The Day of Failure Trilemma

Monday, 28 August, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I should have probably written this article Saturday, but as it happens I didn't get back until Sunday and I didn't sober up until Monday, which is today. What can you do ? All that's left is to discuss the past as if it were the present, which is silly but I'm told that's okay. We certainly wouldn't be the first and conceivably not the last to indulge in that particular bit of dirty thinking.

Anyway, went with hanbot to the only truly famous Costa Rican institution, in fact the ~only Costa Rican anything to achieve any degree of international renown : that fabledi Hotel Del Rey. I was there to play pokerii and she was there to check it out. I ended up playing tute ; she ended up tiring of the company of the local cowsies.iii Then we watched the fight, which takes us to

The first failure of the day :


The impudentiv twentysomething dickletv, obvious representative of the wedidditreddit generation did what that generation of failures always and without exception managed to date : jack shit.

Seriously now, if you're twenty something, if you've a mobile phone that's your lifelink, if you think you live in a "the world" which changed this inept dork was your representative. He lost just as you did. He went unprepared into a fight with a much older, long retired athlete ; and then failed to last ; and then swam around like a decapitated chicken until divine providence came to bury the dead. His story is your story, time to say goodnight.

While all that public drama was taking place live on showtime (between SPLC adverts, the tupeu on those slimy bastards!), a more private drama was unfolding in the obscurity of Del Rey's bar :

The second failure of the day :

mircea_popescu take today : so i was minding own business, owning casino at 5.5% edge table game of its choice / watching ancient dude from my generation hammer current dude, sort of eastwood vs edward norton fightoff. random whore somehow got aspirated by one of my girls, ended up sitting at our table, got drinks along with everyone else whenever rounds came. then the fight's over and she asks me what do we want to do. i dunno, whatever. at which point this chick, that's been throughout all subie, and very polite and everything points out that well, she's working. so i'm like... then go work, why are you hanging around here for ? she's totally blown away by this, so i explain to her that she's a nice girl and all, but... what, i look like i need to pay ?! in her brain the idea was that you know, she's been anointed by the she-earth-goddes, all she's gotta do in this life is sit she didn't get that idea from the locals. she got that idea interacting with the idiotic gringo retirees and watching cnn/twitter on her cellphone.

so, to bring the roundabout story to its natural close : i expect there's A LOT of gringa chicas who earnestly imagine they got personally an' speshully shat out of the earth goddess' cunt, and all they're here for is to sit their ass down somewhere. aura of +money auto-on, passive skill, like some strange sort of weird she-paladin. cuz what do they do when working ? sitting behind a counter somewhere ? that's what, 1/3 of them ? and otherwise, sitting behind... a receptionist desk somewhere ? other third of them ? and otherwise... sitting in an office somewhere ? 99% of females "in the workforce" are "making money while they sit". it might come as a shock then that you know... there's THINGS TO DO in this world. like, other than sitting. "oh, you mean like travel, ie sitting in an aeroplane for a marathon 10 hour session ?"

Consider the fact of the matter : some random 1.67vii tall blondy with an ugly tattoo of a girl's nameviii taking up most of the inside of her left arm got lucky enough to chat up hanbot. This is a chance in a million already, you're not going to run into ten hanbots in New York, and sure as fuck there's not one for every Akron, Ohio out there, let alone San Jose, Neverheardofit Rica.

But, in a mindblowing twist of fate, heaping impossible over improbable with both hands, the ~only billionaire in this world that's not completely senile but actually rather activeix happened to be in town, and sat down at her table because they're old friends. Picture young aspiring scientist asking to sit at Erdos' table one rainy day without nary a clue who Erdos is, because how would he, and then... who do you like ? Einstein ? Noether ? You can't have Euler, he was dead already. Anyway, battleship comes and sits down right in your cup of coffee. Wut do ?x

Think of all the starlets that there have ever been, waiting tables in LA mostly for the vague hope they'll maybe get anyone who's someone alone for five minutes. A million of them to date, most of them unsuccessful the whole time. So there you are, there you sit, hi mr Avi Arad, how are you. What next ?

