How to take control of your provider, a guide for whores.

Monday, 10 April, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

First off, let's define our terminology.

  • A whore is one of the two things a little girl may grow up into. The other one's a cow. There are no exceptions to this dichotomyi, nor are there allowances for hallucinatedii exceptionalism. The transformation is complete around the age of 13 or so (except for the developmentally retardediii who might take a little longer), which is to say sooner than the young female is capable of fully undertaking any of the social roles associated with her gender type. Nevertheless, if the 13 yo female regards her mother (or mother-substitute) as a definitive authority you are necessarily dealing with a heiferiv, whereas if she regards herself as the only possible authority you are dealing with a loliv.
  • A provider is a beta male -- fortunately we already had that discussion so we can just reference. Imagine what length Trilema articles'd end up in a vacuum! Commonly, the first provider in every whore's life is her fathervi, but once that sweet tit runs dry arrangements where whore-meets-cow are not unheard of even though the fashion currently is for the whore to fixate on a single replacement provider -- doing multiple is ill regarded for no particular reason (though this may well be changing).vii

The most important point is that it's never too early to be what you are. Start right now.

A second, and rather minor point is that technology supports you very strongly, and that you are fortunate in living in the best possible world your needs and talents might've conceived. Never before was it such a great time to be a whoreviii, and conceivably never again will it return. So make the most of it, today!

All the foregoing tedium finally exausted, let's move into the actual topic. But first... let's take a detour through microbiology.

The most successful organism ever seen throughout the whole known history of life -- on Earth as well as everywhere else -- is a bacterium called Wolbachia. It is the most widely distributed infection known, with about half the species ever described carrying it. It happens to be a sexually transmitted disease, and numerous species would either be incapable of reproduction or outright unable to individually survive without the good offices of this microbe. That's something, isn't it ? Look it up sometime, it's quite the wonder of nature.

Because the male contribution to reproduction (sperm) is incapable of carrying it, Wolbachia very severely favours females. In numerous species it significantly alters the proportion of born females, and in a few cases it even allows sexuate reproduction between females directly, with no males involved at all! Its effects on the males are somewhat grimmer : in some species it either feminizes them, resulting in more or less functional cvasi-females, whereas in others it neuters them, resulting in bugs-going-their-own-way basically speaking.

The path to success is copying success, and that's exactly what you will be doing. There are three elements involved in the success of Wolbachia : 1) control of reproduction together with either 2) feminization of males or else 3) neutralization of males.

You don't have millions of years' worth of evolutionary adaptation on your side like the bacterium does, selecting and refining proteins for its purpose. Nevertheless, what I said before still goes, you have technology on your side. Here it is :


Weird looking thing, isn't it. Nevertheless, the cock cage is the golden standardix of provider control and consequently all your efforts will be centered into getting noobs safely ensconced on one hand, and in training chastised providers to wear their cage well on the other.

The most important thing you must understand about males is that they do not actually dislike having limits placed upon them. On the contrary, enforced limitations are protective for the male psyche, because they offer a very credible and very accessible explanation for incompetence.

Consider the problem : no matter what one does, that one must do something specific. This is a fundamental limitation of nature, you can't do something in general, you must do a specific, certain thing. Meanwhile, the universe of possibilities is indeed vast, meaning that no matter what actual specific thing one does, there could be a better thing one could be doing. If one could do anything, then one has to explain why he isn't doing something better. If however one couldn't do "anything", then one could perhaps enjoy living his life.

Every male you ever run into will be looking for an excuse, to explain to himself, and to "everyone else" as he represents that in his head, why he isn't doing, more, better, etcetera. You happen to have an exceptional answer, and one that he is extremely eager to receive from you. For this reason you are to expect no fundamental problems, it's not like you might run into a male that doesn't want to find himself in the safe, protective confines of your steel gift. They do want to, all of them do. Impediments, such as exist, all come from circumstantial happenstance, you have to be careful not to pinch their delicate skins putting it on -- and mind that for every inch of physical skin males have miles upon miles of mind-skins enveloping them like a far-reaching cocoon. Once on, you'll have to make sure it doesn't rub wrongly, and especially teach the captured male how to behave so it doesn't rub wrongly. Example suffices, he will perhaps protest but certainly learn and definitely change to fit the limit on his penis. It's not like he's not very eager to alter his behaviour so he can maintain that sweet, sweet delicious cage for longer, for as long as possible, forever. Whatever he may say, it's all window-dressing for that simple, fundamental fact -- he's happier neutered than on his own.

