Friday, 30 September, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

You perhaps have no idea what is. This would be excusable. Best I can tell currently,

mircea_popescu so basically, the cat-v story is, they had a mpi. who died. the end.
mircea_popescu well, naggum-died, but anyway.
asciilifeform happens.
mircea_popescu apparently it happens all the damned time wtf is with these people.

I suppose at this juncture it behooves me to point out that

  • I have no intention to kill myself,
  • nor did I ever have any intention to kill myselfii ;
  • and that while I do regard suicide as an inalienable right of the individual - if anyone tells you I killed myself hang them. For murder.

And with that, we can proceed to this here second installment of "Valiant prince MP explores the mother of all echo chambers. A saga of our times." Apparently this is a series. Who knew.

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16:06:36 mircea_popescu hello harmful people.
mircea_popescu i bring tidings from teh most serene republic.
16:46:57 Aram and what tidings do you bring?

16:47:09 mircea_popescu that part hasn't been decided yet.
16:48:10 aap oh, i like the most serene republic

16:49:41 mircea_popescu o.O check it out, adlai 's been quietly lurking
16:50:58 * adlai has mostly been reading the website(s)
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16:53:34 mircea_popescu anyways, re tidingsiii : i just did a /names - if any of you folks want a bitcent (ie 0,01 BTC) go ahead and register your pgp key with deedbot and ima send later tonight.
16:55:16 sl_ why
16:56:23 aap finally some offers to just send the money!
16:56:26 aap someone8
16:57:33 dv- keep your filthy buttcoins
16:57:43 sl_ is there something like tlsserve for unix
16:59:01 sl_ besides ucspi-ssl
17:02:05 spew how much is a bitcent worth?

17:02:28 mircea_popescu ~same as a drink.
17:04:40 cimim $6 USD. That's a good drink over here

17:05:01 mircea_popescu !~google "five dollar milkshake"iv
mircea_popescu ah damn, no bots here. nm.
17:05:17 aap .theo
17:05:17 glenda We won't commit it.
17:05:20 aap .theo
17:05:20 glenda If you want it done, do it yourself.
mircea_popescu does it google ?

17:05:32 aap no, just insult
mircea_popescu not terribly useful.

17:05:42 aap .theo
17:05:42 glenda Can I ask what kind of plant are you?
mircea_popescu .alexandra
17:06:05 spew we're not fancy people
mircea_popescu evidently.

17:06:09 spew fancy people with fancy bots
17:06:47 ^7heo .theo
17:06:47 glenda There is a user community, and a development community.
mircea_popescu .glenda

17:07:04 dv- .terry
17:07:05 ^7heo no, there is a useful community and there is noise.
17:07:09 spew ok enough bot abuse
17:07:12 aap theo doesn't work too well today :/

17:09:18 mircea_popescu i dunno if anyone cares, but in case they do : the bot spec is over at ; there's also a V bot base available etc.
17:09:43 doppler spew: I don't have a lot of experience with them. however, from what I gather from reading and hearing from other users, there are only a few specific reasons I'd want to use a BSD over a Linux system. (disclaimer: some of this may be false.) with Linux, you get a community and user base with a greater number of retards, you get stupid shit like systemd, but you also get much higher userland and kernel
17:09:49 doppler flexibility and higher general system performance because of high optimization. with the BSDs, you get a smaller, generally "better" community, a tighter-knit system that cannot stray nearly as far from a base system than a Linux system could, you get better support for certain specific software (like ZFS, pf, ...), but you also get a system that seems old-fashioned. they seem to miss out on some of the
17:09:55 doppler innovations (both technologies and software support) that Linux might get due to its wider use.
17:10:23 doppler spew: so all in all I like them about as much as I like a decent Linux distribution.
17:11:01 spew it's easier to use
17:11:55 spew programming is the same though OBSD compilers are so fucking old
17:12:06 spew but it's a nicer experience just using it day to day configuring things
17:12:10 spew and having things work
17:12:22 Aram openbsd added clang recently.
17:12:26 spew haven't used bsd in a long time though
17:12:31 spew Aram: yeah I heard that
17:12:38 sl_ linux is shit tho
17:13:04 sl_ an asylum constructed and staffed by inmates
17:13:15 doppler the kernel, though
17:13:23 doppler is the Linux kernel really that much worse than a BSD kernel?
17:13:40 spew I can't find my way heads or tails in the linux kernel what is going on
17:13:51 sl_ how does the kernel help you against what you will inevitably be using linux for
17:13:53 spew bsd I can read
17:13:56 doppler weird optimizations? bad style?
17:14:05 spew bad organization and style
17:14:06 sl_ too large
17:14:08 spew shit organization
17:14:16 doppler sl_: it provides an API that you use when you write programs.
17:14:32 sl_ it provides an api you use when praying to systemd
mircea_popescu doppler well, when was the last time bsd kernel discovered something like

17:15:16 sl_ pray systemd doesnt alter it further
17:15:17 doppler the linux kernel is indeed fucking huge but it has very good support for paring down your build when you compile
17:15:37 spew doppler please be serious
17:15:52 doppler it does!
17:16:01 doppler (see also: all the embedded shit that runs Linux)
17:16:13 sl_ what does linux do that you cant get from freebsd at this point
mircea_popescu ...

17:16:17 doppler there's a lot more embedded linux devices than embedded BSD devices
17:16:27 doppler sl_: do? probably nothing.
17:16:31 sl_ you requirements seem fluid
17:16:42 doppler well yeah
mircea_popescu sl_ i am wondering if he is trolling or what.

17:17:08 doppler good one, mircea_popescu.
17:17:15 spew doppler you're saying this horrific steaming pile of shit is ok because there's a really good system for decontaminating yourself
17:17:20 doppler no.
17:17:23 spew you are
17:17:29 doppler I'm not meaning to.
mircea_popescu doppler that kinda... "fluidity" is usually an indicatorv, what can i tell you.

17:17:42 doppler the BSDs all contain some amount of cruft too
17:17:46 spew yes
17:17:49 sl_ its not necessary for me to tear down linux, its necessary for linux to demonstrate some worth
17:17:50 spew they certainly do
17:17:59 spew I can still figure out what is going on in the BSD kernel
17:18:08 spew I give up before I get anywhere whenever I poke around in linux
17:18:15 doppler I completely understand that
17:18:22 doppler that is a really important aspect
17:18:26 doppler being able to grok kernel code
17:18:27 sl_ i concluded in 1999 linux is more trouble than it is worth
17:18:38 sl_ and the situation has only deteriorated since then
17:18:40 spew I concluded this year that linux is unavoidable
17:18:47 doppler but you asked about my opinion
17:18:50 sl_ sure
17:18:51 doppler I don't do anything in the kenrel
17:18:55 doppler *kernel
17:19:02 doppler (not yet)
17:19:12 spew I guess I should try to switch to freebsd and see if the linux emulation is enough
17:19:21 doppler I've wondered about that, too
17:19:23 spew I have to use all this shit that's just linux
17:19:37 spew really just docker and oracle java
17:19:57 Aram every half decade I have to do some linux kernel stuff, and it's always different. they changed everything during this time. while half of the design and implementation of 4.4 BSD still applies 21 years later.
17:20:17 spew that's a good point too
17:20:26 spew because 4.4 bsd actually had a design and implementation
17:20:30 spew linux just had an implementation
17:20:32 doppler spew: like, especially in a situation like that, there's something to be said for "I can just slap Linux on it and it works". you don't debug the kernel on the same machine that you run docker on, do you?
mircea_popescu incidentally, is there a log of this channel anywhere that i could read ?