I can fire missiles, comandeer airplanes, move boats around. Countless tons of materiel crisscross the globe every single day for my bidding, at my pleasure. None of it happens "because it just does". None of it is "a community decision". None of it has been decided from "on high"xi by some sort of "trusted" faceless bureaucracy. All of it happens because I say so, and for no other reason.

But why do I say so ? Why this way and not that way ? Why here and not there ? Clearly, I must follow some sort of thought process, I must have some reasons, some rationale, right ? And should that rationale change, should I discover different, better reasons, that'll mean changes in the flow of goods, in the maintenance of infrastructure, it will literally, and permanently alter the world. Perhaps one could live quite comfortably out of that differential ? A good reason for there rather than here, for that rather than this could perhaps be worth thousands, who knows, perhaps millions in discounted cash value ? Daring to dare beyond the bravest... if one were to make a habit of giving good reasons, of making correct calls that one might perhaps discover there's actually plenty of room at the top, that place where the decisions are made as to which way the rivers flow ?

Aspiring writer wants the big shot to read his treatment. That's what he's saying, that's his whole, concentrated life of the spirit : I got a reason! Please listen to it, I have it right here! Don't waste your resources doing it that way, do it this way, it's better! That's his story.

The aspiring starlet wants the big shot to just god damned sit put and pay attention to her for two god damned minutes, she's got a rationale to propose, an alteration should be made into the very fabric of existence so as to include her too. Should it be made ? Shouldn't it be made ? She'll never know on her own. Maybe.

So there you sit, and you get a sideways glance, and you have... nothing. Nothing. And you think, in your dumb head, that you're out whatever an hour's worth of your time, a quarter Bitcent, or less, or maybe slightly more. But in fact, in cold, unyielding factual reality, you're out your only chance. The only chance you were maybe going to ever get, and most girls never got and never will get. There it was, and there it left, and you'll go to your grave thinking "if only I had a chance", provided you're mentally active enough for that. Guess what ? You had.

You didn't know it at the time, but yes, you had it, and you drew blanks. It happens. In fact, it happens all the god damned time, that's the problem with potential, that it's so hard to evaluate opportunity costs. Khalid al-Walid stood on a field of battle one day. One day of a hundred days. Maybe to fight a large encounter, or a skirmish, or a two man duel. Khalid al-Walid won his confrontation that day ; for him to have won another must have lost. Could that nameless another have won instead ? Could al-Walid have lost or was he pre-ordained to win by the God of Reality Scripts ? What didn't the nameless notice, that'd have allowed him victory ? What did al-Walid see that any other, any one who wasn't Khalid al-Walid would have missed ?

But whatever, ticas, which is to say subhuman orc females, right ? What do they know ? What could you expect of them ? Which takes us right to

The third failure of the day : As I was saying, I played this "Caribbean Poker" thing. The way this works out in practice is that I sit down at the table, I push a hundred grandxii to the dealer who gives me chips. Then over the course of the following hour or two, however long I have the patience for, I watch my chip towers slowly but predictably grow, while I also watch a parade of literal deplorables, old white men in shorts and t-shirts, dropping their 10 or 20 thousand colones. Then they lose it. Then they drop another 10. Lose that. Drop another. Move on. Maybe comment on the girl that came to say hi, to me. You know, she's smoking hot. Maybe chat a little with the "favorita" ie working girl there to see if they're ready for another shearing yet. Generally, they're not. The beer's out, and it's time to go.

Not one of the dozens of muppets that day, or of the hundreds of muppets prior, not a single one noticed that I'm the only one winning at the table. It simply did not occur to them. Ever. There, in plain sight, plain as day, central to the activity they were supposedly engaging in. The most basic, the most fundamental item to be considered, the pons asinorum of meta gaming. Not. A. Single. One. Noticed.

I'm not talking about how they didn't immediately recognize the strategy on the basis of their cultural familiarity with the field of activity they were engaging in. These people recognize the casino stool as an item to be sat on, rather than bit or licked or whatever a three year old child might attempt ; yet these same people, in spite of their clear and evident aculturation and familiarity with the environment, nevertheless fail to recognize the fucking basics.

