Lord MP of TMSR and the plebeian princess club.

Sunday, 29 April, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


"Stefano ha le chiavi dei più bei Palazzi di Roma."
"Fa il portiere?"
"No... Non fa il portiere. È amico delle principesse."
"Come mai hai tutte queste chiavi?"
"Perchè...sono una persona affidabile."

Meanwhile in everyday balloonsi,

MusicPrincess22 22F sub I mean that sounds nice and all but unfortunately I have a job and many bills that need paying lol
LordMPofTMSR Oh, you'd have to move here, of course.

MusicPrincess22 22F sub Oh would I? Well then I’d like a list of personal references, some of your financial info so I know I’d be properly taken care of and a contract.
LordMPofTMSR I didn't ask you what you wanted.

MusicPrincess22 22F sub It’s not how that works buddy. I gotta know you’re not a raging lunatic that’s worth my submission. So if that doesn’t work for you I hope you have a glorious day :)
LordMPofTMSR There's a difference between "I gotta know you're not a raging lunatic" and "hai I r toppingk from bottom lulz". Ask your questions from the proper perspective ; you acting like you own shit ain't going to work, and it's not a matter of it not working "for me". It's not going to work period and full fucking stop, even though you're more than welcome to waste a decade or two establishing the factuality of this fact.

Princess_Rose93 24F sub Sure if you pay off my $200,000 in student loans lol
LordMPofTMSR I wouldn't consider paying a dime to the criminal org calling itself "the united states government". But I also wouldn't take you anywhere their blathering holds any relevance, so... consider them forgiven, I guess ?

Princess_Rose93 24F sub Yea it doesn’t work like that. And I was joking I’m not the slave type.
LordMPofTMSR It works exactly like that ; I know what I'm talking about, you're not the first precious snowflake I rescued from that shithole.

Get over yourself, there's no "slave type". There's systematized delusion and then there's sanity. It doesn't pay to try and stick with the delusion.

Lest you form the wrong impression : this is by no means a representative sample. I selected a couple of princesses from the vast available swathes of completely indistinguishable princesses. They're not the only category of completely indistinguishable imperial automatons, by any means ; nor are they in any sense the most numerous.ii




What can you do.

  1. "Those aren't for New Years'! Those are my everyday balloons." []
  2. The most numerous, by very far, are the sad remnants of prolongued sexual abuse that truly lack any alternative means of social interaction besides following the script of the holy church of pantsuit. Here, an example :

    abuseforyoumales 22F Domme Ha ha ha , are you for fucking real? Which planet do you live on shit head ?
    LordMPofTMSR The planet is mine. Who are you again ?

    abuseforyoumales 22F Domme Oh dear. You are such a sad individual
    LordMPofTMSR Ya ya. Get back to me once you're getting ready to shed this girlish yakkity-yak cloak of fear and nonsense. Though... considering how old you are you really should have started maturing towards womanhood a while ago, What do you figure is the cause for your developmental delay ?

    abuseforyoumales 22F Domme you seem to be at a similar mental develepment from your crazy rantings. You are a really strange person and why would anyone would want to submit to you . You are a complete oddball
    LordMPofTMSR Which rantings are those ?

    abuseforyoumales 22F Domme Welcome to the block button- loser


    Whatever. []

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