Kids born after the world went to shit aren't progressive. They're just lazy.

Thursday, 10 November, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Call them "Millenials" if you wish, although on all accounts NEETS (standing for "not employed, or employable, or in the process of becoming employed or employable") aka "Useless" or "Pointless" would be much more appropriate. There's these kids that were born after computers took away the second to last excuse for large populationsi who are turning about themselves in confusion. They think they may be middle class, except the middle class used to do a lot better than them as recently as during their parents' tenure. The world's just one huge heap of confusion, for them, and the little shiny plastic prayer beads of the new religion don't provide all that much in the way of solace.

They universally think themselves "progressive". Take a forinstance :


What are they fighting with ? They have no money, they're burdened under college debt, a college which has made them uniquely incapable of relating to the real worldii, they have no skills, marketable, interesting or otherwise, they have no power nor any clue of how to get it (nor any real interest in getting either clue or power), they've got literally nothing.

And what are they fighting for ? This is the best part : they're fighting for the lulz. The whole of the "progressive" agenda is the simple proposition that it'd be cool to have a blue M&M after a black M&M because "we haven't had one of those before either". That's it. Whether they should be eating M&Ms in the first place isn't a point of concern, whether the color of the outer shells is even connected to anything, these aren't considerations. Just that, the simple novelty, an idea on the cognitive level of a toddler. The correct way to describe this level of lightness is "for the lulz", which is what we're using.

These kids will fight for the lulz. They think they fight, at least. Obviously they won't, not really. They just hope the fight will happen by itself, somewhere else, and then crown them Great Imperial Wizard Elliots. Just like that, for mere being. That's just as good, right ? Problem ?

Have you seen all the piles of useless tards explaining how they personally didn't consent to Trump becoming president, fully expecting that this makes some sort of difference ? In that vein, let me tell you a story.

Years ago, I was considering for enslavement a woman older than the 30 year old limit, if only slightly. This consideration is entirely objective : I consider a new slave like you buy a sack of potatoes, exactly. You weigh the sack, you examine individual potatoes, the sack is a thing, not a person. It may become a person, later, after you I buy it and after I train it, but no newb slavegirl is or could be a human being.

She showed up in her Sunday best, no hoodies but heels etcetera, and did all she could (within her self-imposed limits, of course) to behave adequately. As the night progressed the process was taking a toll on her, she did even point out at some point that she behaves a lot better if she's not openly judged and plainly dismissed (an observation which was openly judged and plainly dismissed on the spot), and eventually we parted on good terms never to see each other again. Because she's not actually good enough to be made into a person, try as she might (and she did) therefore her originally contemplated future of taking a job in the local administration remained her only practical option.

Before the parting, she recounted the story of her travel abroad. You know how civilised kids are supposed to spend some time abroad ? She did, she went to Italy, to serve as maid in the house of a local woman, who didn't think very much of her and eventually fired her. The aspiring slavegirl interpreted this as "being held against her will" because, believe this or not, after being fired she had no means of transportation.

In her mind, you see, she is a sort of magical snowflake who is to be indemnified of all the things. That's the important part, every tramp out there knows that if you ain't got wheels you make with the feet, and most of the dumb whores that spawned these snowflakes have at least some vaguely remembered but nevertheless lived experience of this "walking to Memphis" formative adventure. Not my sack of potatoes. She thought, earnestly, that if she wants to move but lacks the means to move, then she is being held against her will. Problem ?

Needless to say we didn't agree on this point ; but it goes further than that. Why do you suppose "computer programmers" of this ilk expect they are entitled to "abstraction" ? Oh, that's right, because they don't know how to work computers. And since they're there seated in front of the computer, and have a notion of what they will to do, the dilemma facing, insanely, the whole rest of the world is simply this : either they have the means, or else they're... being held against their will!

They don't have to learn how to use computers ; it's the computer's job to make DWIM a reality. They don't have to learn to read, or think - it's my job as the writer to make understanding happen in their heads, and if it doesn't... it's not they who failed as readers ; it's supposedly me who failed as a writer.

These kids think they're writing code. They aren't. They think they're fighthing, but they aren't ; they think they're living and experiencing and understanding and reading and creating and whatnot. They aren't. They think they're progressive ; they aren't.

They're simply lazy - and that's all they are.

  1. The first excuse for large populations was the need for aggregate muscular power - industrialization took that away.

    The second excuse for large populations was the need for fine motor skills, such as in "service industry" or WW2's "computing girls" (look it up). Computers recently took that away. Yes its occurence was looming large for a long time, but it finally happened within recent memory.