17:20:39 Aram no log
17:20:45 doppler read topic
mircea_popescu deliberately or through neglect ? ah ok lessee.

17:21:02 sl_ ask your congressman
17:21:03 Aram deliberately
17:21:18 doppler mircea_popescu: like, "no logging allowed".
mircea_popescu the coc thing is... two lines ?

17:21:31 cimim refresh it
mircea_popescu doppler how does this get implemented in practice ? my client logs by default for instance ?

17:21:38 spew doppler: I never debug the kernel, I work for webshit
mircea_popescu o hey, greek.

17:21:45 Aram the no bots/no log rule has ben removed from this channel's topic
17:21:45 doppler dudepublic logging
17:21:49 Aram it used to be there
17:21:53 doppler s/dude/&, /
mircea_popescu excuse me if i am a little confused.

17:22:14 spew you are excused
17:22:14 sl_ its just that nobody cares
mircea_popescu so : there's a code of conduct that contains nothing ; there's some old rules which i can't know because there's no public logs so new people can't view the history...

17:22:28 sl_ and log police are generally annoying
mircea_popescu who designed this ?

17:22:43 spew cat-v is like linux
17:22:47 spew implemented but not designed
mircea_popescu evidently.

17:22:51 sl_ its anarchy
17:22:53 doppler haha
17:22:54 sl_ deal with itvi
17:22:58 doppler nerd
17:23:00 sl_ .gif
mircea_popescu ic.

17:23:14 khm 13:13 there's a lot more embedded linux devices than embedded BSD devices
17:23:17 khm haha.
17:23:22 sl_ inferior candidates have a way of wandering off on their own
17:23:43 doppler khm: I've only seen network appliance shit that runs BSD, and it's probably only because it has pf.
17:23:47 Aram I don't want linux in my washing machine; what sort of argument is that?
17:23:53 doppler khm: please inform me
mircea_popescu sl_ about same as the republic, except for the voice enforcement and pgp usage. and the public logs. and the bots. and the money and the etc. but yeah, i see.

17:23:58 khm 12:59 how much is a bitcent worth?
17:24:00 khm nothing.
17:24:03 sl_ mircea_popescu: <- long version
17:24:17 cimim Linux in a washing machine? Maybe that's why those samsung ones are exploding
17:24:19 apo There's a lot more turds than unladen African swallows
17:24:30 doppler who are all these new people haha
mircea_popescu khm may i recommend for your perusal ?
mircea_popescu this "bitcoin is worth nothing" something-awful-ism got killed back in 2014, you know.

17:25:07 doppler pfff
17:25:14 khm nobody will give you real currency for your dunning-krugerrand.vii
mircea_popescu aha.

17:25:26 sl_ mircea_popescu: on whose authority
mircea_popescu can has antecedent sl_ ? on whose authority what.

17:25:42 khm doppler: "only seen network appliance shit" is the key. there are a LOT of networks out there.
17:25:54 apo khm: I won the bitcoin lottery
17:26:07 khm apo: the only way to win is not to play
17:26:07 sl_ mircea_popescu: in general
mircea_popescu oh, speaking of network appliances and shit : anyone follow along the "broken ssh keys" as in, rsa factored ?

17:26:28 khm no, nobody follows software topics here.
17:26:31 apo khm: Fucked around with it for a week in 2012, completely forgot about it, then noticed that the prices were going up and sold a coin for ~400 EUR or so
17:26:36 khm this is a touhou fan club.viii
17:26:42 doppler yes
17:26:48 sl_ we are strong
17:26:53 sl_ we go fast
17:28:19 khm apo: I know about fifty people who 'made money' with bitcoin. maybe three of them ever actually extracted real money from the ponzi scheme.
17:28:56 khm most of the rest have spent the entire time since then evangelizing in the hopes that someone pay one day provide value in exchange for their fedoral reserve notes
mircea_popescu << grep for "ssh-rsa". there's apparently hundreds of actually factored keys being used by machines currently answering in ipv4 space.

17:29:12 apo khm: haha
17:29:19 doppler my grandma gave me savings bonds
mircea_popescu khm the butthurt aside, bitcoin actually provided the resources that saved openbsd. you are aware of this, yes ?

17:30:05 doppler haha what
mircea_popescu then again if you were you'd be also familiar with the name.
mircea_popescu now be a darling and don't let the butthurt take over.

17:30:44 sam-d "saved openbsd" from what, exactly?
17:30:46 sl_ stop bragging
17:30:49 sam-d first I'm hearing about this
17:31:15 sl_ sam-d from going broke
mircea_popescu a few years ago they put out a desperate "we are running out of cash to pay for electricity" note.

17:31:49 sam-d oh, that.
17:31:53 khm so you twiddled some bits and presumably their sd card slots started shooting out quarters like a slot machine
17:32:07 doppler hahahah
mircea_popescu sl_ well, i'm kinda allergic to the intellectual sufficiency of "i'm poor and no such thing as money exists therefore" as seen in khm .

17:32:34 sl_ thats not what khm is saying at all.
17:32:38 doppler ^
17:32:40 aap you just don't know khm
mircea_popescu well no, and i can't remedy that, because no logs.

17:33:00 khm system working as intended
17:33:04 sam-d I love when people join this channel and meet khm for the first time
17:33:07 aap yup
17:33:09 sl_ conversely, just because something worked out for you does not make the scheme universal
17:33:10 aap that's always fun
17:33:11 sam-d it's always fun
17:33:22 sl_ demands
17:33:25 sl_ no money
mircea_popescu what's the thumbsup emoticon again.

17:33:31 sl_ you have it backwards
17:34:05 khm I know exactly what money is, and bitcoin does not have a sufficiently well-armed underwriting agency to qualify.
mircea_popescu perhaps.

17:34:58 sl_ yesterday i learned there are security firms here
mircea_popescu the arms have not yet been put to test ; and not for lack of provocation on the republican side. so i'd guess it's yet to be established who has the arms.

17:35:37 khm there are no arms.
17:35:46 khm no person capable of takin bitcoin seriously is capable of winning a war.
mircea_popescu hard to prove a negative, you know ?

17:36:06 sl_ not at all
mircea_popescu go ahead ?

17:36:15 khm I guess you shouldn't have based your funbux on negatives, if that's how you feel.
17:38:57 khm I should fix the bugs Aram pointed out
17:41:10 * khm has changed the topic to: | | TOP SECRET//SI//NOFORN//CATS | no bots no logging |
17:41:26 khm there, now we're friendly to newcomers.
17:42:13 sl_ i never understand this irc tone policing
17:42:32 sl_ new challenger appears, complains, makes demands
17:42:41 khm sl_: it is the way lazy people attempt to be taken seriously without demonstrating competency or good intentions.
17:42:42 adlai uhoh, i should disable logging in my client lest i get kicked
17:42:52 aap no *public* logging
mircea_popescu sl_ you're not talking about me are you ?!

