Bettyond the Forest

Monday, 26 March, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The poster says "nobody's as good as Bette when she's bad", and for once the poster gets it right.

Beyond the Foresti is a shambling atrocity of a scriptii directed by King Vidor. Lol. The necessary trainwreck is stopped single-handedly by what I'm coming to believe was the best actress the silver screen ever produced : Bette Davis!

I used to think Liz Taylor's my favourite, but honestly that thought's acrumblin'. Davis young, dat ass, dat waist, dat range and dat intensity, it's unmatched -- then or hence. Yes Lizzie can purr, but Bette can grit! That scene when she grabs hold of the two balustrade pillars and bites at the airy bit in her mouth is now a harem standard. We do these little scenes and figurines for private amusement, you know, and it's a high bar to reach.

The film is terrible, altogether, but the film also doesn't matter one whit. If you've not seen this thing, you've not seen Woman, and as the (other) man said... that'd be a pretty sad way to be.

  1. 1949, by King Vidor, with Bette Davis. []
  2. Lenore J. Coffee, I'm talking to you : go bleed your last in a ditch somewhere, mother hen of hackineptitude extrrraordinaire! Who the fuck told you this pile of spaghettied nonsense amounts to a fucking script. Rather, who the fuck told you to waste paper, there's an assembly line short a goat somewhere, fucking git! []
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