We will skip over specific strategiesx to get various males locked, not only because the topic is indeed vast, but because this is really your place to shine as a competent whore. Read him, understand him, engage him. Cage him on his own terms, but cage him nevertheless.

Once the cage is in, you've satisfied the 1st element of success. Choosing which of the two to add to it should be mostly decided on the basis of the sexual interest of the provider. You must bear in mind that providers come out of one of two possible situations : either an overactive father (or father substitute) oppressed them ; or else an overactive mother (or mother substitute) spoiled them.

Consequently, if once locked in he loses interest in sex altogether you know you've satisfied the fundamental function of the overactive father (castration) and will use his guiltxi to direct him to best provide for you. If once locked in his interest in sex maintains or increases you know you've satisfied the fundamental function of the overactive mother (fixation) and will use his shamexii to direct him to best provide for you. The good news is that even if you forget which providerxiii specifically you're dealing with, he never does, and so by his reaction to a misplaced linexiv you can immediately adjust ; whereas even if you insist no particular harm is done. The reaction curve is a sharp exponential whereas the damage curve is a strict logarithmic, making this arrangement one of the most stable, and also one of the most convenient things in nature.

We won't be discussing how to use your control over your providers. The hope is that if you have enough sense to fill in the blanks above effectively, you'll also have enough sense to, in a quote, use him rather than hurt him.


  1. It should perhaps be pointed out that intelligence is entirely uninvolved in this dichotomy, arbitrarily intelligent cows do exist -- that's how you get female doctors, for instance, they "focus on their career" for 8 + 7 + 7 = 22 or so years starting at the age of about 7. I expect I needn't point out arbitrarily dumb whores also exist, for some reason this lobe is very insistently hammered by the fake news and lame mass-media bogon agglomeration.

    It should perhaps also be pointed out that neither lobe is specifically or particularily pathological. On the contrary, they each have their fully flowered crown of pathologies, common pitfalls etcetera. Fully realised strands of humanity, what!

    It certainly is a very terrible idea to try and arbitrarily decide "which of the two" "you wish to be" and then attempt to... "evolve" that way. For one thing, you aren't in a position to make such decisions, nor could you ever be in that position. For the other, these two don't even exist, they're not realised for you. Yes, I'm aware if you speak this language you've probably been fed a whole lot of utter bullshit about self-determination and the power of bla bla. It's bullshit, forget it. In actual reality what you encounter is always one plus some echoes of the other. No more. Your options are limited to either existing as what you are and perhaps doing a good job of it, or thoroughly wasting your life chasing echoes. []

  2. This means that yes you will form the notion that "it's different in your case", as a natural byproduct of the dysfunctional workings of your immature brain-ersatz, exactly in the same way and exactly for the same reason you formed the notion that "Santa Claus" (and at about the same mental age).

    Nevertheless, everyone does. Just like your tits : yes you got a pair, but guess what ? So did everyone else! Just like "falling in love" immediately thereafter. Don't tell me, let me guess, it made your heart beat all fast and your mouth dry and your palms sweat a little ? But who could have predicted, and come to think of it, how could I be able to describe the superficial symptomatology of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system without having met the boy in question!!11

    Really ? []

  3. It is important for the practician to distinguish oppresive environments (such as insistent religious cultishness) which might drastically repress the expression of the whore from cases of genuinely weak genetic stock producing actual delays in normal development. []
  4. Term denotes a nulliparous female cow. []
  5. Term denotes a subjectively innocent whore, which is to say one that's not yet aware of the foregoing discussion. []
  6. Yes, the father is definitionally a beta male. For one thing, he isn't fucking her, is he ? For the other thing, he's rather far from "can't be bothered", is he ? So then!

    Oh, don't tell me, pure and Platonic love, is it ? Funny, that's exactly what Mathieu says as well! []

  7. Yes, I'm aware Lamers, Inc. purport to have taken over the terminology to use it towards their own goals, and so among the Empire of Stupid a "whore" is the female who keeps multiple rather than fixates on a single provider as "is right and proper".

    This absurd misuse of vocabulary isn't driven, as you'd expect, by a desire to control the behaviour of actual whores. The driver is actually a subjective intolerance of the cow-whore dychotomy. What I am saying is that the abuse of language isn't prospective, it doesn't aim to something ; on the opposite, it is defensive.

