Tuesday Medley

Tuesday, 25 April, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Helo and welcome to the soup!


You may perhaps be wondering why do the seven year olds find themselves gathered beneath the shadow of a large stone votive representation of anal beads while some woman is drilling them. Me too.

Here is a possible explanation :


This piece of nonsense, hung in the halls of Costa Rica's Museum of Modern Arti is what Rosie O'Donnell thinks may pass for a credible script for the "alternative" TV show tentatively titled "Let's Make Up Random Shit About The Sexual Activity Of Others And Pretend Moral Outrage"ii. It's bound to premiere at a school/community center/bla bla supplier near you! Multiple times each year since at least the mid 80s!

Seriously, a guy who's a lawyer and worshipped as a god by his daughter is going to have no fucking idea about contraception ? This bowl of plot holes in a thick fridge horror sauce passed someone's filter, somewhereiii ?

But the point isn't reality, or sense, or any kind of credibility. The point is to Michael Moore all over other people's notions of this world, to associate powerful, worshipped males with some kind of sexual malpractice / moral outrage. As if it's even fucking possible to be outraged at what the leader of the pack does, whatever it may be.


It's starting to all come into focus now, wouldn't you say ?

Man bad, woman good, ethnic better, vote Pantsuit!

Simple enough, innit ? Even those fucktarded women, blacks ethnics etcetera should get the message and vote correctly, stupid as they are.

Then you notice that these children are going everywhere hand-on-anothers-shoulder, and suddenly realise what the fuck is going on here. There's obviously a ring of pedophiles, composed principally of fat, annoying, ugly middle aged women with some helpers -- the dorks who provide the literotica excerpts playing B-side to the Rosie O'Donnell main feature -- that have settled on the next-best thing to actually picking a kid in twenty, tearing their clothes off and fucking them proper.

The Washington Pizza Club has settled instead on a much more noxious but (at least in their estimation) much easier to conceal approach. They will just needle every kid a little. Call it the Snowshoe Pedo Method : instead of picking one kid per class and making him parade naked before the assembly of old women, stuffing vegetables etcetera in all holes, they'll just make every single kid sit under the statue of anal beads and go around touching the others in the mandated manner and so on and so forth all day long.

It's low level, easily deniable pedophillia, and they're apparently all in on it! Give up penetration, which they can't engage in anyway for lack and get instead the low dose, constant endorphin rush of you know, having nine year olds touch nine year olds the way you want them to and no other way. It's something, innit ?

If you haveiv one of these, beat her. Hard. Today.


Enuff said.


Sieg Heil!


This, believe it or not, is a tree. The rainbow eucalyptus tree. They grow in parks.


This is Sabana park, as those familiar might have recognized. Brave pigeon sitting on an owl head, how often do you see such in nature!


Originally I wanted to go on a paddleboat ride on that lake. The whole arrangement renting them out was all padlocked shut, I went around looking for someone responsible but encountered not a soul. Eventually fished a policeman out of the Fuerza Publica outhouse, and he told me that the dude opens late, I should return, ten thirty, eleven even. I point out to him it's actually five past eleven, to which he has no retort. I move on, only to discover the water is incredibly filthy, of a pure sewer green and lightly farting HS foulness into the atmosphere. I suppose the dude's laziness saved me the raw experience.


This is the local version of that ancient theme, the crow. The crows of Costa Rica are legitimate song birds, however, and I am rather fond of their call. Moreover, they're built like jet fighters, watching them go about Hitchcock's idea became suddenly very sharply clear in my head. They're fucking scary, what, all edges and peaks and power lines.


Typical scene of downtown San Jose. I don't think you've ever seen ghetto the likes of this town can ghetto. And yet the people are friendly and hard working. Dude making a few dollars a day (plus getting to live for free in little cabin just about enough to set a mattress down and a chair next to it) will go out there in the middle of torrential tropical outpour and fight with clumps of roots and leaves while underserving schmuck in the US will take in ten times as much money to sit under the closest lamp post and glare at oncoming traffic. It's incomprehensible -- except, of course, through social immersion. Nobody's spending all day long telling this guy here he's being "oppressed" by "the white man" as a cover-up for needling his children up the ass all day long in "school".v


This is a very rad club, as Cherenkov doth attest.


Very rad club scenes. On my way over, the cab driver inquired if I've ever been. I told him I hadn't, a friend invited me over, but I'm sure it'll be fine. He was suspicious of the notion. It turns out it's a gay club, possibly the only one. So I bought some lesbos drinks, big fucking deal.


Further radness.


This is a gecko who had somehow slid inside a poster stand. They get in everywhere.

And that concludes our Tuesday Medley. Come back some other day!

  1. An absolutely beautiful building left over from a much greater earlier period. The decay shows, you understand me, they have here this museum of modern art wherein the most accomplished piece of art is the pillar of the balustrade. Nothing among the "exhibitions" comes even close, as they consist of literal garbage (squashed fizz cans, plastic refuse, etc) strewn across the floors and assorted nonsense. []
  2. Recall when a bunch of retards actually swore before courts that the small children recounting the nonsense they themselves had implanted in their heads actually "remembered" some sort of "repressed" memories ? Yes, that was before the falling out between pseudoscientific "psychology" and the fat old woman party. []
  3. This is why she's as fat as an exercise ball, see ? Woman has no filter, will eat up anything. []
  4. A fine criterion is, "independent woman eating my pasta". There are others. []
  5. Can you honestly make the argument that the US school system is anything but a large concentration camp for "teachers" to satisfy their low level sexual urges on nobody's children ? Sort of like Darfur, yes ?

    What are you going to do about it then ? []

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