17:42:56 aap that's the point
17:43:00 sl_ i dont even follow instructions issued by people who DO pay me
17:43:29 sl_ yes im talking about you
17:43:40 khm adlai: nobody cares about your mirc logsx; it's just rude to publish them without everyone's consent.xi since there is always at least one user in this channel who will never consentxii, we do not want log publishing.
mircea_popescu khm the problem is that i'm already a known quantity. you're nobody. i get that in this channel some people keep within their memory some things you said, but "khm" isn't a thing to be, and your self-delusion as to personal identity independent of all this is not substantially different from teenager's fantasies of self.xiii

17:44:07 aap and who are you?
17:44:07 khm mircea_popescu: how are you a known quantity?
17:44:23 doppler mircea_popescu: yeah what the fuck dude
mircea_popescu sl_ i dun think i made demands ; complaints are iffier, of course, being what most everyone does all the time anyway.

17:44:34 khm I'm not really interested in listening to you jerk off about how important you are.xiv
mircea_popescu khm because google my name.

17:44:35 doppler if you don't like us just leave
17:44:41 doppler jesusxv
17:44:44 khm mircea_popescu: no. I'm not interested.
mircea_popescu so then.

17:44:56 khm you have never materially affected my life, and you never will.xvi
17:45:00 doppler we don't care how important you think you are.
17:45:04 sl_ why are you here
17:45:10 aap
mircea_popescu doppler there's a space between "you don't like us" and "we're fucking petrified of you". i have no responsibility for teh later, you know.
mircea_popescu so far i like you just fine.

17:45:16 khm I do not care enough about you to even open a web browser and paste your nick into it.
17:45:18 aap romanian politician?
mircea_popescu mno.

17:45:59 khm hahaha is that true? well congrats on being mayor of goatfuckistan or whatever. it's all the same to me.
17:46:07 doppler why would we be petrified of you?
mircea_popescu i have nfi.

17:46:16 sl_ surreal but familiar
17:46:23 sl_ nobody cares dude
mircea_popescu alrighty then!

17:46:34 sl_ say something useful
17:46:41 sl_ or at least entertaining
17:46:47 aap hey you have a latin wikipedia page
17:46:56 doppler yes you do have nfi
17:46:57 doppler "no fruitful information"
mircea_popescu well, i tried a few things, but they dun seem to stick ; and there not being a history to review there's no way to fix it. so here we are.

17:47:07 khm offering "money" that would take so much time to actually use that I could make more per hour by working at a fast food joint was pretty amusing
17:47:26 khm but ever since that opening comedy you've just been jerking off. please stop.
mircea_popescu khm i didn't offer "money". wouldja relax for a minute.

17:47:44 sl_ you could easily fix it by becoming either useful or entertaining
17:47:46 doppler "mommy khm was mean to me on irc"
17:47:49 khm oh cool you're one of those dudes who thinks he can sense emotions through a text link
17:47:54 khm what other superpowers do you have?
17:48:21 sl_ nobody is going to suck your dick for your reputationxvii
mircea_popescu sl_ except it's not clear what you set of dorks find useful or entertaining.

17:48:27 sl_ just be excellent
mircea_popescu oic.

17:48:36 doppler hahaha
17:48:43 khm mircea_popescu: have you considered shutting the fuck up until you figure it out?
17:48:52 khm that's the traditional approach. it's worked for millions.
mircea_popescu yeah. but so far you've been pretty entertaining, so.

17:49:04 aap khm: not in this channel
17:49:22 aap the traditional approach is to boast and complain
17:49:29 sl_ do you want to talk about computers mir
17:49:36 khm aap: the users who stick around and the users who are smart enough to leave do it my way
17:51:22 sl_ my favorite is the "you dorks" approach that ignores speaker's status as channel member
17:51:40 sl_ if you dontlike it here just /part
17:51:53 sl_ why even be associated with dorks
mircea_popescu why not ? what, it's contagious ?

17:52:01 khm sl_: it's sleight-of-hand; he's trying to *establish* status with this dumbassery
17:52:13 sl_ yeah gee im so dumb
17:52:26 khm the food is awful! and the portions are so small!
17:52:27 sl_ i know these tricks
17:52:35 sl_ i use them
17:52:43 sl_ you sir are no these tricks
17:53:17 sl_ i for one will not be kicked out of any club that wouldnt have me as a member
17:54:00 sl_ the peasants are revolting
17:54:06 sl_ they certainly are
17:54:08 apo khm: well, he's succeeding at establishing /some/ status...
mircea_popescu .theo

17:54:10 glenda i was up at 9am, climbed a mountain, hiked 6 km through 4ft deep slush (the image you are supposed to get is of 12 million overturned slurpee cups, and of geting your groin wet in slurpee), nearly died eating beef vindaloo, wrote some code, talked on the phone, wrote mail, and now it's almost 4am and this is absolutely beyond ridiculous.
17:54:28 sl_ --^
17:54:54 khm I always wondered about that quote
17:55:04 khm in my experience, nearly dying is the whole point of eating beef vindaloo
17:55:11 khm if you don't nearly die you got ripped off
mircea_popescu i usually have lamb vindaloo instead ; local place makes it not-very-spicy for me, it's all good.
mircea_popescu but who eats it for lunch ?!

17:55:52 sl_ what kind of shitty software do you write or work with mircea
mircea_popescu sl_ well for instance i'm (undue) credited on the phuctor about page.

17:56:44 sl_ what is phuctor
mircea_popescu the thing that broke a few hundred rsa keys this year. you know, security item.

17:57:05 khm I think that's the badguy from the movie orgazmo
17:57:07 sl_ doesnt sound very professional
17:57:20 sl_ oh thats why you brought up ssh keys
mircea_popescu i dun think anyone in teh republic supports the imperial notion of "professional".

17:57:27 sl_ more sideways bragging
17:57:51 sl_ you know i once met ben stein in an airport
mircea_popescu if you wish. alternatively, what one's involved with is also what one tends to find interesting. for the obvious reasons.

17:58:02 sl_ we made eye contact but didnt speak
17:58:17 sl_ [story concludes]
17:58:20 doppler nice
mircea_popescu oh, the always-lawyer jew guy.
mircea_popescu i had no idea he had a name. but if he has one, "ben stein" is utterly right.

17:59:22 khm well this is certainly going in a direction
18:00:07 sl_ im a genius
18:00:11 sl_ at this
18:00:15 sl_ okay
18:00:22 sl_ there are two problems here
18:00:33 sl_ 1. i created spider-man
18:00:50 sl_ 2. how do we know you are really mircea popescu
mircea_popescu well that depends on whether you understand enough about rsa and pgp or whether you're more of the khm "i'm an ignoramus and i'll die this way" persuasion.

18:01:38 sl_ no it really doesnt
mircea_popescu not in the latter case, i suppose.

18:02:10 sl_ you dont sound like him
mircea_popescu like ben stein you mean ?

18:02:33 sl_ like mircea popescuxviii
18:02:41 sl_ i know that guy
18:02:54 sl_ he gave me money
mircea_popescu o.O

18:03:12 khm guys I'm an ignoramus because some anonymous irc user claims he helped break badly-made keys!!! please select a replacement
18:03:13 sl_ last year when i needed a new thinkpad
mircea_popescu khm you know, conflating unrelated things is a tad juvenile.

