Vedo nudo

Tuesday, 07 November, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Vedo nudoi is a broadly unremarkable collection of vignettes a'l Italianaii.

There's the still-hot famous actress which so distractsiii the staff of a small hospital, the roadside casualty she was supposedly rushing there turns fatality. There's the piddly tedious story of the male "transvestite" boring the shit out of the viewer while he navigates the unbearably inconsequential minutia of his low level relationship with some accountant bereft of any vestige of vitality. There's the eternal "old virgin discovers to her amazement that sex's not nearly as big a deal as she'd imagined, nor every shadow a rapist, nor anything under the bed".

Then there's the outright outrageous stuff, like the crosseyed chicken fucker who recounts before the provincial court how the animal seduced him, and is granted extenuating circumstances in view of the statutorily unwilling but otherwise complicit partner's looseness. The bargain is sealed before the judge's very eyes : 5`000 lire, but he gets to keep her. Exactly like family court went at the time, you know ?

Or else there's the man who has a fetish for being run over by trains. Yes this is a thing, albeit a rare thing. His wife is supportive throughout, although she has trouble believing he's falling for a locomotive (though he assures her sentiments don't enter into it). Or else the severely myopic would-be Don Juan who notices a naked girly across the road, in the shape of his own image reflected by the mirrors in the apartment vis-a-vis. Or I guess the advertising executive with aggravating erotomania, though pretty unredeemably formulaic.

In any case, Dino Risi's love affair with terrible background vocals continues paroxistically.

  1. 1969, by Dino Risi, with Nino Manfredi and a bevy of girls consisting of Sylva Koscina and Veronique Vendell. []
  2. Moderate production values and lotta titties everywhere. Quasi insalata Caprese, cheese & lotta olives. []
  3. In no way her fault, she's just a well behaved European female, which is to say polite and courteously tolerant as far as tolerance can be pushed -- and perhaps further. []
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