Children love to watch their parents get into serious arguments because they'll hear for the first time of things they never could have guessed ever existed

Thursday, 07 September, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I watched ten minutes of a miserable piece of cinematic vomit, same tired regurgitation of the spinster wankery. I won't bother mentioning it by name, because it's literally obscene to the point of unmentionability, and certainly anodyne to the point of anonymity. Suffice to say it was as decent apotheosis as could be had for that Susan Sarandon stupid cunt.

Instead, let us provide the titular material in the shape of a recent discussion between yours truly, a Lord of The Most Serene Republic no less, and one Darius Groza, the Prince of Jeg. You, evidently, have never heard of such a thing, nor would you have. But I know him, and the reason I know him is that back in 2007 he actually was writing better than me. Scary thought, this, is it.

Of course, back in 2007 I didn't bother with a blog at all. The reason I started is to be found caught in the public record. I affirm it today, it's still true, and complete, and not about to get a coda. Nevertheless the reason I continued was, in some part -- however minuscule you might argue it nevertheless not entirely absenti -- there being such a thing as jeg✿.

In this sense, the obscure toil of some guy that meanwhile got dekulakized by the passage of time is nevertheless preserved, and forever a part of that world which breathes, and whose continued existence is in point of fact the reason (however minuscule you might try to argue it, yet always present), the only reason you even get out of bed in the morning. If you're any good, that is. If you have any business being here in the first place.

And so it came to pass that lo, we meet a decade later, and we have unkind things to say to each other, as only our priviledge it is to do. But you nevertheless get to read! No part of this discussion whatsoever as you may be, dad had a cat, mom had a boyfriend, wonders of the before-times.

Septembrie 7, 2017 la 10:48 Mircea Popescu zice ca:ii

Pfoai da’ ce distractie ie pe-aici cu inlocuirechestii.blogshit astia + marians.

Mai bine te lasai de dizain cacaturi si scriai pe blog serios, Dariuse. Ca din ce cacaturi ai tot dizainat tu zece ani nici nu ramine nimic nici nu conteaza nimic nici nu o intersat si nici n-o sa intereseze pe nimneni nic. La blog macar aveai talent.

Da’ mnoa, asta este, tineretea-i izidita pe tineri si aia zece ani oricum nu ti-i mai da nime-napoi.

Septembrie 7, 2017 la 12:18 Darius Groza zice ca:iii

Păi, până nu mă plăteşti în bitcenţ’ pentru ce scriu, poa’ să-ţi tacă fleanca constructiv.

Nu fac design numa’ de pasiune, deci de aia e prost. Te-ai documentat oricum greşit.

Altfel, nu-mi dă nime’ tinereţea înapoi, dar mă pensionez mai repede – şi poate mă apuc de blogging consistent iară, până atunci va fi foarte old-school, ca mine, şi nişat, ca tine. O să fim doar noi doi şi amintirea lui Biblel.

Septembrie 7, 2017 la 17:44 Mircea Popescu zice ca: iv

Da mei, pina erau trei la zece mii nu erau buni, acuma c-o plecat trenu’ sa te platesc eu in ei, vezi unde duc pasiunile pulii si notiunea vecina cu imbecilitatea crasa ca “omu’ ie liber sa faca alegeri pentru iel” etcetera ? Da’ macar esti consecvent, imi zici tu mie ce sa fac ca mnoa, cine plm ii sef pe lumea asta, cine face si desface atit in pat cit si la bucatarie etcetera. Dupa dulceata de nuci te omori macar ?

Ce nu vorbesti si tu cu normalitatea aia de doi lei care auzi draga c-o tine lumea-n loc pe motiv ca nu are ea, lumea adica, nici o competenta. Ca daca avea lumea vre-o competenta si n-o tinea pe Mama Omida cea Sistemica a Socialismului in loc cine stie ce avioane construiau marx-engels-ziggler astia pe-aici. Trimite-i asa o scrisorica ca pe vremea lu’ cind erai mic si prost si scriai la Mos Statu’-Gerila, scrie-i si-acuma, “Tanti Marea Pizda Din Cer A Socialismului Glorios, da si la mandea un Bitcoin ceva”.

Sau ma rog, pensioneaza-te tu linistit, fix aia e tata chestia, la tinerete tot prostu’ crede ca stie el ce-i gresit si pe urma se poate pensiona cu corectitudinile lui stupizele cu tot, sta acolo si se spala cu ele pe cap. Macar l-o batut pe Hitler si o salvat globalwarmingu’, ce pielea.

Septembrie 7, 2017 la 18:21 Darius Groza zice ca:v

Nu-nţeleg ce pula mea tot boscorodeşti tu acolo şi nici măcar blockchain wallet n-am (dacă aşa îi zice), deşi nu cred c-am refuzat vreodată bitcoinşi, exceptând că n-am unde-i pune.

Măcar m-oi uita la filmul ăla românesc. Altfel, boule.

