Mochila o muerte!

Tuesday, 12 April, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


You're not expected to understand this image, but moving on : while scouring the web to find that pic of the Lvov massacre, I ran into various quotes about the sexual escapades at the time. Such as :

“The young [Jewish] girls – there was one who went to school with me, Silva, who were very beautiful – they weren’t killed straight away. Silva had to live with the German commander. The other girls waited on the other soldiers. When the girls got pregnant, they were killed, because they couldn’t have children with these people.”
~ Anna Dychkant

“I was raped, at the beginning of it … Yeah, the young girls who were young and pretty, so to speak, in those days, they were taken to different barracks. And sometimes right in front of the barracks, where everybody can see.”
~Helene Shiver

“The day before the mass execution took place, many of the most beautiful Jewesses – adults and adolescents, some already naked and others in various states of undress – came out of the ghetto on their own volition and offered themselves. Those who had not yet disrobed completely were encouraged to do so; each Jewess then underwent an intimate inspection; and finally the nudes were, with arms tied behind their backs and by means of a long rope looped about their necks, led at a run toward our encampment.“
~ Alfred Metzner

There's little explanation needed for the plain fact that there's nothing consensual about the female experience of sexuality, nor ever was, nor ever will or could be. We'll thus ignore what the females say, and instead focus on what the male says.

Did they [the girls], really ? Did they [the guys], really ? Did it [happen], really ? You know how this conversation flows - and if you don't, you're really not old enough to be here.

Truth be told it's rather impossible to say. Discerning actual facts and events through the unreliably misty fog of the human inclination to fabulate and confabulate is always an impossible task, which is why courts have so much trouble with it. There's just no way.

It's possible Alfred is honest, of course. Is it also possible he's making up stuff, writing masturbatory material as a literary activity ? Kinda, huh. For one thing, it's plain obvious that the disposable female, the youthful virgin to be deflowered and then killed - stabbed, strangled, drowned, thrown over walls - before she may annoy everyone in sight with the assorted needs and demands of her swollen ankles and the insufferable wails of the miserable product of her complicated abdominal cycles is the chief male fantasy. This is the unifying thread of male culture, from "money for nothin' an' chix fo' free" to Gengis Khan and all points in between : that the woman should be 60 cubits tall, sterile and non-menstruating, and out of one's hair by nightfall.

In this view, the female is fundamentally a bag of chips, to be a) torn open ; b) for the contents to be enjoyed ; c) and then the husk discarded. That's the scheme of the male fantasy, TO-CE-HD. Torn open, contents enjoyed, husk discarded. It's a thing.

It's really very much a thing, and the collapse of traditional society, with its reusable houses intended for multiple generations, populated with cast iron pots capable of making many thousands of meals and solid oak tables to be slowly ground into cleanliness each week eerily reflects the return of agitated young males from the battlefields of World War Two. Who's going to tell "our brave boys" that they can't have what they want ? And so traditional culture gave way to consumerist culture, proper meals became bags of chips and bottles of pop not for any other reason than the satisfying tearing sound, that fschhhh of a bottle that's never again going to be a bottle ever again, and here we are.

Who'd have known that living one's fantasies is the surest road to unhappiness! What do you mean, "the Latins". Who the fuck are the Latins, and how many armored divisions does Augustus even have ?!

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  1. Well hot damn wouldn't this explain why I've been enjoying opening book packages from online resellers so much, and why I'm usually satisfied after reading just a chapter or two. Until the next one...

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 1 September 2016

    Lol. Unexpected explications!

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