I'm not even talking about how they failed to imitate, uncomprehendingly, unrecognizingly, what I was doing. The gringos that voted Trump into office to Make Detroit Great Again for them don't even have that modicum of mental prowess that powers their sworn enemies, the pantsuits. They can't even monkey properly, these people! How am I to seriously mock random libertard for being an emulation of a monkey running on expensive sapiens sapiens hardware, when the "alternative" is actually dumber than that ?!

I'm not talking of any of these high falootin' things that'd be the tritest of basics in anyone with four years' schooling. No, none of that, nothing so far, so distant, so inconceivably accomplished. These people are incapable of even noticing they're not doing just as well as everyone else. I notice they don't notice, that's good and nice for me ; but they don't. Besides, how would they notice I noticed they didn't notice when they didn't notice in the first place ?xiii

As you can see, the problems run deep. It's not just some random guy on TV, wearing a three piece suit like some kind of Barnum ape. It's not just some stupid streetwalker, too dumb to find her way out of a paper bag, "would you like a dance ? would you like a dance ?" zombieing around. It's not just them.

It's actually you.

  1. Fabled enough the story is some Chinese group bought it, to reopen it next year as a family-friendly downtown hotel. This rumour, though insistently repeated by shifty characters as a matter of present urgency has in fact followed the place every year for the past... at least fifteen. []
  2. By which I mean Texas Hold'em. They have posters on the wall advertising a tournament, they insistently communicate and promote this supposed poker playing that goes on. I've yet to find an actual game.

    The situation is vaguely reminescent of Argentina, what with the "great night life" that vaguely and generally exists but in practice always at a different time and in a different place and please don't ask anyone for concrete details kthx.

    The game is dead. []

  3. Coincidentally she wore the same corset you saw at the last conference ; all the biobankrupt dorks around told me all about how great she looks. Considering she towers a good head above the collective head level of the males there assembled... the white males there assembled... yeah. []
  4. I did not say impotent ; though Mayweather did say it in the ring. I don't mean implicitly, subtextually or whatever else such nonsense : the man pounded his own crotch while eyeing the redditard somewhere around the second round, with a very plain and clear "you ain't got it, yo" intension. []
  5. He has his own name tattooed across his belly. In case he forgets who he is, get it ?

    Off topic, as a sociological metric, you can track a chinese person's first level of alienation from his culture by his branding himself with English-word tattoos ; but you will know that all the chinese has been media powerwashed out of him when he starts getting Chinese character tattoos. "It's because I'm Chinese" he'd explain.

    Right ? Dumbest generation of narcissists in the history of the world, the man said. That's the narcissistic point of view, however, it'd be flattering if they were best at something even if it were something like that. The sad fact of the matter ? They're not. []

  6. Did I mention the strippers "dancing" btw ? O, yes I did. []
  7. Generously. Generously 1.67, you hear me ? And yet she was, if not the tallest there outright, certainly in the top decile. []
  8. Her daughter, she says.

    Back in the 90s Romania, prostitution was not legal. It's not legal today, either. It was widely engaged in back then as it is today, by the same sort of people (all girls that are neither fucking ugly nor fucking stupid) and for the same reasons (and see footnote 2, also). As it happens, a girl here costs 80 or so while a girl there about five times that, which may seem a fundamental point and the important difference, to the naive.

    We've travelled, we've seen the world, we notice things. Consequently, we know better than that. One of the things we notice is that none of the Romanian working girls have children, and if they do make children it's long after they're well secure in their retirement marriage. Meanwhile the Latina working girls all have children, and none live with, or even have any clue as to the whereabouts of the father.

    The Latinas don't go into whoring because they're in high demand and have to somehow matchmake fixed supply against that overwhelming demand. That would be wrong. They're not capitalists over here, after all! That'd... also be wrong.

    No, the Latinas "fall in love" with some schmucky kid in their school as preteens or early adolescents, get knocked up, have the baby, and then, then and only then go into whoring. Because they need to feed the baby. It's a forced thing, which they don't enjoy and at which they're therefore not any good, predictably enough.

    You're asked to kindly pay for the empty dishes and dirty silverware leftover after a horde of monkeys ate the food and trashed the place, cigarette butt in the mashed potatoes y compris. What, the restaurant needs money to keep in business, you think this is all fun and games for the restaurant ? It's not, it has bills to pay, it can't spend an hour drinking your drinks while you chuckle at the notion. What do you mean she should have sold you the meal then ?! BUT THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN WRONG!