18:03:44 sl_ and your way of speaking does not sound like him at all
mircea_popescu sl_ a well.

18:04:17 kremlin HEllo everybody
18:04:21 khm I am not a *tad* juvenile, boogerhead
18:04:36 khm I am full-on infantile and there is nothing you can do about itxix
18:04:37 Aram sl_: he should send you more money, to prove it.
mircea_popescu khm does your evidently limited reading comprehension allow you to perceive the difference between "doing so and so is so and so" and "you are so and so" ?

18:04:54 sl_ he already did!
18:05:19 kremlin mircea_popescu: has anyone ever gone as far as to do more like?
18:05:28 khm mircea_popescu: my inability to care about your thoughts prevents me from reading more than five or six words at a time when they're prepended by your nick
mircea_popescu that didn't parse kremlin
mircea_popescu o hey, first intel report on this thing finally landed. so basically this place had a leader years ago who meanwhile died and you're the mourning remnant ?

18:07:50 spew my fucking ear is driving me crazy
mircea_popescu khm hosts / sl_ "operates" whatever that is, etc.

18:08:02 spew feels like someone stuffed wet cotton in there
18:08:10 sl_ spew cut it off
18:08:13 khm congrats on searching my nick on hackernews
18:08:19 Aram mircea_popescu: how did you find us? tell us so we make sure other people don't make the same mistake.

18:08:31 spew how do I cut off the hole?
18:08:42 aap cut whole head off
18:08:44 sl_ guys thats not really mircea popescu
18:08:48 sam-d Aram:
18:09:02 sl_ spew: posthole digger
18:09:07 * kremlin large manilla folder hits table with satisfying THWACK, stenciled letters read TOP SECRET CAT-V INTEL REPORT
mircea_popescu Aram some fan advertised it in #trilema

18:09:16 sam-d he's from the loper-os circle, someone made a comment on a loper-os blog with the name '', he shows up here.
18:09:20 sl_ you set it slightly larger than the width of the hole
18:09:23 spew I need a little one
18:09:29 spew for my ear canal
18:09:37 sl_ specialty item
18:09:43 spew bespoke
18:09:46 sl_ coincidentally i sell them
18:09:53 sl_ for you a special price
18:09:56 spew this is no coincidence
18:10:12 spew this is conspiracy
18:10:21 spew what the fuck did you do to my ear?
18:10:25 sl_ true i happen to enjoy interests in many concerns
18:10:37 spew you fucked my ear hole
18:10:43 doppler ew
18:10:51 sl_ i put your ear in a warm glass of water while you slept
18:10:54 spew so you could sell me ear canal posthole diggers for bitcoins
18:11:12 sl_ who is this faker and why is he hear
18:11:14 khm this plan is perfect
18:11:19 sl_ and what an odd person to impersonate
18:11:41 doppler he even went and dressed up his hostname
mircea_popescu no, that's back from the days when you fuckers weren't paying freenode for free shit.

18:12:10 kremlin haha what
18:12:13 spew why is he "hear"?
18:12:14 sl_ who are you really
18:12:26 spew now you fuck with my head
18:12:28 sl_ spew: very punny motherfucker
18:12:32 spew because I cannot hear
18:12:35 spew you said it not me
18:12:48 sl_ who said it
18:12:52 mischief pls stop frien u do me a frighten
mircea_popescu kremlin "silver" supporter ; was a hundred bux a year or something like that, i forget exactly.

18:12:59 spew 16:08 sl_ < who is this faker and why is he hear
18:13:00 khm why are we taking off the carburetor
18:13:20 sl_ i am scores and scores and scores of sons
18:13:22 apo This has been amusing, but I need to catch a train early tomorrow, and I still have to get a sufficiently large net
18:13:22 apo Good night, my little ponies
18:13:28 sl_ very esteemible youll agree
18:13:31 spew apo: you stay right there
18:13:31 sam-d gn apo
18:13:40 spew apo don't you leave
18:13:47 sl_ for to wish it is bitcoined
18:13:54 sl_ and i say yes!
18:14:03 sl_ many times!
18:15:11 sam-d mircea_popescu: are you complaining that someone else is paying for a service so it remains free for your use?
18:15:24 spew i say we will have no more bitcoins. Those that are mined already, all but one shall live
18:15:29 sam-d this shit always confuses the fuck out of me
18:15:32 spew to a gpu go
18:15:35 khm who the fuck pays freenode
mircea_popescu sam-d i'm the one paying, not "someone else".
mircea_popescu well, was, whatever.

18:15:50 sl_ feenode
mircea_popescu meanwhile freenode went all usg.

18:16:02 sl_ shut up narc
18:16:18 sam-d mircea_popescu: Oh, I thought you were saying kremlin had.xx
18:16:19 kremlin i would pay for freenode if would stop freeing nodes
18:16:35 doppler haha
18:16:47 sl_ hes a cop
mircea_popescu who's a cop ?

18:17:00 spew you're a cop, pig
mircea_popescu ahaha o i am ?

18:17:37 sl_ he didnt deny it
mircea_popescu funny you should say this sl_ because hey, did you know i was in gawker ?

18:18:15 sl_ you are not mircea
18:18:18 sl_ i know mircea
18:18:31 sl_ what is the point of this charade
18:18:50 sl_ does he know you are creeping like this
mircea_popescu so wait, the theory here is that i am impersonating some other guy while also being a cop ?
mircea_popescu what do you fine upstanding fellows do around here, trade game cards ?

18:20:06 sl_ definitely a cop
18:20:27 sl_ presumably undercover as mircea
mircea_popescu right. gotta admit though, this is better than #libreboot

18:20:58 sl_ so, whats the case you're investigating? something to do with bitcoins i bet.
18:21:08 kremlin wow bitcoins AND libreboot drama?
18:21:14 kremlin really bottom of the bin internet shit there kid
mircea_popescu oya.

18:21:25 spew i bet it has something to do with bitcoins
mircea_popescu bitcoin is backed by lulz. ~everything has something to do with it.

18:21:49 sl_ no i said that spew
18:22:04 sl_ this guy is definitely not mircea
18:22:18 sl_ what have you done with him :(
18:22:31 spew sorry sl_, I didn't mean to cramp your style
18:22:43 sl_ spew what if im not real
mircea_popescu like, you're impersonating yourself ?

18:22:54 spew then you're all style
mircea_popescu are you really a cop ?

18:23:08 sl_ ok i admit it: i am mircea popescu
18:23:12 spew so I definitely don't want to cramp that
18:23:12 cimim this channel is going to turn me into a solipsist
18:23:18 sl_ thats how come iknow this guy isnt me
18:23:28 aap cimim: nah, it's gonna turn you into mircea popescu
mircea_popescu sl_ can i have a bitcent plox ?

18:23:43 sl_ yes
18:23:48 sl_ bitcents for all
18:23:54 sl_ wait i mean no
18:23:58 spew it's a trap
mircea_popescu 1Fx3N5iFPDQxUKhhmDJqCMmi3U8Y7gSncx <<

18:24:05 sl_ what if im a cop
mircea_popescu i dun really care.

