Two shits

Monday, 25 July, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The first shit in a purely aleatoryi two-shits list is The Manii ; the second shit is Walk of Fame Same Shameiii. They're both the same film, and not just in the sense that everything coming out of Hollywood is and has for a long while been the same dream.

They're both "fish out of water" stories. In both the fish out of water is a "middleclass value" : the irl-septuagenarian "polite"iv "businessman"v vs the irl-quadragenarian "hot"vi "career woman"vii.

In both the land upon which the fish walks is... well... what is it ? The "ghetto" ? Tell you what, when "in here, you're the nigger", the proper term no longer is ghetto. The ghetto is a tolerated minority, not a majority upon whose tolerance your continued existence is predicated. In fact, the proper term for a ghetto of this latter kind is reality. Obviously. These fishes out of water are really out of the water of their own fictional existence. Someone punctured the dreamer's tank in either case, and made the contents his bitch.viii

In both the script's contortedly idiotic, with so many plot holes and so much fridge logic generally that it's scarcely worth the mention. In both "the police" and more generally the state-society is represented as pointless, meaningless and a nuisance at best, except in the male version they're there to be humiliated ; whereas in the female version they're there to be feared. The males in the male version need and want no friends ; the female in the female version depends entirely on a mini-herd. Do these minor points constitute differences, in your view ? To humiliate and to fear ; to reject and to depend upon. Sides of the same coin, absolutely, but then again that's exactly how the country of "teaching the controversy" works, isn't it ? Well... "works", on the purely masturbatory, mentalist level.

I wouldn't recommend seeing either ; but perhaps seeing both may be useful as an instructional tour for the recently saved. Viewer's discretion advised - there's obscene amounts of stupid on display.

  1. Ever heard "alea jacta est" ? Well, that's whence alea-tory : dice-born. []
  2. 2005, by Les Mayfield, with Samuel L. Jackson, Eugene "We'll tell your mother we ate it all" Levy. []
  3. 2014, by Steven Brill, with Elizabeth Banks and some male underwear models. []
  4. Fetishistically interpreted : he doesn't say the "bad" words. That's it and that's all, he's the soul of impudent impolity, but that's another matter, for rich people. The squarejaws of United Bestcountry are too poor to afford manners just yet. []
  5. What used to be the Serene Republic's trader is now a lowly mountebank with a ready supply of cheap plastic shits. []
  6. She's a sort of Ginger Rogers / Jane Fonda for a new generation - apparently they bake one of these cakes every thirty years or so. []
  7. "She wants to be an actress...or a, uh, model...or a dancer...or woman." []
  8. Anglos, faggots as always, can only tolerate the statement in its male-on-male proper presentation. If a cunt's involved then the male has to be neutered - both visually, by making him a pubescent child with large glasses ; and orally, by having the other props disown and disavow him - and the act may not be consumed. Seriously, the woman wouldn't show her tits ? In what fucking dreams, this ? []
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