The two cent class

Saturday, 26 March, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

We're lost, adrift a sea of postmodernism, which means terminology is not particularly useful, nor a particularly trustworthy basis for any serious attempt at thought.i Nevertheless, serious thought can not be dispensed withii, and so here we are, trying to make actual words out of the shit in everyone's mouth and proceed with that.

The female idiocyiii, ascendant after the horrors of the greatest war humanity ever sawiv resulted in the welfare state, a form of collective that squandered the great wealth and power accumulated in the West over many countless generations of eminently successful pillage abroad in a very brief half century. The result of this societal failure of epic proportions is the two cent class.

They are now young and not so young adults, born from the sixties to the nineties, fundamentally incapable of life. The boys can't kill ; the girls can't fuckv, everything else flows from there. They can't, for instance, learn. Absent Alexander's solution and Alexander's tools, they're stuck forever following the intricacies of the Gordian knot, captive in its hallucinated complexity much as the enemy had

They can't do, and they can't think, so obviously nothing productive can come out of their hands. They can't be carpenters, it'd be a total waste of their hallucinated "potential". Yeah, it was good enough for Jesus, but who the fuck is he! They're better than that! They can't be modest, humble housewives, it'd be "selling out", giving up on a future greatness they don't actually want but are stuck waiting for, preparing for, endlessly.

They can't cut your beard or cut your grass, unless they do it "ironically" which is to say poorly, unless they do it for too much money, which means you'll be much better off hiring someone who isn't them. A poor unfortunate foreigner, who's then stuck moving into the insanity, and trying his best to resist the slow grinding down of his own sanity by the slow, endless daily interaction with the inmates. He might survive it, somewhat, in purpose built ethnic enclaves. His children definitely won't.

Pretty much the only thing they can do is - give their opinion. Which is of course worthless, the thoughts of they who can't do anything and don't do anything have exactly the value of nothing, you might as well throw ants on a paper and ocr the resulting mess.

But it's also cheap! Two cents! Two cents a dance! They'll pour your soul into it ; they'll fall in love with you. Two cents. Don't you want their two cents ? Why not, are you some sort of sociopath, one of those that "focus more on abstract concepts rather than the people themselves" ???

The obvious problem of course is that computers do it cheaper. Even without that, the notion that somehow a large group of humans with no practical ability and no active inclination could somehow feed themselves through "intellectual property", which is to say through telling what "they think" to the people who are actually doing things is ridiculous on its face. Yes, retirement historically means that the respected patriarch of a clan, too weak to actually do, is still sought for his experience by his offspring, to advise and discern. But the key element here is the patriarch, the descendency. Nobody is asking the bum in the street what he thinks on any topic, because nobody cares, which is why he's the bum.

You may ask your grandfather for an opinion on what to do with your misbehaving wife, if you respect his own handling of a misbehaving woman ; how to handle a dispute, if you admire his survival in warlike times ; how to find peace if you're impressed by his peaceful mastery of things that horrify you to the brink of nightmare. But the unsolicited, definitionally meaningless "advice" of perfect strangers ?! Who cares! What difference could it possibly make, what importance could it possibly carry!vii

Yet that's all they have to offer. A billion people stuck in a dream, incapable to act, expecting to live today, and to continue living tomorrow, on the cash value of their opinions of things. Consumers that expect to be paid for the "intellectual value of their choices" enough so as to cover the grocery bill.viii Vocal self-appointed minorities expecting, to the last one, to pay their rent and retirement out of the proceeds of being hired by the majority to share their personal judgements of it. A whole class of loud idlers flattering themselves as to the literary value of their "memoirs" - which someone else should writeix.

The two cent class. If only it rained lye they could make millions of dollars' worth of soap.

  1. For one end of this, see the progre. For the numerous other ends, look around. What is, for instance, "branding" ie the rape of words, if not an abandonment of the purpose of meaning ?

    What is the encyclopedia of retards, who would take such nonsense seriously, and why would they ? Why is such a thing as "trolling" even possible, if not because of the detachment between cognition and verbiage ? That space floods with the bilge of emotion and "empathy" and "caring" and "awareness", which can then be trivially directed - as the marketeer drives them to acquire crap the troll drives them to baw incontrollably. They're not even distinguishable in any sense, these two!

