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Friday, 26 August, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


On second thought, let's just call it Titola. The title I mean. Geddit ?


Did you say... ssh ?!


"And that building slice sir, should it be horizontal or vertical ?"


You realise this is a hotel, do you ? Let me show you how I know it's a hotel :


Yeah, that's right, by the granny knickers.

And since we're doing details off the walls of the hotel-prison, here :


Roro sounds like a perfect drag queen name (in reference to what she does after she sucks you off, evidently) ; "te amamos" is a collective affair, as the love life of drag queens traditionally isi. Now add cock and cock together : Convicted to Poverty, a film about the life of a boy named Elliot, trapped with his (working) mother in a hotel-prison set aside by the mores and social practices of some rudimentary city of the distant colonies specifically for this kind of people.





Ever been this high up ?






So this little gazebo is organised inside as a production studio (mostly decor, you'll need gensets to power serious equipment). They have maybe a coupla square meters in three-ish levels, cut off into rooms more or less with a splendid view outside, the perfect spot to shoot "refined" ads for "upper mass market" "luxury" products. I now know the woman in charge of it, so if you're looking for location...



Oh, what's that, you have it rough in the cubical farm, Mr. Elliot ?

Such fate like an innocent child little did you know the horrors that'll mark you for life you'll always remember that memory.

And in closing, allow me to regale you with the Titere Museum.


  1. Recall Divine's "How much did you pay to get in here ? 10 bucks ? Ok, eight is to see the show and two to fuck me after. Come by the dressing room, I'll be there 'till Christmas!" []
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