Again with the "money laundering" bullshit.

Thursday, 27 July, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Here's "how the world works" according to the criminal gang that prefers to refer to itself as "the United States Government" and its poltroon "allies" :

1. You have the option to register alli of your property with them. In this context "registration" strictly means "putting it somewhere they can steal it any time they feel like". And they will feel like stealing it whenever it appears conceivable that you might not be acting in furtherance of their policy goals, whatever they may be -- such as by not saying the right words, or not snitching effectually enough on others, or anything else, really. And besides, who doesn't need more money ? Certainly a bankrupt gang of pompous horse's asses could do with a little bit more.

2. Or else you have the option to own unregistered property, which is called "being a criminal" or "being a terrorist" (depending on whether you actually did anything or not really). The only "crime" the criminals know of anymore is simply this -- to have something of yourself, something they don't own before you, something they can't steal away at a moment's notice and without leaving a trace.

None of this steaming pile of rank nonsense is, or can ever be justice, or legal proceeding. It's fundamentally and without remainder the definition of lawlessness, and entirely similar to the pseudolegal regimes in all the pseudo-republics to date, from the Soviet Union to Sulla's Rome.

No "money laundering" proceeding can, or ever were, or ever will be lawful ; nor have I any intention to register my fortune with the thieves. As the old saying goes, "millions for defense, dear sirs, but not a penny in bribes".

Confronted with this, the copacetic acquiescence of the penniless multitudes is entirely indifferent. It is irrelevant in art what the people who own no art, and produce no art think about painted strap or marble bosom. It is irrelevant in the sciences what those who can't add, and those who don't add, think about "higher maths". It is just as irrelevant in both law and equity what a gang of thieves backed by the bovine slobber of a clueless herd loudly clamour.

Yes, they can perhaps reach far enough to hang you. Nevertheless, the story stands today as it stood years ago : either you throw off the yoke, or we shall cut off your heads. It's true that the citizen can be killed by robbers as well as by lictors, but the citizen is well advised to bear in mind the danger from the robber's but temporary ; there will be no saving of today's minions from tomorrow's republic.

  1. If you're discussing movable property, then mandatory use of so called "banks", which are studiously nothing more than government offices. If you're discussing real estate the pretense put forth is that you can't even own outside of the act registering your property with them. If you're discussing chattels, such as your wife/children/etcetera, the pretense being put forth is that private ownership is not even possible -- all wives belong to the local circuit judge to do as he pleases, and all children belong to whichever "social workers" set their eye on them first. Or last. Or whatever. []
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  1. I strongly suggest you read, "The Ethics of Liberty" by Murray Rothbard,

    the entirely and fundamentally correct philosophy expressed in this lucid post is in total alignment with Libertarianism.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 29 July 2017

    Well, your link offers a .pdf and an .epub. Got a plain text version anywhere ?

  3. epub can be unzipped, and under the \OEBPS\Text you can find the html components, which are as close to plaintext as you can get

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 30 July 2017

    Meanwhile I applied some slave labour to the matter.

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  4. [...] Perhaps this rings some alarm bells if you're in the habit of saying you "have cash in the bank or your brokerage account". Unless you're the owner of the bank, you have IOUs with the fiat bank. Even if you are the owner of a fiat bank, it's not likely you have all the cash to cover if everyone wants the cash you owe them tomorrow and if you're a smaller fiat bank, the ~90% of the digitally represented assets on your balance sheet are most likely in the custody of a fiat correspondent bank. Even if you're one of the central fiat banks you don't have enough berries to make jam for all the claims outstanding, since by their own numbers, only ~10% of the FRNs in circulation exist in physical form. The latest data (archived) (cached ASCII) on the cash comes from Dec 31st, 2021(v) and clocks in at $2.1875 Trillion. Their reported (archived) (cached CSV) quantity of M2 for January 1, 2022 clocks in at $21.640 Trillion. The war on cash starts with the language, leading you to think you have cash rather value stuck in a labyrinth of IOUs. Then it's limiting the value of the bills, $100 is a joak, yo.(vi) And don't get me started on the theft the socialists label, "Civil Asset Forfeiture". You're somehow the criminal if you're carrying a measly $10k and they're somehow upholding Justice when they take it from you for hookers and blow. It's not Justice, it's bullshit. [...]

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