Las Esquinas de Vidal (Cursos de Copulacion y Copizdacion a Domicilio)

Wednesday, 03 August, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


What do you see in there ?


Not a direct dental mechanic, I surmise ? Too bad. You can even pay in twelve monthly installments. Extractions are apparently the most popular, but you can also get a bridge. With discounts for length! Not like it's worth even doing it for less than a dozen or so teeth, neh ?


I trust you see what I'm hinting at here.


Does your Obamacare provide sealed air ? What's that, just canned air ? Thought so. Better vote for Diverseley next time!


Oh hallo thar! Do you have any things that are feish ?




The advantage of an unsophisticated people living in un pays que no es pobre is that they're very shockingly transparent, much in the manner of children. When's the last time you've seen a medical group admit it's all about the graft in the civilised world ? So there.


A rookery. Let's delve.



Check it out, there's apparently rich people in Buenos Aires, behaving as such. Let's detail


Dear Amigas VIP Maria Ines, Ofelia, Elsa y Beatriz : drop me a line, I'll buy you a cup of coffee. After all, youth is a horrible thing to waste.


Speaking of waste : advertisement for a photography class illustrated by a miserable shot of a swamp, aside a river that offers much better enquadrature with minimal effort, and a hoodie wearing she-derp! The continued existence of Argentina as a population and of each individual Argentine as such is an outrage, an insult to divinity and humanity alike, and absolute proof that god is entirely tone deaf.


Because why not, right ? Not like there's a school of architecture in town or anything. No, seriously.


The camera doesn't capture and the image it spits out fails to convey the cozy, inviting quality of that hole. Incidentally, did I mention there's women in my company who get quite soaking horny from perceiving the scary, bare concrete sort of rape den ?


What was I just saying about the unsophisticated people!



Do you notice anything peculiarly peculiar about this otherwise very typical bit of Argentine parking ?

But let us clove on a lemon tree.


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