Deranged neets...

Thursday, 20 September, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Check this insane shit out :


This, I will point out, underscore & underline, this is the end result of deploying reality distorsion fields, an end nesult as necessary as it is unavoidable.

This is what happens when "Rule #1: This is a non-partisan subreddit. Rule #3: No racism/antisemitism/anti-gay comments. Rule #9: No Direct Links to Garbage Media". This is what happens when you female state. This is the one constant, and in (a very short) due time the one and only end result of anomie (and calling it by another name, such as "women's rights" or "enfranchisement" or whatever else does not change anything).

It's not a matter of "why would you have confused neets think they can enact '''gender changes''', as fucking if". It's rather that if you permit the self-referential nonsense, if you attempt to actually build on the delusional foundation of "all points of view are equally valid and supported only by someone's opinion" you will obtain deranged neets, not merely useless but unfixably useless.

All that jazz buys you is two idiots from Akron, Ohio who actually think that they've succeeded.

There is no worse failure than success, in this as any other case. These idiots, like that idiot, like all the idiots the pantsuit utopia produces, have succeeded at "a task they set for themselves" -- supposedly the most satisfying thing there is. Why aren't they satisfied, then ?

Perhaps this is a lie, perhaps setting tasks "for yourself" is very much not the way to go ?

Ah, but what do I know, right ? Who could possibly distinguish between opinions and all that. Sure, sure. It's all a big coincidence and unfairness and oppression and and ...

and see you on the other side, what.

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