Things That Happened To Sam. Chapter 3 - Once outside the terminal

Monday, 08 May, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Once outside the terminal they discovered the chartered bus had taken off. This unremarkable cvasi-event nevertheless had a powerful effect on them. Who cares some bus took off, really ? Yet Pam and Sam did care ; they cared most definitely, and very intensely, like schoolchildren care about not having the homework, like teenagers care about their bumbling amorous encounters. They felt abandoned, and they felt desperate. They experienced untold urgency to recover their place among those blessed by the bus, the bus' own chosen people. The obvious explanation would run along the lines of their sexual interaction with faceless authority having put both into a highly responsive, overexcited nervous state, something reflective subbies refer to as "sub space". Perhaps there were others.

They didn't think Pam had the time to change into something other than a practically see-through blouse and a cheap mid thigh A-line, and besides -- all their stuff was in the bags that had already been taken to the ship, according to smelly men who just had their fingers up Pam's holes, so they'd know. You can't possibly put something else on if all the stuff you previously had got stashed away somewhere out of reach because no item of clothing was ever replaced nor is present need the driver and consideration behind all such replacement ; and you certainly don't have the time to do so after having missed the bus and are at leisure to come up with a substitute conveyance of your own choosing. This sort of "thinking" makes sense, in some contexts, such as for instance when women are about to get knocked up.

They'd simply have to take a regular bus, they decided, and so they beelined for the stop. The service ran between the airport terminal and the dock on tenish minute schedule. The next bus left just as they were arriving. It seemed busy to them, so they decided to wait for the next one, imagining it would only be a couple of minutes, as the posted material dutifully informed. Sadly the posted material was also out of date. Puerto Rico was fading as a destination for this, or most any other purpose, owing to the miserable human quality of the inhabitants just as much if not more than to the changing mores and fashions of the somewhat-moneyed. Neglect and disrepair were obvious everywhere, such as for instance in the simple fact that nobody could be arsed to take off a misleading schedule.

After spending every moment busily cycling through the perception that they don't have any option but to wait another moment, when the next bus finally came by (about 12 minutes or 1440 moments later) they didn't figure they have any option but to push themselves in, notwithstanding it was even more crowded than the previous one. The happy bounce of Pam's breasts made it obvious she was wearing no bra to anyone who came in either visual or tactile contact with her. She'd have had to be careful about sitting down lest she exposed her smoothly shaved vulva, except most any kind of sitting was strictly out of the question. People with spots that good were probably never giving them up, they just went round and round the bus circuit for hours on end just to enjoy the glory that is getting a seat in such a crowd.

More people rushed into the bus at the next stop, forcing Pam and Sam apart with the unyielding, mudslide impetuus of third worlders. They've a will to live, those bioblobs, a certain dull determination to push through, like roots and vines, blind, unthinking. Mooo!

Sam tried to swim and noodle his way back towards his wife, but the semipermeable dam of life all around put up an impenetrable barrier for him. She was surrounded by an unyielding wall of men. They were pressing up against her, and she was making no corresponding effort to break through it and reunite with him. He noticed this fact, and immediately interpreted it sexually, which is to say : subconsciously, it aroused him ; while consciously he digested it by reference to his own childhood, and the experience of enforced humiliation and inferiority that blessed period of human life brings. She was wiser than him to not struggle, because what's the point, it'd just tire them out. It's all about wisdom, see, and how one shouldn't do silly things, and this aroused him even further, though he'd never dared look at it. How could he have ? Sam felt a deep, enduring connection with his mother, watching his wife pressed on in the bus, just as he wasn't feeling any such thing. Really now, what sort of a dirty mind is needed to come up with this sort of crap ? Sam didn't know, because he never thought about it, because why would he have ? Nobody does.

Slowly the realisation crept up that it really was nothing but young men around his wife. As the bus swayed down the street Pam's head suddenly snapped up, her eyes open wide with something that might have been surprise. Perhaps something else. Sam pushed himself to the side, and momentarily got a better picture of what was going on. He could now and again catch a glimpse of her torso, and he didn't not like what he saw. The young man behind her had his hands up her skirt. The young man in front of her also had his hand up her skirt. At least three hands were fondling her breasts through the now open blouse, their attached young men indistinct in the crowd. As he pushed every which way in his fleshy prison, Sam could see Pam biting her lip. He knew what that meant, and when she did it. Pam bit her lip when she tried to suppress her sexual arousal. Were these unknown young men turning her on by silently groping her on a public bus ? His Pam ? They all wore shit-eating grins plastered all over their faces. Just then the bus stopped again and Sam watched in something akin to horror as three men got off the bus and swept his wife along with them. He flailed wildly, trying desperately to get to the door before the bus starting moving again, but didn't make it in time. He was well frantic by the time it stopped again and he could fly out the door. He didn't really fly like an arrow ; perhaps more like fruit flies.

Sam took to running down the street in the direction the bus had come. He got to a spot which more or less looked like where Pam was gotten off, but he didn't see any trace of her anywhere. In a mad, lustful panic he asked some street vendors if they had seen her. One nodded and pointed to an alley nearby. He dashed that way back up the street. Once he reached it he slowed down, breathing fast and shallow, heart in his throat. He daintily peered in around the corner. The alley was dark and didn't smell too good, even by Puerto Rico standards of scenting. Sam's thymus was awash in disappointment when suddenly he realised the moving blob halfway down wasn't simply a pile of garbage, but actually a small group of people. Heart thumping in his throat again, he quickly went up to them. As he got close enough to see, he saw Pam, left arm resting on a garbage container, right hand wrapped around a man's penis. She was jacking it up and down, not very fast, a well timed pumping motion. Meanwhile another young man was leaning back on the same garbage bin. His cock was in her mouth, and she bobbed her head slightly. A third man was behind her, and on the next step Sam was blown away by the plain sight of his wife's labia bulging under the pressure of a third man's penis going in and out of her slickly, smoothly. Sickeningly. Sam bent over, winded. His skin tingled all over, like with frostbite. His limbs were drained of blood, with one exception -- his raging erection. He never had it that big, never ever before. Not even on their wedding night.

Pam's blouse was up well around her neck. Her skirt was still attached to one ankle, but Pam was stepping on it with the other foot. Sam watched her sway in the hands of the men, being slowly spitroasted among the garbage in an alley. He was mesmerized. The next thing he knew, all the locals ran away and then the police showed up. They made two arrests that day : a female gringo hooker, and a gringo male who was either a punter or her pimp, to be decided later. Sam's plaintive protestations / incoherent babble did little to change anything in that disposition. Pam was silent throughout.

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