    For very little expense one can amuse himself by observing the ignorant use the word "ignorance" to discuss the very exploitation of their ignorant laziness - by all accounts monumentally if unintentionally amusing, at least the first few million passes. Picture an obese mongoloid smearing his excrement on his diet plan, calling the result food and proceeding to eat the lot - on call, behind glass, whenever you want. This is the Western world in its substance, and in this context terrorism is neither "incomprehensible" nor "reprehensible" nor anything else than a different packaging of the same unintentional comedy. There's nothing "inhuman" about butchering the horde of inhumans - what else would you do of them ?

    No, not "with", there is no "with", you can't do something with one of the obese mongoloids, and properly speaking there can't even be "one of". They all wear t-shirts, which in identical font proclaim each "individual"'s "unicity", as a substitute for individuals and unicity. (You may think it's spelled "uniqueness", but no : Unicity International is an "American" "international" multi-level marketing company, headquartered in Orem, Ohio. I mean Utah. It could buy Russia. You don't think it could buy Russia ?)

    Incidentally but much more interestingly : did you know autocompletes ? For instance takes you to whereas takes you to the article I actually wanted, above. If there's no match the return is a random article. Pretty nifty way of doing things, wouldn't you say ? []

  2. For a certain class of people, which is strictly speaking us. Yes, "us" of "us versus them" fame. That "us". []
  3. "War is bad mmkay" or if you prefer "nothing can justify the taking of a life [because some woman carried that shithead to term and this matters now]" or else "violence is never the answer" or "if you ever hit a girl in my class again I'm going to do sexual things to you [ever seen Joe the King btw ?]" or however you'd wish to state the wormy, slimy proposition that spawning and spawning alone is what matters.

    Which yes, is fundamentally why they're obese : function without selection. []

  4. But not because anyone was peculiarly impressed with the horrors per se. Idle pretense and pious fraud to the contrary notwithstanding, ~nobody thought the concentration camps looked so bad as to be discouraged from making more of the same.

    On the contrary, they looked great - what's better than a few million losers starving to death under the whip ? Flip through the history of the war in Vietnam one day you're bored, people traded captured women and ear necklaces with the easy disinterest of everyday commerce - not that there's any shortage of examples, in fact I'm only entertaining the ridiculous official narrative for comedic value, on its own merits it holds exactly no water. Who doesn't love the smell of crematoria in the morning ? Awww, what, you thought they preferred your obnoxious chatter and the insufferable whines of your offspring ? Tsk tsk.

    No, the overstated concern was that the weapons had advanced so far their use was no longer meaningful, and so a little time was needed to work around the difficulty. By and large we're there now, and the festivities of life on Earth - actual, as opposed to pretend, fake, female surrogate - can gleefully resume. And so they are. []

  5. Not in the sense of what you call "having sex". In the sense of what you call "being raped".

    Yes, selected individuals can be trained back into humanity. This does nothing for you, there's like what - a dozen trainers capable of the feat in the entire world ? They're not going to work for you, they're going to work for themselves. They are. []

  6. One of the most amusing instances of this I've seen to date is this kid who's been trying to play Eulora for at least two months now. He simply... can't. Why can't he ? Here :

    DianaComan but really DicePower, it would save you a lot of effort if you actually studied a bit whatever it is you want to use - probably eclipse in this case
    DicePower I know, but I'm not even sure whether I'm going to end up on Windows or Linux yet. It feels pretty bad to devote a lot of time to it and not end up using it :P Plus I feel like I'm at the "almost there" point now. Got all the compiling stuff done on both Linux and Windows.

    DianaComan you mean worse than devoting a lot of time to getting stuck because you don't really know what you are doing there ?
    mircea_popescu eh he just wants it to work.
    DicePower You're probably right, I'm just hoping stuff works, but we'll see how it goes and I'll definitely keep the advice in mind. I want to start the game lol

    DianaComan oh, starting the game would be something indeed
    mircea_popescu i still think it's fucking incredible that a) the win binaries that work for everyone didn't work for him and then b) the linux process that works for everyone didn't work foir him all the while c) he could actually somehow run the game but all he wanted to do is cycle the acct creation. teh story doesn't seem to come together to anything, so...

    DianaComan but he hasn't tried the win binaries! yeah actually, I don't get this: DicePower HOW did you get previously to create character etc? did that work and now it stopped working or what?
    DicePower I have tried the win binaries. Just on a different machine than the one I'm compiling on.

    DianaComan uhm, so if you want to start the game then ...just go to that machine and start it?
    DicePower I don't want to start the game without consideration to my character's stat distribution.

