atata vocational de tip X zile scoala, Y zile munca, si mai iei si tu un ban acolo de o bere si te mai faci om.

    Costa bani aia e problema, si scolile si firmele.

  19. ^apropo. concluzia aia din ultima fraza... cred ca puteam ajunge mai repede la ea citind (si) cu creierul ce citeam pe aici acum 6 ani, dar, na' mai multe altele.

  20. A zis cineva YouTube? Armata României are în rândurile ei și un vlogger, pe care și l-a asumat oficial, pentru că, după cum indică Ministerul Apărării, vrea să vorbească relaxat despre lucruri serioase.

  21. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 20 February 2018

    Well, since I started this, might as well maintain it...

    25F, Saratoga Springs, New York

    Oh wow that's neat. It looks like eco sexual isn't a choice here but if it was that would be me

    How would it go ?

    I find nature and Mother Earth romantic and often erotic. Taking care of her is the highest foreplay and ultimately, I recognize and appreciate that every orgasmic experience I have had is because I am able to be apart of her. Walking on the sand or the grass and breathing fresh clean air, hearing the oceans crash are at the core of my sexuality.

    22F, Hillsboro, Oregon

    Any particular reason you contacted me?

    Sure. To give you a brief space to find out whether you can hold my interest.

    It is the necessary conclusion of anyone delving into the girly superhorde that they do go to truly contrived lengths to try and take themselves seriously far, far beyond anything the naked truth warrants.

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