18:24:24 spew all you fuckers are cops
18:24:30 kersnert to be clear, the bitcent is to pay for sex
18:24:41 sl_ definitley a cop
18:24:42 cimim now we see how deep the blockchain goes
mircea_popescu don't they want a ged to let you be a cop anymore ?

18:24:52 kersnert can you look in this direction and say as much
18:25:19 sl_ in fact i did get a ged
mircea_popescu ah ok.

18:25:25 sl_ how did you know that
18:25:31 cimim whoa me too
18:25:33 aap today is strange day, i've read much more bullshit than usual
18:25:33 spew I like "now we see how deep the blockchain goes"
18:25:34 sl_ i know im you
18:25:36 spew I like how it sounds
18:25:42 sl_ but are you me?
18:25:59 spew I'm glad sl_ is back
18:26:03 spew the real sl_
18:26:16 spew right sl_?
18:26:21 sl_ no
18:26:27 spew say you are he
18:26:28 sl_ i am mircea popescu
18:26:37 khm I still can't get over the concept of sending money to an organization as poorly-run as freenodexxi
18:26:41 sl_ cop and financier
mircea_popescu kersnert you really get sex for five bux ?

18:26:59 sl_ not five bucks five cents
18:26:59 spew why would you need to know that pig?
18:27:07 khm fucking feds
18:27:13 kersnert how do you tuck coins into a g-string?
18:27:24 cimim Bitcoins or normal coins?
mircea_popescu g strings are for cops.
mircea_popescu my womenz dun wear knickers.

18:28:20 khm clothes don't work well on imaginary people
18:28:21 sl_ shut up, narc
18:28:37 sl_ seriouslt this is not mircea
18:28:52 spew imaginary clothes don't work either
18:28:54 sl_ i can tell
mircea_popescu by some pixels ?

18:29:31 sl_ your pgp signature
18:29:35 sl_ doesnt match
mircea_popescu o.O

18:30:02 sl_ i saved the emails last year from when mircea donated for my thinkpad
18:30:21 qeed the only way is to pay him again
18:30:23 sl_ you sir are no mircea popescu
mircea_popescu lies. there must be a log somewhere, seeing how qeed just joined but he has context.

18:30:59 khm is this some kind of false-flag shitposter?
18:31:19 qeed money has value in every context
mircea_popescu urmom's the shitposter khm
mircea_popescu sl_ please publish ? i'd love to read
mircea_popescu give me a chance to improve my style.

18:31:51 Aram c'mon, you can do better insults than that
18:31:53 sl_ its not even him
18:32:19 sl_ that guy was lame but not THIS lame
mircea_popescu Aram no see, because delivery often results in a bowel movement as well. it's comedy genius i tell you.

18:32:29 sl_ he fucking gave me $400
18:32:46 aiju what is all this racket in here
18:32:54 sl_ some imposter
18:33:01 khm aiju: a loser is impersonating a boring person
18:33:04 aap we're playing with our mircea_popescu again
mircea_popescu i gather the chan is usually ~dead ?

18:33:12 kersnert Listen, and understand! That troll is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you have kickbanned him!
18:33:33 khm mircea_popescu: you are bad at gathering
mircea_popescu ahahaha. right.

18:33:53 khm kersnert: where the fuck is archeus, he owes us a report
18:34:01 sl_ so like
18:35:02 sl_ mircea can i have some more money
18:35:10 doppler me too
18:35:21 khm I would also like you to give sl_ more money
mircea_popescu sure. go register your key with deedbot and post an address.

18:35:52 khm wtf that's not how money works
mircea_popescu well i'm not sending anyone fucking cowrie shells, i can tell you that.

18:36:32 sl_ its not him guys
mircea_popescu i dun care what group of primitive folk think seashells are "the only tru moneyz"

18:36:47 kersnert just send sl the money
18:37:02 doppler :)
18:37:10 kersnert no, USD is the only true money
18:37:55 kersnert euros count, too
18:38:06 kersnert something that can be converted into beer
18:38:12 khm kersnert: I tried to explain this to him earlier, but I don't think english is his native language, and someone taught him some weird definition of "money"
18:38:14 sl_ rthers is a way we can prove who is who
mircea_popescu sl_ for some definitions of "we" that dun seem to include you.

18:39:06 sl_ just send me the money
mircea_popescu the way money works is that you do what i tell you ; not vice-versa.

18:39:41 khm that's only true if you have the money
18:39:41 khm and you don't
mircea_popescu though from what i hear usd has problems with the practical implementation of this fundamental concept.

18:39:49 sl_ you are a fraud
18:39:57 khm you just have an overengineered excel spreadsheet and delusions of mediocrity
mircea_popescu aww, don't lash out.

18:40:01 sl_ your entire worldview is a fraud
18:41:39 echoline hi
18:41:55 khm echoline: you should caht with mircea_popescu, you guys have a lot in common
18:42:00 khm s/caht/chat/
18:42:05 echoline mircea_popescu: hi
mircea_popescu hello.

18:42:14 echoline mircea_popescu: are you a bot
mircea_popescu in my better moments.

18:42:34 sam-d echoline: if he is, he's broken *both* our rules.
18:42:40 aap that's an interesting question when someones says you have much in common
mircea_popescu lol

18:42:51 echoline sam-d: all it says is you can't be a bot in here
18:42:54 k0ga KBme kersnert kfarwell khm kivutar kkn klassila kori kremlin kyubiko
mircea_popescu i don't expect she takes khm too seriously.

