JSM, Bomba de Costa Rica

Friday, 10 November, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Sadly the title comes off a drunken shot, so you'll just have to believe me that I filled up at Jsm, which is a Bomba de Costa Rica. Here :


This little kitten was out all by his lonesome in the night, but what a splendid time it had! Catching little things and jumping around, twisting and turning with uncanny speed, voted most likely to have fun cat class of 2017!


Here's a train tunnel, because why not :


And now that the train has past, here's an ex-kitten, once-a-kitten or maybe never-a-kitten, well grown and thereby exhausted. Quite the difference a few misfortunes make, huh!


"But daddy, why does the streetwalker have an abdominal fold ?"
"Because she eats too much, son."

You know ?

But let's move on, lest we depress ourselves, to vehement opulence and other bourgeois refinements :




And here's the menu (other than freshly baked apple pie a la mode, delicious fig cake and other pork sausages) : coffee!


Yes, they have that many kinds ; yes you can actually tell them apart, we've tried.

Yes I always get the best cup. Yes I needed to pee on the way back so I had the car parked next to a bridge and took a piss straight into the water, tallest piss ever taken. Yes I had girl lick my penis clean after I was done because I don't want urine in my undies (saliva's ok though).

Yes, yes, yes. See you around!

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  1. "But daddy, why does the streetwalker have an abdominal fold ?"

    So even Thirdworldatina shuns school children interaction because grabbing your fxmale companions is sexist?

    A very rich country indeed, both economical and cultural.

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