Giro girotondo con il sesso e bello il mondo

Wednesday, 10 August, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I watch 70s Italian porn-for-TV junklets to put me to sleep.i Giro girotondo con il sesso e bello il mondoii is maybe a shade above the average. Other than the dubious kiddie reference, of course.iii

It's a sort of Barbarella with more nudity, and perhaps remarkably a very crapsack-world-of-Bitcoin post-shall-be-delivered-isn't-even-cool-anymore sort of feel, what with the police response team that is dead set on raping the red riding hood up until they realise she's "big fish", and then later run across a road accident and get indignant over "these idiots do nothing but dirty the nice road with their vile guts" and proceed to punch the victims out.

Something about a future society something something sex is forbidden because something something something so then they visit the past due to something or the other and so on and back and forth. I don't seriously recommend it for any purpose other than napping. Goood-night...

ding ding ding ding


  1. It's not even a joke, lay down comfortably, put one of these on, within half an hour I'm napping like an old tomcat. []
  2. 1975, by Oscar Brazzi, with Paola Ceri. []
  3. Giro giro tondo is Ring a Ring o'Roses in Italian. Contrary to common if entirely unsupported, typically anglo-ignorantist belief that "it's about the great plague in London", the original italian verse actually makes a lot more sense than "a tishoo! a tishoo!" : "Giro, giro tondo, il mare e fondo, casca la terra, tutti giu per terra!". []
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