18:43:02 sam-d echoline: no bots, no logs
18:43:03 sl_ this motherfucker said he would send me another $400
18:43:25 sam-d s/logs/public &/
18:43:34 echoline sl_: i'll send you a laptop
18:43:47 sl_ only money. -- watto
18:43:52 Aram my tinnitus has been getting worse and worse the last couple of hours.
18:43:53 echoline oh
18:43:58 echoline you guys don't take hardware?
18:44:14 doppler pipe your hardware stream to me
18:44:16 echoline do any of you a) take hardware and more importantly b) get it working
18:44:27 doppler what do you have?
18:44:31 echoline although it's kind of a catch-22
18:44:40 echoline i have an old toshiba satellite
18:44:47 echoline everything works great except the wifi
18:44:49 khm I take good hardware and do nothing with it
18:44:54 echoline yeah see
18:44:54 doppler ^^^
18:44:54 khm click here to stay involved
18:45:00 Aram do you have a CDC 6500?
18:45:03 echoline if you're gonna do nothing i'll just keep it
18:45:04 Aram or a cray 1?
18:45:20 echoline Aram: hah
18:45:25 doppler any PDPs?
18:45:30 doppler how about some symbolics gear
18:45:46 echoline it's a catch-22 for me
18:45:51 aiju he said it's a toshiba satellite
18:46:02 echoline if i send someone the laptop and they make it work
18:46:10 echoline then at least it works
18:46:30 echoline the card is an ipw2100 or 2200
18:46:32 echoline i forget
18:46:47 doppler what is the catch 22 part
18:46:48 kersnert hoarders gotta hoard
18:46:57 echoline doppler: i will no longer own the laptop after it works
18:47:19 doppler it's old shit anyway though
18:47:22 doppler so who cares
18:47:31 echoline i dunno
18:47:35 echoline i want to do it myself
18:47:51 echoline for the lulz and street cred
18:47:53 khm so do it
18:47:56 doppler -- signed, the dude who owns more computers than he weighs in pounds
18:47:59 echoline i can't khm i tried
18:47:59 khm rsc already started an ipw2200 driver
18:48:02 echoline i'm too stoopid
18:48:04 khm just finish it
18:48:07 khm will
18:48:09 khm in that case
18:48:12 khm get a job.
18:48:15 echoline ok so it's an ipw2100
18:48:31 echoline i remember it was the one he didn't start the driver for
18:48:35 doppler that is wireless B
18:49:14 qeed at least thats not the rtl driver that thing is like 40,000 lines of code and only linux code as a reference
18:49:58 aiju less noise, more code
18:50:00 qeed openbsd driver code is very small and simple to port
18:51:12 kremlin ports
18:51:24 sl_ shut up
18:51:29 kremlin :(
18:51:35 khm I agree with sl_
18:51:52 Aram I think the problem I am having now is some general Go runtime assumption bullshit rather than sparc64 crazyness.
18:51:55 Aram but I am not sure yet.
18:52:30 Aram it could simply not support 8kB pages.
18:55:07 aiju i hate how we don't have dual port rams
18:55:17 aiju i bet it's just a fucking checkbox the chinese have to tick
18:55:22 aiju but they don't let us use them :(
18:57:49 doppler whoa google looks weird
18:58:07 doppler
18:58:53 khm style="width: 30%;"
19:00:13 khm does google not have a plain html version available any more
19:02:07 doppler gmail does
19:02:14 doppler but I don't think google search has had that for a LONG time
19:02:14 khm I mean for the search results
19:03:29 khm this kind of shit is why is my default search engine
19:03:51 Aram doppler: it used to have until recently
19:04:45 doppler huh, I haven't noticed it in years
19:04:52 doppler was there a button at the bottom of the page or something?
19:05:14 Aram no
19:05:21 Aram you had to know the url
19:05:45 Aram I think it was, but I might be mistaken
19:06:06 doppler maybe you can get it to serve plain HTML with a modified user agent string
19:06:32 Aram that sounds like gentoo-level of autism.
19:06:40 Aram you can simply do what khm just said.
19:07:08 doppler I actually had to do the reverse of that when I used a macintosh as my desktop
19:07:29 doppler sites started detecting that I was on some old-ass version of Safari, and wouldn't let me use any features
19:07:46 doppler so I just had it claim that it was the latest version of chrome, and sites worked fine again
19:08:09 Aram and what did you learn from this experience?
19:08:16 doppler not worth the trouble
19:08:33 doppler did you see my screenshot? I just use chromium now and avoid the fuss, fuck it :)
19:09:02 khm I'm going to set up a crowdfunding thing to buy presto from opera
19:09:20 doppler web technologies already suck, so I might as well have least shitty experience
19:09:40 Aram khm: I don't understand why didn't they open source it, since they abandoned it :(.
19:09:58 khm then I'll set up another one to hire john carmack to port it to /dev/draw
19:10:14 khm Aram: they didn't really abandon it. only their desktop and android browser changed.
19:10:24 Aram what else do they have?
19:10:24 khm all the dumbphones that use opera still use the presto engine.
19:10:28 Aram I see.
19:10:43 khm and the wii, and all that kind of shit.
19:11:22 khm this chinese company that bought them doesn't give a shit about anything but user surveillance, though, so I bet they'd sell
19:11:57 doppler I think my DSi has an embedded opera browser
19:12:05 doppler browsing on a DS just feels retarded :)
19:18:35 aiju hahaha "if bitcoin takes over, we are all in a world of hell"
19:21:50 doppler tell that to mircea
19:22:28 khm we can't, he's not here
19:22:49 khm there is just this impostor
mircea_popescu ~nobody has working name completion huh.
mircea_popescu aiju that's kinda the idea.

19:40:46 doppler my nick completion works fine
19:42:21 aiju what is it with these shitty "burn" attempts?
19:42:29 aiju you're just making yourself look like an idiot
mircea_popescu no, i was candid. ~everyone being in a world of hell is pretty much the point of bitcoin.
19:42:54 aiju no, i'm talking about the line before that
mircea_popescu i come to expect being referenced as mircea_popescu because mi/t is simpler for most civilised folk than the alternative. you know, sort-of like shoes or shirts are not mandatory but expected.

19:44:15 _sl yeah, but you're not even him.
19:45:09 aiju you mean you want to be referred to as mischief?
mircea_popescu here's a good rule of thumb : if you're not smart enough to run the software in your head find a machine, try it out there.

19:45:56 aiju ? what
mircea_popescu mi-tab resolves to mircea_popescu not to mischief because s is after r in the alphabet.

19:46:15 _sl this dude is a fraud.
19:46:45 asciilifeform hi folks, i was told you had a sham mircea_popescu in here
mircea_popescu so, to sum up the general point : it's not "burn" attempts. it's that you folk are long on stupid and short on most everything else, which tends to get you hurt.

19:47:15 asciilifeform how did you distinguish him from your old, correct one ?
19:47:16 aiju mircea_popescu: that's not how nick completion works :)
mircea_popescu i'm sure it isn't.

19:47:49 _sl asciilifeform: tradecraft
mircea_popescu are you the real asciilifeform ?

19:48:18 _sl asciilifeform: he's advanced to denigrating the channel in general, but still refuses to /part
19:48:22 asciilifeform nah, i killed and ate the real one long ago
19:48:31 _sl oh
19:48:33 _sl you're the same guy
19:48:38 aiju :)
mircea_popescu girl. we're the same girl.xxii

19:48:46 asciilifeform _sl: tradecraft, i.e. you had a vernam pad set up with the correct one ?
19:49:10 _sl sources and methods, dude
19:49:14 echoline and how come i get banned just for smoking perfectly legal marijuana? this channel is rigged
mircea_popescu check it out, we agree on even this!

19:50:02 asciilifeform no vodka also ?
mircea_popescu keeping enumerated-badness lists over the entire ipv6 space seems like a winner.

19:53:28 aiju yeah, we should just ban all ipv6 addresses
19:53:31 aiju save time
mircea_popescu word.

19:56:16 aiju what is it with you inserting random ~ into sentences?
mircea_popescu ~ means "approximately" if prefix. if both prefix and suffix it's a kind of stress.

20:17:39 phc in what writing system is that?
mircea_popescu i'm enough of an idiosyncratic asshole to maintain my own writing system.

20:21:42 sam-d mircea_popescu: I don't think you realize that (1) you basically joined, said "hey guys be my friend, I'm important, I have a blog"xxiii. The only thing of substance you've brought here is your cryptanarchy bullshit, which you have no reason to assume we care about, especially since we immediately made it clear that we don't.
20:21:57 sam-d speaking for myself, this has passed the point of being entertaining
20:22:48 sam-d (2) this channel doesn't have much to do with anymore. Afaict after having been here a couple years or so it's just the same group of people carried forward.
mircea_popescu sam-d from over here the situation is that man walks into a bar, orders a round for the house, everyone goes crazy with "what the fuck, does he think we're poor" and assorted braindamage indicative of children without any bar experience / truly weird third worlders.

20:24:00 kersnert you didn't send the money
mircea_popescu but yes, it's pretty evident ~nobody involved has much relevancy past their own fambly / livejournal followers.