    DianaComan mk
    DicePower That's like playing competitive Pokemon with random IVs or something :P

    DianaComan I seriously doubt eulora is similar to pokemon but hey
    DicePower In the sense that when one stats is lower, one of the others is higher, and although there is no single "best" stat distribution, no doubt some stat distributions are more viable than others. Some stat distributions won't be a "best response" to any in game activity, so to speak.

    DianaComan I doubt that
    hanbot DicePower I highly doubt it'll ever be possible to control any of that.
    DianaComan and that's the thing: HOW are you exactly optimizing some stats for something that you have no idea about? it's like optimizing your persona for martian sex or something
    mircea_popescu in principle!
    DicePower You think that if there are 10 stats each of which can hold values of 0-9, and the total is always 50, that all stat distributions are equal in utility?

    mircea_popescu no, she thinks you have no way to create a utility function, being wholly innocent of the matter.
    hanbot> ^
    DicePower Well, sorta, it's true that not everything will be able to be tested, unfortunately.

    mircea_popescu o hey, 23k this time!
    DicePower But some stuff can be tested.

    mircea_popescu actually to be precise, ( (11024 + 7463 + 5222) * 2.79 + (7626+7255) * 2.8)*58 = 6253264.78
    DicePower My biggest worry at this point is the difficulty on the "philosophical" end lol. Part of it is "how do you know how the stat distribution works given all the missing data," but the other part is "how do you know what stat distribution you want?"

    DianaComan 6mn mircea_popescu ?
    mircea_popescu whereas the bundles were 2*4675169 and i guess the claims themselves 2-3mn each ? so like 40% ish returns i guess.
    DicePower For example, survivability seems like it will be very important to me when death becomes permanent. But how do you optimize a stat distribution for survivability?

    DianaComan oh, total? what is that exactly mircea_popescu ?
    mircea_popescu DianaComan two sb remarks. and my output dropped 1 unit.
    DicePower At face value, you would want high Health, and other similar numbers.

    DianaComan first off DicePower : do you know at least WHAT you want to optimise for?
    DicePower That's the problem.

    DianaComan and the solution to it is to PLAY with whatever stats you get, lol
    DicePower A character with high Health, etc. will no doubt have its best synergy with high combat stats.

    mircea_popescu the solution to not wanting to play can't possibly be to play.
    DicePower But if you optimize your character for combat, did you really increase your survivability chances overall? Maybe not. Isn't playing randomly with "whatever you get" pretty much the definition of unskillful play in every video game where skillful choice is meaningful?

    mircea_popescu choice is not yet meaningful to you. it can only be meaningful after experience, not before.
    DianaComan ^^^
    DianaComan to be fair, eulora might be rather unique in this
    DicePower In my mind, I'm comparing it to going to a Magic the Gathering tournament with a completely random deck, and saying "I'll play my best with this deck."

    mircea_popescu this is a spurious comparison. you have no idea what similarities would exist between random boring game and eulora.
    DicePower Lack of experience is indeed a problem in choosing a stat distribution. It would be a lot better if people streamed Eulora, and you could get a feel for it beforehand.

    mircea_popescu the other problem being thaty you can't choose anyway. so yeah, meaninglessness of impossibility is the problem.
    DicePower You can choose the numbers you can see. By natural selection

    mircea_popescu well, strictly speaking, it'd maybe be better if you didn't bother with things you don't care about ? you dun wanna play it, why would you care.
    DianaComan uhm, apparently DicePower wanted experience in compiling anyway, since otherwise he would have gotten a month of play experience by now, no?
    DicePower Hehe, why think I don't want to play it? :P

    DianaComan DicePower, there is actually danielpbarron 's youtube channel, have you checked that out?
    mircea_popescu oh danielpbarron is leaking his sikritz ?
    DicePower Yes, I saw a few of his vids. But yeah, there are a lot of problems in trying to find the optimal stat distribution. Luckily all that's needed to justify trying is "better than random" results, eh?