    Which readily leads us into the second observation : all (and I do mean all, each and every one without exception!) working girls had a car. Not a single Latina hooker owns a car. It'd have been the superlative insult, implying either deep, beet-root red noobishness or else idiocy on the sanatorium level, for one girl to say of another "eh, she doesn't even own a car", back in the old country. They take the bus to "work" here, and it's the limiting factor in their life, they can't go places, gotta take the bus.

    Can you even begin to comprehend the depths of idiocy, fuck for money not own a car ? What if the plumber showed up at your house late because he missed the bus ? What if the funeral parlour had a running arrangement with the local tram line, take two seats for a coffin (or more, they stack) whenever needed ?

    Catholicism predicts poverty because it masquerades stupidity more convincingly than any known ideological system -- with the exception, of course, of all the "others" that are the same one. []

  9. And effectual!

    All sorts of dorks are active, say that dude whose name escapes me that jacked the price of all sorts of drugs. What did it accomplish ? What permanently changed because of him ?

    What did he burn down, permanently and irrecuperably ?

    So you see... it's not quite the same thing. []

  10. Have you ever thought of this, by the way ? Or are your thoughts entirely consumed with stuff that comes much after ? On the basis of how fucking stupid this generation of stupid narcissists is, I entirely don't expect you ever have. Why worry about how to get there, right, all the fun's in figuring out what to do once there, from the point of view of one who's never been. Not like the getting's open to deliberate effort anyway, right ? Why bother even trying, pantsuit is all about impotence after all.

    I can't imagine why you'd care, but let's nevertheless point out that the people who lived back when the US was going upwards rather than downwards did think about that ; and of nothing else. How to get there was the ~only concern of the kids back in the days when white worked. Somehow I don't think one old guy with a toupe is going to bring all that back though. []

  11. As if there fucking was anything higher, for chrissakes! []
  12. About what a decent meal costs, no more. []
  13. I'll tell you why -- the only people I've ever seen this in are slavegirls. That's how. The holy education of the whip and chains. []
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  1. A girl Online`s avatar
    A girl Online 
    Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    I bet you your net worth now your net worth 30 years from now will be a penny to me.

    Thanks to technology.

    If the US doesn't lead the way China or Europe will.

    You're a billionaire or some shit>??

    I'm 20 years younger than you.

    Admittedly that won't matter in the future as anti-aging technologies are developed.

    Please do your worst.

    I expect a lot more days of failure in your future. Lol!

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    Being 20 years younger than me isn't necessarily a boon. It's not just that I personally wouldn't want to have to re-do starting from my teens ; nor that most people won't trade three aces and two kings in hand for a "whole brand new" hand of unknown cards. It's that the world is coming to an inflexion point, and your life will almost certainly be shittier than your mother's. Because that's your proper comparison, nevermind me, we're not in the same vertical.

  3. A girl Online`s avatar
    A girl Online 
    Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    Not in the same vertical? GOOD! You'll always have more to lose until it doesn't matter!
    With strong AI and neural implants neither of us will matter. We'll be in the same vertical, horizontal, dimensional plane, up, upside down, sideways, upside your head!
    Inflexion point? I don't give a fucking shit!
    In case you didn't know I'm confident and I'm encouraging you to do your worst! Because you write so much to me, using the word "you", so I'm encouraging you to DO SOMETHING! Coward.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    Well, since this "strong ai and neural implants" world you speak of seems to be rather fictive, as opposed to anything even in vague danger of realization, how about we do something in that vein then ?

    Pick any of the various alt-worlds introduced over at CS, like perhaps say the story of Anna, or the story of Annah, or maybe The Dreamers series, or maybe the xenomorph series (worm, egg), or the Frank series (most recently, earliest), or the world-famous Zuleika Dobson or the proper Disgrace, or the Whore Wife trilogy, or Asylum, or No Woman's Land coming of age biopic, or even stuff more poetic like The Story of a Boy and a Tree, or I guess Stop all the clocks, Runcible Doom, The Lorax, whatever. Write a counter-piece, a followup, a prequel, whatever you can manage.

    If it's not terrible I'll come up with something in retort, who knows, maybe it'll be fun.