    The last excuse for large populations is pornography : specifically to get a few girls worth fucking you have to have a bunch of pregnant woman deliver a bunch of runts. For every Stoya or Kardashian a lot of useless blobs must bleed their last in a ditch somewhere. Nobody promised selection's gonna be pretty, eh. []

  2. Here's a money quote among so many money quotes (this one by Charles Camosy of Fordham University) :

    Today's college graduates are formed by a campus culture that leaves them unable to understand people with unfamiliar or heterodox views on guns, abortion, religion, marriage, gender and privilege. And that same culture leads such educated people to either label those with whom they disagree as bad people or reduce their stated views on these issues as actually being about something else, as in Obama's case. Most college grads in this culture are simply never forced to engage with or seriously consider professors or texts which could provide a genuine, compelling alternative view.

    Think about it : Pacala, the kid that stayed at home, used to have over Tandala, his friend who went to college, merely the advantage of four years ; but Tandala had over him the advantage of sharper eyes, sharpened by education, which might have, eventually, allowed him to catch up. That was a decade or so ago, at the latest.

    Today, Pacala still has the advantage of four years (more like six to ten, but who's counting), but Tandala has no advantage of adequacy to the real world or understanding thereof. On the contrary : Tandala is both a day late and a dollar short, what he learned during his "formative years" deformed him ; it made him less fit rather than more fit. In exchange for his money and his even more valuable time, Tandala has acquired expensive habits, unsustainable expectations, and an unwillingness to accept jobs towards the bottom of the pile. A bottom which in his case is defined so strangely as to include about half the top!

    If you were in the market for buying cars, would you like to spend a coupla grand today to buy a car that runs 500 miles to the full tank at a cost of $2 per mile in gas, or would you rather spend 50k+ grand over four years to get an electric car that runs 50 miles to the full battery at a cost of $20 per mile in electricity (the first 1k of which are free, still) sometime in 2020... ish ? []

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  1. I read that that shitbag millennial voter map is based on exit polls.. the same exit polls that had H winning. I'd sooner believe it was actually the shitbag boomer vote tbh as the same millennials who meme'd Trump into the whitehouse want to throw jews down wells along with H and other faggots, and not have them in power.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 11 November 2016

    There's a number of problems there.

    First problem. Exit polls consist of asking people who leave the voting place who they voted for. Pre-election polls consist of asking selected people who they think they'll vote for.

    The problem lays with the selection, in that they mostly ask kids on university campuses, minorities in nigger-aggitated, usg-blessed ghettos et al.

    This is at least partly because they're lazy - if you send 100 emails and get 50 responses, even if you "randomly selected" the 100 destinations you still didn't get a randomly selected sample of responses, in part because reddit kids are many times more likely to know who you are or care to answer than steel mill workers, in part because plenty of voters don't even use email or check it twice a year etcetera. If you're lazy enough you won't even bother to notice this, and besides, statistics is hard. Especially for you know who.

    Meanwhile exit polls provide a saner sample for free even for the lazy. Of course they're still perfectly able to fuck it up (for example by choosing personally who to talk to, and thus ending up with hot chicks and non-threatening males overrepresented in the polling, which also happen to be exactly the sort of people who wouldn't vote Trump), but consider your own anecdotal experience : until you went to the military recruitment station, to meet a number of truly random Romanians (chosen by their fucking name, alphabetized over the entire region) you had no fucking idea just how many iliterate people there are. Right ? So there, same thing, exit polls are better than social dating.

    Second problem. The map's colors work on the principle of the college : get one extra vote in the state, get the state colored in your colors. Like for instance if we both worked in a textile mill and I got 59 of the local cowsies to suck my cock in the warehouse to your 58, therefore supposedly I own the place now - not you.

    Third problem. Kids herd, especially US kids, especially female ESL kids (but I repeat myself) and especially female US ESL kids. They're "consensus" seekers, and if I bothered to make them think the consensus is for them to go to bed every night with a live octopus in their vajayjay (hey, that's how they talk) to be eaten raw in the morning, they'd go to bed every night stuffed with octopi and eat gasteropode omlette. Especially if the octopus were free. This is amply illustrated by your memeing examples, too.

  3. пиздеть`s avatar
    пиздетьinsigna de trolinsigna de tehnologinsigna pentru 1000 de comentarii 
    Monday, 14 November 2016

    Best thing the guy could start doing in a while is drop by college by collage, the liberal arts shit, and interrupt classes by sayin' grab her by the pussy.

    -Oh, so you laugh. You don't. Marxez books on teh table, eh? Well, you see these shoes? Snow dirt, isn't it. Time to pick up the fucking shovels. And the mexican guy does my shoes.

  4. Cmmon man they are rebelious as they were supposed to be in war at that age and there is none to be had.
    All russians are antifascist even they have no clue what that is it's just the way things are. And you remember that venting anger is very kewl. Dragging your ass on the pavement cause mommy did not get you something you wanted is highly recommended in our day and age.

    Also as a progressive it easy and cheap to fuck dumb chicks

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 16 November 2016

    Yeah, I'm sure there's none to be had around the HCFS dispensers. Plus it's easy to get laid in that zone, all the chicks being too fat to move and so on.

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