    To understand each other, consider the situation of a man and a dog, the man inside a house, the dog outside. Suppose you notice a certain subset of such men never ever go outside. You may be excused from projecting agency upon what I called a man, and thereby imagining some projection is going on, some goal is being served. However, if the man be an idiot it'll not be a case that he wants the dog to come indoors so he doesn't go outside ; it's the case that the idiot IS AFRAID OF GOING OUTSIDE, period and full stop, and this controls his behaviour : he won't go, come hell or high water. This leads the dog to come inside as often as it doesn't, and so accidentally provides "experimental proof" for the agency theory, but all that's irrelevant. The idiot does what he does because of objective limitations within himself that prevent him from doing anything else, not as a modulation of behaviour with intended results.

    So, idiots call multi-provider whores "whores" because they can't confront the whore-cow dichotomy, not because they aim to discourage whores from keeping multiple providers. Whether such discouragement is the result is altogether dubious, but also not of much interest to us here. []

  8. In fairness it's just as great to be a cow, too -- never before were the tit suckers so firmly yet velvetittily attached, their functioning so complete and yet without residue, their hum so comforting.

    It's a great time to be alive, what. Well, except for beta males, of course, but who gives a shit about them. []

  9. Women of antiquity were stuck with the much less effectual and much more labour intensive approach of sexual exhaustion in order to obtain sexual control, which is where folksy bits like "a real woman doesn't let her man leave hungry or horny" originate.

    The march of progress however has resolved that erstwhile unsolvable problem and so unlike your predecessors you aren't stuck rendering him impotent through hard and constant usage. You can render him impotent with a well placed tiny bit of surgical steel. Isn't it wonderful ? []

  10. In young males it should be very simple an affair : encorage him to hit on you, respond positively but moderately and lovingly (young men are very mother-sick) then after a few encounters show him the item and explain you would very much like to frolic nude with him, but he must wear the cage. Odds are he will, after which a steady diet of caressing your body, eating you out etcetera should permanently seal the deal.

    In older males you will have to account for their baggage, which means you'll have to do a lot of directed listening (this is where you ask questions to help him do what he wants to do but doesn't know how -- that is to say beg you to cage him). It can be sold as a challenge ("hey, you're so much better a man than all the other jerks for putting up with this") to the libertard, it can be sold as rational science ("hey, it makes our life better, you gotta wear it!"), it can be sold as anything that works -- but sold it must be in any case.

    It's not so hard to tell, because both he and nature want you to figure it out, being specifically built that way and for this purpose -- so if he cums a bucket every time you suggest you might flirt with that one coworker he gets all competitive around you know. And if ten thousand other similar tells, you also know. Generally speaking, unless you're deliberately blind (you know, like a cow ?), you'll know. []

  11. Yes, all those "penis mockery" fetishists are an example of this. []
  12. Unsurprisingly the bulk of fetishists are interested in this rather than the other venue. Read the internet pornz, they cover just about every possible wrinkle of male self-experience. []
  13. After not so long a time they do melt into the anodyne nothingness that actually constitutes them, so you can't really tell them apart anymore. []
  14. Like telling the shame-driven provider that you have to go fuck real men because his is all caught up in its cage ; or like telling the guilt-driven provider that you're going to make him stay naked while your girlfriends visit, and maybe they'll ask him questions so best have his diary ready. []
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  1. "arbitrarily intelligent cows" ?!

    What's next, arbitrarily flexible granite ?
    Arbitrarily fast turtle ?

    Possibly the terminology needs work?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 11 April 2017

    What's the problem, the Indians worship them even.

  3. Should white men just accept their girls cheating black?


    But why and what should you do about it? Don’t let jealousy and anger cause you to break up with the girl you love just because she is cheating on you with black men! That’s just stupid. Instead try to understand and accept it.