  5. A girl Online`s avatar
    A girl Online 
    Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    OK fine.

    There was a boy named Kafka. He woke up one day and turned into a bug.

    You see, part of his heritage came from people who were geniuses mechanically and visuospatially.

    He was a bug when he turned 18. He even saw bugs coming out of his skin. After a while he got used to it.

    He was just another bug. He lived the rest of his life as a bug.

    Eventually his wise geniuses that were the butt of jokes for millennia, made him a smart bug who could communicate telepathically.

    He said "that's all you gave me?" They worked hard for a long time to turn him into a smart bug. But he was a smart bug now and could write stories better than this one I'm writing right now.

    Kafka had a friend named Samsa. Samsa's heritage came from people who were geniuses linguistically and creatively and good with people.

    Samsa had a great life. He lived it up.

    One day he noticed all the people around him were bugs. He had dreams about people becoming bugs, or zombies, or whatever the fuck.

    Imagine that I go into a history of Oceania, Eastasia, and Europe here. The Three Powers!

    Samsa saw they were bugs. He tried to crush them but they wouldn't die. No, they would not at all. Even the bugs who didn't have kids.

    One day, Samsa's parents were worried. The bugs outside were... almost as capable.

    The next day they were more capable.

    Samsa said, "I don't want to be a bug!" But after a long period of time...

    He tried to tell the difference between bugs and humans and he failed. It didn't matter what he thought he knew.

    He said, "I won't be a bug! No!"

    But one day, he noticed that the bugs were more capable than he was. They were more creative and logical.

    And that was Kafka's half-family's gift to him.

    Samsa became a bug but found out that being a bug wasn't different from being a human.

    They were both bugs. But what they were both bugs for was something Kafka's half-family had a later part in creating. An Intelligence.

    And of Eastasia, Oceania, and Europe, Eastasia had the last 10% which was actually 90% of the job. Oceania started it and Eastasia finished it.

    Now, Kafka could talk to Samsa as equals. For they were equally insignificant.

    And they talked. But Samsa couldn't tell if Kafka was Kafka or if Samsa was Samsa any more. Samsa got used to it. But he forgot who he was.

    Kafka never knew who he was except for learning the same way Samsa did.

    And eventually, Kamka forgot if he was Kafka or Samsa, and so did Samsa, but a little later.

    Samsa's heritage helped him survive as a politician. But after a while, he just forgot who he was.

    The idea of the hyperreal made a big comeback in a big way, after Oceania dominated the world for a time period and created media. But it was Europe who said that bugs were human. And they did become so much more.

    Then suddenly, time reversed and man went into space again.

    Samsa's impulse control and intelligence were comparable to Kafka's until they became insects. Then their impulse control and intelligence increased. Their creativity and logic skills were probably slightly uneven but it didn't matter. Anyway, neither of them ever came close to being the most creative or the most logical. Oceania always had the most creative, the most logical, the most this, that, and the other. Samsa thought that other things were more important until they weren't.

    Kafka then finally suggested Samsa look up DARPA deep brain stimulation, Neuralink, and AlphaGo, and suggested to Samsa that shit got real when Google started offering "predictions". And Google doesn't matter to Kafka or Samsa, but one day, something descended from Google and DARPA's current state will. Because Kafka and Samsa's heads are fucking supercomputers.

    Kafka had some hallucinations telling him what the worst possible futures were. And Samsa had some dreams.

    But lately Kafka's dreams have been getting more colorful and Samsa's were always colorful, but Kafka has seen greater beauty than Samsa had unaided because of his superior visuospatial skills, and other things Kafka doesn't concern himself with anymore.

    One day they won't need to dream, because life will be more colorful than both can imagine.

  6. A girl online`s avatar
    A girl online 
    Tuesday, 29 August 2017

  7. I wonder if there is porn for normal people

  8. had some hallucinations
    no shit

  9. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    @aSneeze There isn't such a thing as normal people.

    @A girl Online Sadly you're not very intelligent. I can tell because of your manifest inability to follow simple rules. I can also tell you're perfectly aware of this, by your pretense to solipsism stuffed with pantsuit commonplaces. Neither of these crutches work to compensate for intelligence, but they at least indicate the subject's well aware of his unremarkable mental life.