20:24:11 _sl you don't know how to read the room.
20:24:23 sam-d mircea_popescu: I appreciate that you were trying to be nice, but I don't know why you insist that we care about your attempt to be nice.
mircea_popescu i dun give a shit, you keep bringing it up.

20:24:38 _sl he's not trying to be nice.
mircea_popescu actually, i'm not trying.

20:24:52 _sl why are you here
20:24:58 sam-d ^
20:25:07 _sl see, he's not trying to be nice.
mircea_popescu just came in one day. no fucking idea. why are you here ?

20:25:11 aiju what the fuck is "fambly"
mircea_popescu peculiar spelling of "family", in the vein of "twu wuv". mildly derrogatory, like twu wuv.

20:25:41 _sl because i live here
20:25:52 _sl why do you desperately want us to believe you ar emircea popescu
mircea_popescu right.

20:26:04 sam-d mircea_popescu: because my friends are here.
20:26:05 _sl when you clearly aren't
mircea_popescu sam-d it shows.

20:26:17 aiju sounds like 4chan bullshit
mircea_popescu i don't follow my friends QUITE to that degree.

20:26:39 doppler probably 8ch
20:26:48 doppler 4chan doesnt know about this channel
20:26:52 aiju hahahahahahaha
20:26:58 aiju doppler: you are naive.
20:27:05 doppler ok
20:27:11 _sl dude has had enough time to google his own nick now
20:27:14 aiju doppler: who do you think made the "URIEL IS RIGHT" sticker on the back of the fqa? :)
20:27:31 doppler I guessed sl or khm
20:27:53 aiju it's some bullshit 4chan meme
20:28:44 doppler also isn't it URIEL WAS RIGHT
20:28:50 doppler ;)
20:28:54 _sl yes
20:28:58 _sl it's a reference to x-men comics
20:28:58 aiju doppler: whatever, nerd
20:29:03 doppler so who is naive
20:29:03 _sl i can explain it if you care
20:29:07 doppler jk
20:29:10 doppler sure sl
20:29:18 aiju doppler: that's not what that word means.
20:30:10 _sl in the early 2000s grant morrison did a run on NEW X-MEN
20:30:23 _sl where a bunch of young teenagers were a new class at xavier's school
20:30:33 doppler okay
20:30:36 _sl one of them was a smartass genius shithead kid who wore a t-shirt with this slogan MAGNETO WAS RIGHT
20:30:46 _sl and a propaganda image of magneto's head (in helmet)
20:31:14 doppler haha nice
20:31:17 _sl magneto being the x-men's first arch nemesis, a mutant supremacist (malcolm x to prof x's martin luther king)
20:31:28 _sl anyway this is a reference to that
20:31:33 doppler so is there some connection to 4chan
20:31:57 _sl
20:32:06 _sl the URIEL WAS RIGHT image was made by some chan retards
20:32:09 _sl i found it
20:32:12 doppler oh, hahaba
20:32:32 _sl <- quentin quire
20:33:05 qeed damn thats a nice look
20:34:04 doppler i cant click links on my phone, will look in a few minutes
20:34:11 aiju some 4chan people have a strange obsession with cat-v
20:34:50 sam-d the bs that brought this guy here in the first place was this, which was probably one of those 4chan people:
20:35:03 ^7heo aiju: some insects have a strange obsession with light
20:35:37 sam-d by his own admission (when he joins the channel, from the logs) he's not associated with us.
20:36:33 _sl this is not the channel you're looking for
20:37:00 Aram looks like the guy who posted the cat-v link on his blog must have been a 4chan retard.
20:37:20 sam-d chat log here, draw your own conclusions:
mircea_popescu aren't logs cool by the way ?

20:37:37 sam-d if you can stand to read that
20:37:48 Aram mircea_popescu: do you even know why the channel is called "cat -v"? do you even know what "cat -v" is?
20:37:50 sam-d mircea_popescu: lurking is cool too
mircea_popescu Aram i know what cat -v is ; i have nfi why this channel is anything.

20:38:13 _sl i keep asking why he's here
20:38:31 Aram please explain what cat -v is then.
20:38:35 aiju sam-d: i want an apology for linking me to this crap
mircea_popescu sam-d not everyone is a shy introvert.

20:38:48 sam-d aiju: sorry, should have put the warning beforehand.
20:38:59 sam-d ???
20:39:18 sam-d I won't even dispute your claim, but I don't get how that's relevant to anything
20:39:18 _sl this would be fascinating if i gave a shit.
20:39:53 sam-d oh, lurking
20:39:55 sam-d duh
mircea_popescu Aram "-v, --show-nonprinting use ^ and M- notation, except for LFD and TAB"

20:40:37 Aram so you have no fucking clue
20:40:48 _sl this chat log is shit, you're ignorant of what you're mocking.
20:41:00 Aram if you quote from the man page you are not aware of teh historical significance of cat -v, and why do we care about
20:41:06 Aram it
mircea_popescu _sl hey, i'd have read the logs if you had any. but otherwise, i'm not mocking.
mircea_popescu Aram this doesn't follow now does it.

20:42:15 _sl mircea_popescu: i'm talking about the log of the channel where you apparently came from.
20:42:31 _sl you dudes sound pretty proud of yourselves but somehow remain completely ignorant of the topic.
mircea_popescu which topic ?
mircea_popescu i dun think anyone was mocking before you dudes went into spew mode.

20:43:07 _sl the topic of and
20:43:25 qrstuv you'd have logs to read if you lurked more
20:43:28 _sl it's the blatant ignorance of software that i'm referring to
mircea_popescu qrstuv evidently.

20:44:55 aiju good night
mircea_popescu _sl after planting yourself face down in the mud of this slope half a dozen times in the past few hoursxxiv, one'd think you'd finally figure out making the sort of claim doesn't pay. neh ?

20:45:08 sam-d gn aiju
20:45:18 _sl this is stupid
20:45:41 _sl do you have anything in particular you'd like to talk about here
20:45:44 sam-d _sl: can we put like a huge fucking disclaimer somewhere on the website?
20:45:49 _sl or are you just doing calesthenics
20:46:30 _sl the end game on trading insults is just you getting banned
20:46:36 _sl so what's the productive purpose here?
20:46:38 sam-d something like "this is an archive" and "you're too young to actually understand this"
20:46:53 _sl it's just "u mad?" all the way down
mircea_popescu _sl i dunno dude, how am i to know before i find out. so far hanging out rope for eager parties to hang self with, which is sop with me.

20:47:27 cinap_lenrek whats the matter?
20:47:40 _sl playing with alien trolls
mircea_popescu from outer space.

20:47:57 cinap_lenrek _sl: do they code?
mircea_popescu not really.

20:48:03 _sl no
20:48:17 _sl they just write inaccurate reports of observations
20:48:19 cinap_lenrek _sl: prime directive.
mircea_popescu this is starting to sound like astronomy.

20:49:02 _sl i really loathe people like this.
20:49:18 _sl you give contrarianism a bad name.
20:50:16 _sl worse, i think your reading comprehension suffers from lack of exposure to western civilization.
20:51:07 _sl like, maybe you have the horsepower but lack the context in which to grok steering the vehicle.xxv
20:51:47 _sl consequently your course corrections span the map.
mircea_popescu dissect one example for my benefit ?

