What MP wants MP gets, the funarg problem and other Mecano considerations

Tuesday, 01 March, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : In other news : MP decides new heels and dress would go very well with a shiny-red lacquered leather ball gag. Proceeds to inquire with a dozen or so sex shops in the farming towni. They ALL have the same exact item. Leaving aside that they're trying to pass off a 70 cent Chinese bit of crap for 20 bux in a poor country que no es un pais pobre : why the fuck bother to have a dozen shops then ?!


Yes, the couch is hot pink with cigarette burns. Yes that might be cum on one of the two items. Yes I have to acquire multiples of everything for domestic tranquility. Yes this might as well be my coat of arms.ii

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Oh, God! JESUS! YES!

Moving on :


Turns out the funarg problem isn't a problem only for the people you know - but also for people you never even thought possible. Nor they you.


  1. That you may know as Buenos Aires which has a night life and other delusions. []
  2. In consecrated heraldric terms,

    On couch pillows coño, ball gags red crossed on lacquered red straps atop tan braided leather whip rolled.

    Not bad, eh ? []

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