Qntra (S.QNTR) February 2016 Statement

Thursday, 03 March, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Qntra has realised no income and made no expenditure this period. Qntra is expected to realise no income and make no expenditure the following period.

As directed by its charter and on the basis of the report of the editor in chief, 16`670 S.QNTR shares issued this period. This brings the total shares issued to 392`406 (+4.43%).

It must be said that Qntra has been doing exceptionally well, and is now the reference publication for the entire IT industry, as this slashdot commenter points out :

As much as I dislike the slant typically coming from that bunch (it's not just one guy), their writing is actually more thoughtful than the "this here thing got haxx0red by dem haxxin' haxx0rz, errybody hide!!1!" flood from a collection of vapid "industry" websites that now gets posted here too. At least often enough to keep more of an eye on them than on slashdot.

He may or may not realise that while the feathers are inedible, they're also integral to making the duck that he thinks delicious. Whichever way - qntra now officially weighs the same as a duck, and is therefore the queen of computing news & reportage. I am quite proud to have had a hand, however small, in directing its journey, I warmheartedly congratulate all those involved - editors, in chief, acting, emeriti, ad-hoc or otherwise ; reporters and contributors on the ground ; readers and evanghelists, the whole endless lot of you Internet people, c'mere an' let me smooch the everliving lights out of you.

And see you next month!

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