    DianaComan ftr DicePower the trouble in a nutshell is that in eulora feelings are quite worthless, sentiments only slightly more valuable and otherwise what really matters is not exactly the video of the thing.
    mircea_popescu "DicePower> But yeah, there are a lot of problems in trying to find the optimal distribution of angels on imaginary pins. chiefly that angels have no substance and imaginary pins only exist in our own heads."
    DianaComan well, if you are into the business of justifying things, I guess pretty much anything will do anyway
    DicePower Well, justified in the sense that you likely to get a better result.

    mircea_popescu there is no "better".
    DicePower So you think every possible stat distribution has exactly equal utility in terms of generating skill/profit/insert Eulora goal here?

    mircea_popescu i do not think. i know, as a factual matter, that players can't currently answer very simple questions such as "is it better to keep 3 basic hoes or make an imp hoe ?" as seen in and numerous other places/discussions on the topic of rational choice in eulora.
    DianaComan there is no better and then anyway, what you are saying is that if you ask your 2yo to choose a car, it's really quite likely that he'll choose a "better" one than if you just pick one at random from the producer's offer.
    DicePower Is it really that bad

    DianaComan and then the 2yo is to drive the car, so the car's stats will make even MORE of a difference. I suppose one can say it will make a difference as in will it be a pink mess of metal crashed into the tree or a blue mess of metal crashed into same poor tree
    mircea_popescu basic matters such as "is it better to level your skills or not" are constantly debated, and there's no actual resolution to the debate, a year later.
    DicePower Well that's because "better" is subjective, but that doesn't mean a person can't figure out the answer for themselves based on their goals, right?

    DianaComan sure, the 2 yo has goals, you think they are relevant for the choice of car?
    DicePower Just how deep is this game that it fails every analogy or comparison to all other games?

    DianaComan quite a few degrees of magnitude deeper than what is needed to fail that anyway
    DicePower I mean, so far, there's like, exploring and crafting, right? And each have a few subcategories.

    DianaComan ahaha
    mircea_popescu no, not because "better is subjective". better in the sense of "more money" is not subjective, which is why i picked those examples. still doesn't help anything. aaand my ppb is coming out a round 299
    DianaComan ooo, well done. I got 2 snails 500q out of a cs small, ugh
    mircea_popescu heh. how many to the bod, a dozen or two?
    DianaComan ahahah, you mean 33? close to three dozens, lol
    DicePower Okay, so what you're saying is that people just haven't figured out the most profitable route in the game because the loot distribution algorithm is complex and unknown (or other complex/unknown variables), so you can't answer questions like whether one item is more profitable than another.

    DianaComan DicePower, there is a lot of hidden complexity - everything is basically interrelated for one tiny thing. there isn't a fixed "most profitable route"
    DicePower I believe that. Profitable circumstances are no doubt temporary in duration

    mircea_popescu DicePower i'm saying people've figured out just about ~nothing.
    DicePower So the average "experienced" player would still be the 2 year old if you got to manually select your own stat distribution?
    DianaComan quite. I'm that 2 yo if I am to select the stat distribution. I wouldn't be able to offer someone a full configuration as "best" or even "better" with solid reasons basically
    mircea_popescu which ironically makes his time spent fucking around with the entryway not that much of a loss. lol.
    DicePower What about "general principles" deductible from game theory, like characters that are really good at one thing are generally better than characters that are all around average?

    DianaComan oh, the loss is in game-time which is by now about the only part on which there seems to be some agreement as the most valuable thing one has. you know mircea_popescu I can't quite remember last time when there was someone offline from the hardcore group basically, lol
    mircea_popescu DicePower it's not even clear who are the best characters at any arbitrary task.
    DicePower Well, game theory wise, I would hypothesize that characters with very high number in some stats and very low numbers in other stats would do better on average than characters with even numbers in all stats. I think that would apply unless the game has been reverse engineered to prevent such a thing.

    mircea_popescu this hypothesizing has as much basis in reality as the hypotesizing that some characters have a blue hat. it is, given that hats exists and blue is a color, somewhat more likely than 0.
    DicePower Well, game theory makes solid predictions unless a game has been designed to avoid the outcome of the predictions. Annnyhow, one really interesting thing I noticed on Eclipse is that I imported the entire root folder, whereas on MSVS I opened only a single solution /mk/msvs10/wkspstypical.sln with a bunch of projects. Is the general process on Eclipse completely different, in that I'm going to be building and running the entire Eulora folder, or am I going to be looking for a solution to build and run?

    mircea_popescu game theory is like pick-up artistry. makes solid predictions for a cultural and fashion space.
    DicePower mircea_popescu: I never understand 47.9% of the things you say :P Hmm, maybe it's more like 17.9%, but I know I got the 7.9% part right.