Septembrie 7, 2017 la 18:42 Mircea Popescu zice ca:


I don't expect I've done a very good job of translating the thing, partly because his Romanian is nigh-on as tense as mine, partly because the problems of translating Romanian rapidly explode in complexity through metasintaxis, because the language admits coding not just through word meaning, and not just through phrase topic and praxis, but outright through layers of layers on top of that, and there's no English that could ever carry the implied subtext of "Altfel, boule" for instance. You'd have to have read the same texts of the same actual language, which can't happen anymore. It used to happen regularly before the Bologna system, Romanian colleges would produce kids who, inexplicably, could code and decode on any such level of complexity. But, inexplicably, for reasons nobody could have predicted, lumea s-a schimbat. You think it may have anything to do with picking a random ape from the zoo and telling it it's "The President" now ? Rome did fine with Incitatus the Senator, why'd anything be hurt by Bahamas the President ?

Anyway. As the old saying goes...

  1. I have a serious problem maintaining interest in topics, fields or areas which consist entirely of idiots. If there's nobody defensible at the table I will stand up and leave, and it makes little difference whether it's an actual table or a metaphorical one. But back in the early part of the decade there were a few actual minds involved in this activity, in the language in question. His was easily the foremost of the lot. []
  2. MP says that :

    Whoa what fun around here with the spam links (he used to have a very lively, if not very diverse, comment section back in the day -- it went away, to be replaced by the copacetic productions of manual spammers) and idiots (Marian S, famous undauntable imbecile of the Romanian online world).

    You'd have been better off giving up the design of shits and blogging full time, Darius (guy's name is Darius, Romanian has vocative hence Dariuse). Among all those shits you designified a decade there's nothing left, nothing that matters, nothing that has or ever had interested anyone. You had talent for a blogger.

    But whatever, such it is, youth is wasted on the young and that decade nobody's going to give back to you anyway. []

  3. Well... until you pay me Bitcents for what I write, you could also shut up constructively.

    I don't do design out of passion alone, which is why it sucks. But you're misinformed anyway.

    Otherwise, nobody'll give my youth back to me, but I'll retire sooner -- and maybe start blogging more consistently again. Until then it'll be very old-school, in my case, or directed, like in your case. It'll be just us two and the memory of Biblel. []

  4. Yes dawg, back when they went three to ten thousand (ancient peddler call in Romanian, 3 to 10k, at a time 10k were roughly 30 cents) they were no good, now that the boat sailed you want me to pay you in 'em, see where dick's "passions" and the notion akin to sheer imbecility that "man is free to make his own choices" leads one ? But at least you're consistent, telling me what to do because hey, who the fuck's da boss in this world, who does and undoes in bedroom and kitchen etcetera. At least do you die for walnut sorbet ?

    Why don't you talk to that penny ante normalcy of which I hear society is not fit to participate in (substance of his article, very much a rehash of the ridiculous pinnacle of east German socialism that resulted in the "ein anderes" retort), because were society any fitter who knows what airplanes these marx-engels-zigglers'd have built by now! Send it a little letter, you know, like back in the day you were stupid for reason of being new, writing to Ded Союз-Moroz (it only rhymes in Russian, ha-HA!), write now too, "Ma'am Great Cunt In The Sky Of Glorious Socialism, gimme a Bitcoin wut!"

    Or I guess retire like you plan to, that's the whole spiel, while young every bovine imagines he knows wrong from right and then he can retire with his silly correctnesses, to sit there and wash his head with them. At least he beat up Hitler and saved the globalwarming, what the fuck (I am particularly incensed by the slow seepage of pantsuit nonsense into his prose -- no, women don't make 25% less money than men because of anything to do with anything other than their being systematically overpaid). []

  5. I don't understand what the fuck you're on about (I also find it hard to understand the things I don't want to understand. Don't you ?) and I don't even have a blockchain wallet (if that's what it's called), though I don't think I ever refused Bitcoin should it have fallen from the sky (except for not having where to keep it).

    At least I'll watch that Romanian film. Otherwise, fuck you. []

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14 Responses

  1. Somehow I read a warm sorta friendliness in the original, especially in the opening comment, that seems entirely absent in the translation.

    Anyway, increment the counter of derps who'll swear up and down they "never refused" BTC as they shuffle to the soup kitchen, a little more slowly than they used to shuffle through the verdant fields of low-hanging coinage, official blinders still firmly in place.

    P.S. - Dar Tanti Marea Pizda Din Cer, aveti savarine?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 8 September 2017

    Somehow I read a warm sorta friendliness in the original, especially in the opening comment, that seems entirely absent in the translation.

    No, it's there in the original. Either English dun work that way or I don't know how to make it work that way is why it's lost in translation.

    P.S. - Dar Tanti Marea Pizda Din Cer, aveti savarine?

    As the same source aptly points out, TMPDC actually is a savarine.

  3. > "Altfel, boule."

    > "Anyway .. asshole!"