    Why is she cheating?
    Your penis is too small and you don’t last. Good sex requires a large cock and simply put you are not giving your girl the orgasms she deserves. You can’t do anything about your small penis but she can, that is, find black men with big cocks to fuck.
    You might be satisfied with boring sex and masturbation but she isn’t. She needs real sex from real men. You can’t blame her for wanting to have a full sex life. You are not as tall, athletic, masculine or dominant as a black man can be. Do you even lift?
    Interracial sex between white girls and black men is being promoted everywhere. Films, TV shows, advertisements, etc. Your girl will feel like she is missing out. Even if it’s subconscious at first, interracial sex fantasies will creep into her mind. You can blame whatever conspiracy you want but it is happening. It’s almost impossible for a normal person to fight against the billions of dollars being spent on this push.
    Cheating is commonplace and the incidence is increasing. Girls tend to be open to cheating if their boyfriend or husband isn’t giving them what they need. Girls are discussing their sex life with each other, supporting and encouraging each other’s infidelity. Once one of them has gone black it won’t be long before the rest of them do. You don’t want your girl to be the only one in the group that isn’t cheating with hung black guys.
    Websites and blogs are much more extreme that the mainstream media. Porn also of course. Girls are being exposed to this daily. The message they are getting is that not only is cheating acceptable, but that it’s desirable, and even that white boys secretly support it. The idea that going black is a sexy and hot way to spice up a relationship is gaining ground. Some girls even think their boyfriend or husband will be disappointed if he finds out they aren’t cheating with black men. Perversely her love for you could be the ultimate reason why she cheats black.

    How to deal with it
    Start using interracial porn. Avoid any porn with white men. You need to change your idea of sex from whatever it is now to big black cocks fucking white girls. Giving yourself orgasms to those images and videos helps to form a positive association. Many white girls already see getting blacked as the only real sex that counts and you need to think the same way.
    Consume as much cuckold propaganda as possible. Just as with interracial porn use masturbation to train yourself to fall in line. Join in if you want. Help other white boys to understand.
    Focus on her pleasure rather than being selfish. You love her so much that you want her to enjoy sex. Imagine her powerful orgasms pushing her into a state of bliss. Think about how happy and fulfilled she is.
    Big cocks are hot. Stop denying this. You don’t watch porn with small penises. You want to see girls sucking and fucking big impressive cocks. You want to see big cum shots. Imagine her doing the sucking and fucking. Imagine those big loads pumped over her pretty face and breasts or inside her pussy and ass. So hot. It’s nowhere near as sexy if you replace those big black cocks with your unimpressive penis. Admit it: if you get off on masturbating to big cocks then it’s ok for her to fuck them.
    She will start withholding sex from you, not because she doesn’t love you, but because sex with her black boyfriends is so much more satisfying. This is big hurdle to overcome but every cloud has a silver lining: it allows you to focus more on masturbation. It’s a virtuous circle as the more you do it the more you will accept her cheating and the lack of sex. You will learn to enjoy her coming back to you with a cum-filled pussy.
    You are a good provider. Your hard work keeps her in the lifestyle that she deserves. Your money is buying all those sexy clothes and lingerie that she uses to seduce black men. Let yourself be turned on by that. When she models outfits for you imagine how hard it will make them and just how savagely they will ravish her. You should be proud of that.

    The result : Your relationship will be radically improved. Both of you will be happy and sexually fulfilled. You will have great masturbation sessions while she is out having amazing sex with dominant black men behind your back. No more arguments, stress or frustration because of rubbish sex!

    This girl speaks the truth!

    The bottom line:

    White girls: cuckold your bf/hubby/fiancé. Don’t waste your time with little white cock. Big Black Cock is superior!

    White boys: accept it or she’ll do it behind your back anyway. Might as well enjoy it! Watching the real thing is better than porn. Happy wife = happy life.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 24 April 2017

    What's with this whole "dominant black men" meme anyway ?

  5. But wait, there's more! Drugged, Castrated, Eager to Mate: the Lives of Fungi-Infected Cicadas

    Massospora, a parasitic fungus, has lurked just below the surface, awaiting the cicada’s exit. When a nymph digs through infected soil, fungal spores cling to its body. As the cicada matures, massospora multiplies, digesting the insect’s insides, castrating it and replacing its rear end with a chalky white plug of spores.

    The cicada buzzes on, seemingly unaware it’s a mushroom’s moving minion. It flies, attempting to mate with unusual vigor. Some males even mimic females to attract and spread their spores to male partners — the more infected, the better. And as their hijacked bodies copulate, spores sprinkle to the earth and massospora spreads.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 11 July 2019

    Amusingly enough, that sounds just like a major interest item for the New York Times readership.

    Well... what's left of it, anyways.

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