    This is also the reason he can't have children, leave "the country", or win a war - with ISIS or anyone else. There is a very strictly delineated difference between intelligence, as a tool of will, and anxiety, an idle rumination, perpetually preparatory but whose fundamental function is to insure against, to keep at bay the nominal purpose of the preparation.

    The transition from one to the other is not avoidable in a society of women. College may well start as preparation for work, in a world of men. Once the voice of women is heard, college becomes the very avoidance of work, what you do so you don't have to go work.

    Yet somehow the fact that all pleasure and all call of life has been excised from this world where adulthood is not anticipated but feared is noticed by no-one, and the responsibility of nobody. It "so happened" that everyone is behaving like a prepubescent girly. God's will uh I mean, science's necessary result. Probably due to "global warming", which is totally a thing - haven't you seen the golf club pattern ?! (You know, the fraudulent "smoking gun" that meanwhile completely disappeared.)

    Yet the same decay rots all other aspects of life in the same way. Talking to a girl may be what you do in preparation of fucking her, in a world of men, so she can fixate her interior spinner device (that she unwarrantedly calls "her mind" and for no good reason pretends to be giving her a personality, an individual personality no less!) on something other than the unyielding, indiscutable inevitability of penis parting her girly bits. Talking to a girl however becomes something to forever prepare for, once the voice of women is heard. That it consequently never actually gets done anymore is to be lampshaded at best, but certainly nobody and nothing can possibly be responsible! In fact, the very notion of responsibility must be hijacked into defending the insanity - it's probably the patriarchy's fault, doublespoken as "pornography" or something. Whatever you got. []

  7. Yes, yes, the socialistoid "all people are equal so therefore it matters!"

    The problem with this isn't merely that there is no such thing as "people" outside the WoT, but that it actually only serves the needs of the socialist dream! Crediting this nonsense does exactly nothing to serve you, it doesn't help you in any way, it's simply a tax - something you must do with your own time and resources in order for something else to continue to exist. A something else that is also incapable of doing anything for you, or strictly speaking to you. So why would you ?

    "The opposite of talking is not listening - it's waiting for your turn" describes exactly this situation, a couple of decades ago. So low is the value of the drivel pompously referred to as "opinion" that the only way to get anyone to sit put while you vomit it is to promise to do the same while they vomit theirs. And you're going to somehow trade all this vomit for fresh food ? Really ?! []

  8. Or if you prefer, Greeks that explain how it takes two to create a debt, and it's Germany's fault for sending them all the stuff they "bought". []
  9. What you probably don't understand is that the NSA "spying on private citizens" is as important for the delusional, fictitious "economy" of the United States as the "liquidity injections" are. And it'd better be illegal, too. Very, very illegal.

    Only then will it be "true" (in the persuasive-meaningless sense of the term) that totally, the meaningless, tedious triviality that comprises the life of every Susan, Benjamin and George IS so rivetingly interesting and uniquely important as to make five movies and eighteen bestsellers. So they can be Oprah rich, as seen on TV.

    Because someone would pay to watch them. They would. They must. If the NSA is even willing to break the law to clandestinely, surreptitiously watch them, who wouldn't ? Who wouldn't care ? Who could possibly not care ? []

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12 Responses

  1. Raising generations of opinion-spewers is good for marketing data gathering questionnaires.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 26 March 2016

    This argument is not unlike "Apple could buy Russia".

    Why do you imagine what these twerps answers has any bearing to anything ? You'll sell ISIS pots and pans fashioned after the answers of Connecticut hellicopter mom spawn ?

  3. I noticed recently that one of the guys in my choir was wearing a rubber wristband with "unicity" on it. I always assumed that it was one of those cancer awareness blah blah deals, exactly like Livestrong minus the Lance stigma factor, but after you mentioned this useful portmonteau hereabove, I decided to actually look the company up.

    Go figure that "unicity" is in fact a Utah-based multi-level marketing agency hawking herbal powders.

  4. And here is where I wipe the egg off my face for commenting without even reading the whole footnote, much less the whole article. For shame.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 28 March 2016

    Lol parsing rather than compiling has its advantages - -;

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 13 March 2020

    In retrospect, being an engineer's just a particular form of this more general problem.

    Watch them, useless bois exactly as years ago described, watch them forge ahead in their imaginary heroics, "solving problems", "building" nothing at all by themselves for nobody to use -- that "by themselves" being the important part. Everything else's window dressing, as long as it delivers the "credible excuse" to by-themselves they don't even care all that much what all it says. Nothing else really matters, and besides... it's all the same anyway.


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