  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 8 September 2017

    Apai nu caci asshole in engleza ie cineva egoist in timp ce boule in romana e cineva placid. Magarule eventual ar fi asshole, fortind nota, care precumvezi nu e totuna.

  5. Asshole as fi zis ca-i unu' care refuza sa priceapa chestii si sa faca chestii, desi poate; e egoism da' nu-i weaponized, ca pentru asa ceva ar trebui zis ca esti a cunt sau ceva. Iar boule ala imi pare ca-i tot pe ideea asta, tu ai avea ceva de zis da' boscorodesti indescifrabil pentru el, deci cam esti asshole, ca vii si dai din fleanca dar tu esti de fapt in filmu' tau, n-ai fi venit sa comunici *cu el*, ci iti reciti ce-aveai in cap.

    Ma rog, e trasa de par intr-adevar.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 9 September 2017

    Este, este, foarte weaponized. Cunt ie "om" in Scottish English si complet neutilizat in American English, afara de cazuri de divort sau ceva.

    Iar caracterizarea cu "esti asshole, ca vii si dai din fleanca dar tu esti de fapt in filmu' tau, n-ai fi venit sa comunici *cu el*, ci iti reciti ce-aveai in cap" ie complet falsa ; eu fix cu el comunic, in termenii lui si la nivelu' lui. Ca suna cam de gradi ie vina faptului ca-n loc sa-si cultive mintea in ultima decada o cultivat idiotenii si imbecilitati de nivelu' "noi construim socialismu'". Are impresia, complet nefundamentata in ideal si altfel strict contrara realitatii ca el nu-i ca puletii aia ignari. Dar este. Este exact la fel, si daca acum zece ani ar fi putut sa stea la masa cu mine, acum nu mai poate ca eu nu stau la masa cu proletii.

    Aia e pina la urma problema, ca dintre toti copchii calificati intelectual sa participe cu mine la gradinita, 0% respectiv 0 scalar or fost calificati intelectual sa participe cu mine la gimnaziu, sa nu mai vorbim de liceu. Si aia ii pina la urma si supararea lui, ca doara stie si el atita, nu-i vorba c-ar fi prost, nu e, ci insuficient de...

    Insuficient de ceva, care ceva ma tem ca nici macar nu-i inteligenta. Insuficient de in viata, prea desenat pentru lumea asta.

  7. Altu pe care l-o iubit ma-sa. Mai da-i si-n pula.


  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 9 September 2017

    Ea pe el ? Sau el pe ea ?

  9. El pe ea in gurita si ea pe el in fundulet. Nu-ti mai dau link, te descurci tu.

  10. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 9 September 2017

    Nush bai asta, nu ma convinge teoria. Deci de-aia e el numa' bun sa continue opera lu' Parvan catalogind ratarile, pentru ca l-o futut ma-sa-n cur sub pretextu ieftin ca pui pui pui, uite tita jap dildau-ntre buci ?! Ca un fel de pedofil cu bomboane, asa ? Ma-sa nu-i genu'. Ca "se exista" apucate de-alea e posibil, da' in Romania nu cred c-au existat in perioada in discutie. Ca Romania in perioada in discutie era ceva foarte ingust, mergeau toate pizdele cu aceeasi ~exact aceeasi~ chiloti pe ele de stiai dinainte ce are sub fusta pisi. Care nici nu prea era pisi in epoca, da' in fine. Tu vrei aiureli nemtesti cu eneme familiale Simbata sau ceva ? Nu e de unde.

    Si lasind asta praxa la o parte : nu ma convinge teoria din motive pur teoretice, vai si-o gasit puletele modernitatii tap ispasitor, de-aia-i el zero ca asa cum zice Freud, o luat-o-n gura si-n cur de la ma-sa pina era mic, crede-l ca NU ERA NIMIC CE AR FI PUTUT EL FACE TOTUL A FOST PREDESTINAT. Cam Orwelliana teoria asa, povesti de de-astia ce pisa patu'. Ca Orwell.

    N-am rabdare sa-mi explice ei de ce-i imposibil sa nu pisi patu', pe bune acuma. Is convins ca au o teorie (si daca nu-ti place aia mai au si-alta), da' ele nu conteaza si mai ales nu intereseaza. Ce sa mai. Ratarea-i un fapt personal, nu incap explicatii.

  11. Oh. ce-mi place. the good ol' days cand eram proprietar pe domeniul :) da-n rest, e ok, nu va inteleg pe nici unul dintre voi, da-mi place de ambii casavacitesc

  12. Trecut-au anii... l-am dat inapoi, cadou, Darius s-a schimbat la esenta, dar tu nu prea (numa' ca scrii in engleza)

  13. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 15 September 2017

    Lol casavezi.

  1. [...] away to still justify, but in the negative this time, the silly edifice of obnoxious old women and Darius fucking Groza, through "that's why we couldn't discover useful genetic engineering, cuz this man stoled it and [...]

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