Mathilde the ant or Mathilde the Data Processing System, at your option. With extras either way.

Thursday, 27 April, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Mathilde the ant is built like a tank, towering far above the other ants (including the very tiny half milimeter ones you can barelyi perceive) :


Here's an aerial survey photo (yes I take these freehand, on the way to the cab or whatever sorta deal) :


But moving on :


I can attest that this alleged reality is entirely irreal, but then again I suppose they aren't asking me. They're asking these dorks :


But the sad results of this complete abandonment of reality on the part of "docentes" in Costa Rica were mentioned in passing in the logs anyway, let's move on.


The verbiage is actually fundamented, they do have one. Here's Mathilde :


There's also some Kansas (I can only imagine how Costa Rica must've appeared to those poor kids).


Rock chalk, seriously ?

Aanyway. The local equivalent of the young tigress identified in the peisageii, a very doled up missy trying real hard (for as long as the trying dun include actually doing anything) nevertheless failed to make contact, so we went on to hit on an incredibly curvy waitress at the Hoolingans bariii down the road and that was it.

Oh I forgot to ask, which Mathilde did you pick ?

  1. I made an incredibly delicious mango-pineapple sorbet out of my just as incredibly delicious mango-pineapple jam. I'm talking of the real deal, tiny ice crystals in a milky suspension that crunch in your teeth should you decide to chew the subtle, saucy ambrosia.

    Through a circumstance of events (you know, venery terms. murder of crows, bellowing of bullfinches, circumstance of events) I ended up embroiled in a food fight which then resulted in some drops of delicious being forgotten on the faiance separating the watery pit from the rest of the bathroom.

    By morning the drops were thoroughly surrounded by these tiny, barely-visible-if-they-moved antlets, and by noon they were gone. I don't mean mostly gone, I mean entirely and precisely gone, squeaky clean surface, nothing left to wash off. []

  2. Because it was with peisages, what. []
  3. Yes they have that shit here. It's incredibly bad, and I don't just mean the way their "food" smells. We watched "Peyton Royce" and some other chick wrestle another pair of similar rodeo beauties because the only alternative was soccer and holy shit there exists nothing less interesting than soccer in this entire world. []
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