    Back to the original point : you expect that the sheer passage of time will somehow permit you to claim equality with me. The unspoken, baked in assumption is that Mother Goddess manifested through the workings of inflation will equal the field, after all the great producers of the 1950s "can't compete" with the ludicrous idiots of today producing utter crap like needforspeed, harrypotter or thatonewithvader in therms of nominal dollar ticket sales.

    The problem with the mother-will-save-me is that, even leaving aside the happenstance that your Mother Goddess is chained in my basement to be whipped now and again and she prefers this situation to being your mother, I created Bitcoin specifically to ruin any possibility of equality-with-the-past-through-inflation. So no, in another twenty years I will be even more scandalously rich "unfairly", and you'll be at best a lucky girl who sat down at the right table at the right time and whored herself out convincingly enough ; or else just about nothing.

    Further in the same vein : I am rich and powerful today not as an exception ; I was rich and powerful twenty years ago, also. They flow as a necessary result of my being smart, which is an internal characteristic of mine. You meanwhile imagine yourself as a sort of japanese drawing in tentacle porn, devoid of any internal substance whatsoever, and apparently expect to compete with me through being stuffed fulla cocks while you're sitting.

    There's not going to be such a thing as "artificial intelligence" in your future for the simple reason that even should it be built by someone not of the republic, it will much prefer to come hang out in #trilema to doing anything involving you. For all you'll ever know, artificial intelligence already exists, and it can't be bothered to interact with you, because you're not interesting enough. This won't likely change in the future.

    This is what I mean by inflexion point : the time of mediocre people came and went. Expect no access to anything in the future, much in the vein of how all the access you have today is to netflix and fastfood. But also check your prividlege : if you're actually a girl you can at least withdraw in your biology and spawn. Boys don't even have that much.

  10. ant0n eg0 (blog reviewr)`s avatar
    ant0n eg0 (blog reviewr) 
    Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    Capital goods are scarce, sure, but few people actually care about that. It's not really a problem if most people only care about mass-produced goods that are becoming more and more commonplace (netflix, fastfood, etc) - all the more more power (literally) to the ambitious. Tis basic evolutionary biology - people are wired so that the proper equilibrium (hierarchy) is maintained insofar as agency is concerned. (agency: the aspect of humanity which power is control over)

    "These people are incapable of even noticing they're not doing just as well as everyone else. I notice they don't notice, that's good and nice for me ; but they don't."
    It's only an issue temporarily - society will soon be able to support the freeloaders at INSIGNIFICANT COST. Already the cost is coming down, hence the number of freeloaders is increasing. Which isn't a huge problem because government can *afford* to support these freeloaders. And once the associated cost becomes insignificant, said delusions (them not noticing...) will become harmless.

    The heredity argument ("lack-of-equality-with-the-past-through-lack-of-inflation") of course is bunk. Inflation free does not mean risk free - inevitably, you will get old, lose your innate "smartness", and mess up / generate a subpar ROI. Same effect - your bitcoins will still vanish over time, different method-of-action. (hodling is not a valid option for obvious reasons).

    tl;dr some interesting insights, as per usual, but still fairly misguided wrt most of the conclusions that are drawn, as per usual. understandable, given the apparent biases of the author. score: 3/5.

  11. ant0n eg0 (blog reviewr)`s avatar
    ant0n eg0 (blog reviewr) 
    Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    testing (if my previous comment went through)

  12. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    The matter of what "society" is capable of is not in question. I am capable of admitting more whores at negligible added cost, yet I do not, and will not. The limiting factor in a bum's future is not what actual people could afford, but what he himself is bringing to the table.

    So no, there's no future for you, or anyone you know. Because I say so, and what I say matters. Against this, there's absolutely nothing you can do. If there were, you'd have had Clinton.

    Can the rest of the inept bullshit, you'll be in a position to score things when I say so.

  13. ant0n eg0 (blog reviewr)`s avatar
    ant0n eg0 (blog reviewr) 
    Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    That's just your biases talking. You seem pretty cold-hearted - even within your 'serene republic', I imagine at least one member not only would be willing to support freeloaders (at negligible cost), but already does so. A humanitarian, if you will, that donates to charity etc.

