How to handle "trans" sexuality

Saturday, 08 October, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Apparently the long-neglected basic education of ESLtardsi makes the explicit expression of such banality necessary, so here we are.

The most important point to always keep in mind is that transsexuality is the direct equivalent of dressing up like a clown.

The above fundamental truth can not be escaped, nor should be elided, as it informs the entirety of the discussion and is inseparable from it. So :

Expecting that your sexual partners and closest friends accept the fact that you enjoyii ... Dressing up as a clown "Being" "transsexual"
Sane ? Reasonable ? Acceptable ? Yes. Yes.
    Expecting that the general population (including your parents and other relatives) accept the fact that you enjoyiii ... Dressing up as a clown "Being" "transsexual"
    Sane ? Reasonable ? Acceptable ? Dubious. Dubious.
      When participating in a social functioniv ... Dressing up as a clown "Being" "transsexual"
      Sane ? Reasonable ? Acceptable ? No. No.
        Pretending your identity is predicated onv ... Dressing up as a clown "Being" "transsexual"
        Sane ? Reasonable ? Acceptable ? No. No.
          Expecting people generally care to discuss topics strictly of interest to those who ... Dressing up as a clown "Being" "transsexual"
          Sane ? Reasonable ? Acceptable ? No. No.
            Misrepresenting irrelevant detail of dress and manner as political, or as a civil rights issue, whether that irrelevant detail is ... Dressing up as a clown "Being" "transsexual"
            Sane ? Reasonable ? Acceptable ? No. No.
              Pretending your life is so hollow and your mind so empty that your central preoccupations are tepid minutia on the level of ... Dressing up as a clown "Being" "transsexual"
              Sane ? Reasonable ? Acceptable ? No. No.

                Hopefully this clarifies the matter in a theoretical perspective, so violence will cease being necessary.

                1. Retards, ie, people whose mental development is behind average for their biological age, who speak English as their single language. ESLtards. []
                2. They're your friends, which means you selected them, which means they should be able to stand you as you are. If they don't, you're more of an idiot than previously thought, pick better. []
                3. They're stuck with you, and have no particular reason to like you, or even stand you, or make the slightest effort. In general they don't give a shit, but sometimes they get fixated on specifics. Stop getting your obnoxious, smelly biosack in their way and all will be well. []
                4. Unless it's a clown convention, a specifically clown-friendly wedding, some sort of carnival etc, wear a fucking tie.

                  Yes, streaking may be okay, in some contexts. Streaking junior league baseball will put you at the mercy of society : if it's made up of relatively advanced, civilised people they'll mock you mercilessly and laugh you out of town. If it's made up of UStards, they'll flay you alive.

                  And by the way, you can stop pretending already. Just about everyone knows why you go around claiming to be a girl. It doesn't work either, does it. []

                5. Your identity is not within your purview. []
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                8 Responses

                1. I think some intellectual honesty is due when it comes to suggesting ones identity is a choice. How do i stop thinking I'm female without lying to myself? Obviously female in the brain but this seems to apply more to ladyboys than transsexuals. At least clowns can take off their masks.

                2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
                  Mircea Popescu 
                  Friday, 14 October 2016

                  I am not suggesting "ones identity is a choice". Footnote V plainly states that your identity is not within your purview. This means that it is not your choice, nor your valid concern, nor something you can do ANYTHING about.

                  Note also that you are lying (presumably, to yourself) in the most outrageous manner. The notion that you may be "trans" IS in fact suggesting that identity is a choice, and that you're the one called to choose. This is not the case, and the fact that you misrepresent it as the opposing view would indicate that you know.

                3. It was in response mainly to the footnote which I clearly misunderstood to mean the opposite of what it meant.

                  So clowns don't have a choice either? I have been running from this most of my life. I considered killing myself when I was four years old because who wants to be a freak of nature and how do you explain this but the window didn't seem to be high enough. I tried to be fem guy too for a while but that too was lying to myself. Who the fuck wants to be a tranny. Mentally ill people in college who want special recognition perhaps. They don't apply and aren't the type of people that can handle criticism or reason.

                  Now i consider myself god-gender because who wants to be limited to social constructs. [joke]

                4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
                  Mircea Popescu 
                  Saturday, 15 October 2016

                  Clowns don't have a choice in the same way : they don't have a choice in what their identity is. They can dress up as clows. So can you. They can't be clowns. Nobody can.

                  The preoccupation with "identity" in this sense is unhealthy, just like all meta-preoccupations are unhealthy. With examples :

                  People generally go to casinos to have fun ; a few hapless few observe that the supposed venue through which people have have fun at casinos is "winning". Perhaps driven by the observation that they themselves aren't having any fun, perhaps driven by serious inferiority complexes, perhaps for others of the (few) available causes (there's nothing in nature more limited than human biology) they then proceed to "hack" having fun through the avenue of "winning" in peculiar ways. These people are known as "problem" gamblers, compulsive gamblers, there's other names.

                  All kids go to school to learn. Some kids go to school to appear to be learning. They never amount to much, even if sometimes run a meteoric Steven Glass trajectory. All kids fuck for fun, and most kids are preoccupied with controlling what the other kids think about all the fuckfun they're having. Some hapless few end up fixating on this, to their detriment.

                  On it goes, but the point remains - stop thinking about it, altogether. You aren't anything, and nobody particularly cares what you are. "Wanting" to "be" a particular thing is playing the game of life wrongly.

                5. Agreed. Who ever would want to limit their identity to gender must not be that interesting. The type of person who can't tell the difference between the concepts and the actual objects. Thank you for the casino example.

                  One more thing. What do you mean by "Just about everyone knows why you go around claiming to be a girl." Why would anyone want to be a girl? I could only assume it applies to closet homosexuals.

                6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
                  Mircea Popescu 
                  Monday, 17 October 2016

                  The suggestion there was that alone forever internet types would rather pretend to be a girl than talk to one.

                1. [...] two are supposedly friends, which means they are selected. The believer and the nonbeliever should not want each other as friends. The former should be [...]

                2. [...] wanted her to wear elaborate boots. And who then wanted to wear her boots. And who now wants to be you know - and no doubt for the exact reasons he wanted to be a Master previously. To quote the classics, [...]

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