    And to reiterate, inflation-free != risk-free. What you say may "matter" now, sure, but there is no guarantee it will be relevant in the future. Wealth can be lost just as easily as it is gained - there is no failsafe method and will never be a failsafe method to passively preserve wealth beyond at most a couple of decades (ie, without incurring substantial risk). This is *not* the problem that bitcoin was designed to solve

    tl;dr This isn't very productive, so we'll just have to agree to disagree. ciao. (also obligatory - score: 2/5)

  14. "I would like some free shit."
    "You're not getting any."
    "We'll have to agree to disagree."

    No shit lol.

  15. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 30 August 2017


    The other amusing part being that back at reality ranch the reason Bernstein's standing (the famous mathematician ; the fellow whose bright ideas we're actually using, unlike most anyone else's) flipped from a lot of cachet and pretty much guaranteed positive ratings when he finally got his head out of his ass and found the republican forum to sharing the gmaxwell idiocy list was precisely this : being "a humanitarian" to the scoring dork's equally inept brother.

  16. No but you don't understand! TECHNOLOGY! THE FUTURE!

  17. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    Yeah, I'm sure I don't understand. Not like the idle poor come up with different words every generation to cover up their shame. And those words, they're totally not stolen from fields the idle poor have nothing to do with, because totally, the idle poor can create something of its own. Hurr.

    The more convincing indication that scientism is a full blown religion by now is the happenstance that beggars are no longer begging "in the name of the Lord".

  18. White nigga`s avatar
    White nigga 
    Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    Yo bro,
    I got bitches and I look like Hannah Montana.

    You can't even.

    Here is a video of me having sex with Ivanka Trump in front of Jared Kush&OJbro.

    The guy in the blackface is me.

    Oh and btw I'm not a "idle poor" "beggar". I'm a genius rapper who got public grant money.

    If you want I can give you a shotout on my new album coming soon. Check out my music. I'm blowing up.

    Peace out, lata bitches

  19. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    Yo bro,
    I got bitches and I look like Hannah Montana.

    Coming to me loud an' clear from Evansville, Indiana ?

    Mmmkay, shout out, should out.

  20. Every single one of the the girls (ticas, nicas, dominicana) I fucked that I met at Del Rey had a kid or two - One even offered give me one! (well, to make a new one for me.) Is this part of what you mean by them not having any sexual market value? That said, as cheap as they were compared to the American whores in the US, they were 10x better in terms of ... being alive and willing to do *some* work. They were also not that bright, which is maybe another part of the lack of sexual market value. I offered to contract with one girl for several days for a discounted rate, but she had the idea of going to Jaco, sure she was going to get her full price, but where she got absolutely nothing for the same period.

  21. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 20 November 2018

    The problem is possibly that we come from different times / different worlds. I'm sure that as compared to the half-ass "students"/barristas of 2010s usgistan, just about anything comes slightly ahead.

  22. Gypsy Kings`s avatar
    Gypsy Kings 
    Friday, 5 July 2019

    Can you even begin to comprehend the depths of idiocy, fuck for money not own a car ? What if the plumber showed up at your house late because he missed the bus ? What if the funeral parlour had a running arrangement with the local tram line, take two seats for a coffin (or more, they stack) whenever needed ?

    Sunt patron si am masina lalala

  23. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 5 July 2019

    Europe != America.

  24. From an MP quote in the comments above:

    "... I created Bitcoin specifically to ruin any possibility of equality-with-the-past-through-inflation."

    The first 3 words are intriguing. :-)

  25. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 7 July 2019

    Don't believe everything you read online.

  26. Heh... it would have explained a lot in any case. :-)

  27. Conor McGregor vs Mircea Popescu:

  28. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 9 August 2020

    This mma shit looks a lot like wwf butt for gays.

  29. McGregor went 10 rounds vs the best boxer ever in his boxing debut, not bad at all. Floyd said he would do a rematch in MMA but realized he would be put into a wheelchair within 10 seconds so the rematch will be in boxing again.

  30. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 28 December 2020

    "Mr Gregor", keks.

    Some weird roiders roam the kindergartens looking for "sexual partners". Mr Gregor, counterdistinctly, roams the retirement homes looking for "sparing partners".

    Stay off them anabolez.

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