20:52:36 _sl for these and other reasons i will discontinue my sponsorhip of your driving lessons.
mircea_popescu heh mmmkay.

21:21:12 cinap_lenrek haha
21:21:18 echoline :]
21:21:25 cinap_lenrek this chatlog
21:21:42 echoline did you see the part where aiju tackled me
21:22:02 cinap_lenrek i mean the crazy 4chan people
21:22:08 echoline oh
21:22:34 echoline it seems like more and more people have heard of plan9
21:22:36 kersnert you basically asked him to
21:22:42 echoline on those chans
21:23:55 cinap_lenrek echoline: too bad, they all dont have ther shit together
21:24:18 khm if they had any shit together they wouldn't be allowed on the chans
21:25:12 cinap_lenrek the text in the channel is crazy
21:25:30 khm football practice is half over and we haven't had any Indicents like last time
21:25:33 cinap_lenrek because it jumps arround
21:25:37 khm I am holding out hope for this shit today
21:25:39 cinap_lenrek theres no continuous reason
21:25:46 cinap_lenrek just random observations
21:25:55 cinap_lenrek interleaved with bitcoin
21:25:56 echoline lol
21:26:16 khm making fun of bitcoin is a pleasant way to pass the time
21:26:40 khm it's harmless fun, like carving your initials into a tree or pretending europe matters
21:26:42 cinap_lenrek khm: your kids play football?
21:27:26 khm one of them does
21:27:42 khm real football, not that retarded children's game euros call football
21:28:32 echoline In general, Plan 9 is used by as many as 17 people worldwide. Despite the operating system's numerous advantages, their primary motivation is to be able to one-up everyone else in OS flame wars.
21:28:35 echoline haha

They spittled out a further ~2k lines over the next 24 hours, which don't properly speaking amount to anything more than

mircea_popescu shinohai these are some unemployed dorks who scoff at random "mayor of ???" because you know, being an anal child with an internet connection puts the adolescentine mind in this superlative position of JUDGE TO ALL THINGS, PART OF NONE! ; then their budget for laptops is 100 bux but they scoff at a fiver laying on the ground, and such following forever. are anonymous, pretend famous people justify themselves to them, on in this manner forever.

In closing, let me point out that if you fuckers ever get this fucking stupid, I will personally rise from the very dead and fuck you all to death.

  1. Ulrich something or the other. Too young to have a proper name, apparently in their culture they don't give out clan names to 30 year olds. []
  2. No, not even during adolescence. I know it's common. Deviated septums are also common and I also don't have one of those, what can I tell you. []
  3. Note that they fucking asked. This is how the chain of casuality works : you challenge me, I'll back it up. Here as everywhere, I didn't offer towards a purpose. I offered from a cause. The cause's right above, and the difference between these two modes is not merely important. It is obligatory. []
  4. "I do believe Marsellus Wallace, my husband, your boss, told you to take me out and do whatever I wanted. Now I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good." []
  5. It goes much deeper than "an indicator for trolling". I phrased it in those terms because when in Goatfuckingstan you're well advised to use many goat references. Local flavour aside, one who doesn't sit atop well sorted binary trees of everything is thereby not able to be. I don't mean be the boss, I mean be at all, anything whatsoever. He's the prime candidate for joining a religion, participating in some "representative" process and so forth. He doesn't even get to choose to be a socialist dumbass, his "choice" is made for him by his own dumbassery (and yes the forced mistakes of they without any choice still get misrepresented as choices for their benefit). []
  6. This is rather funny in view of his "the end game on trading insults is just you getting banned" not even four hours later. You understand ?

    Do you ? This right here is why nobody takes "anarchy" seriously - because you dorks yourselves do not. "Anarchy" as a cunt's view of the world, "for as long as it makes for a convenient excuse tee hee". []

  7. Because nothing quite beats outright nonsense for propaganda. []
  8. Possibly the most apt line of gray text in this entire deluge. It is just about that. []
  9. Of the entire population of that channel, there's exactly one guy who found a bug in anything to do with Plan9/cat-v, however tenuously. Do you find the fact that they don't like that guy alarming ? Do you understand how indescribably stupid you are if you don't find it alarming ? []
  10. This is obviously not true - you are reading this after all. []
  11. This is altogether bullshit. If I heard it, I'm publishing it whenever I feel like it ; and if you don't like it you can go get fucked. Private communication happens in private, which is pointedly not possible among people who don't know each other.

    If your whatever-it-is allows public access, it is public. The way out of this conundrum is called gossipd, and it is also obligatory. The fact that you don't have a working gossipd does not excuse you from your obligation of having one ; nor does it allow you to pretend like you had one and it worked. If you want flight - either you build a plane or you don't fly. If you want private communications, either you build gossipd or you don't communicate privately. This is the law, and it is not open to "social consensus"-ing.

    Now go do something useful. []

  12. Ie, "since all walkers have rights on the grounds of drawing breath". This, needless to say, isn't how it works. Your rights extend as far as I recognize your signature, and absolutely not an iota further. []
  13. This is the core of the "dispute" here, such as it is. In the terms of the controlling article, the eternal Daniel-of-the-village perceives himself in this blessed state where he is a) no part of any mechanism and also b) able to completely observe all mechanisms. That this is a strict violation of the most basic physics does not interest the adolescent - his anchoring in reality is mostly fantastic yet.

    From that extraordinary position of complete independence and also complete knowledge, an exact mirror of the "action without responsibility" fetish of the age, the adolescent mind then proceeds to judge all things. Let's hear him :

    I see the world differently than anyone else. Because of all of the injustices I went through and the worldview I developed because of them, I must be destined for greatness. I must be destined to change the world, to shape it into an image that suits me!
    ~His Holyness Elliot Rodger, the patron saint and imago of ESLtards everywhere.

    I am an intellectual who is destined for greatness. I would never perform a low-class service job.
    ~His Holyness Elliot Rodger, the patron saint and imago of ESLtards everywhere.

    This then is what allows nobody on a stick to imagine anything below him. That " well congrats on being mayor of goatfuckistan or whatever." seen later would have read exactly the same applied to anything, from "congrats on being God" onwards. They call this "anonimity", the current shithead generation, but it's nothing more, nor anything other, than historical adolescentine identity. He who has so little (ie nothing) and wants so much (ie, it all) could scarcely construct anything else for himself. "Anonimity", ie, feed me and never hold me up to any standards ; "anonimity" ie, listen to what I say but don't judge it ; "anonimity" ie, I know things but I don't know where ; and so following.

    From all that crap then follows the imbecile sort of "patriotism" here displayed. Consider that older description :

    So we understand each other : John is some poor and kinda stupid kid from some ghetto in some indistinct townlet. One day, Mircea the Bad comes there on whatever business, sits down in the bar with his two bitches curled up at his feet and drinks a rum or something. The girls from the ghetto, for love of their country (in our example, that sad ghetto) pick John up forcibly, sit him down at the table next to mine and curl at his feet, just like the other two. They're definitely not slavegirls, they have neither the training nor the skills nor in the end the needs or structure of that relationship, and no marble columns, no gardens where water sprinkles among the cypress nor artesian fountains springing forth marzipan await them at home, but instead the nude concrete walls, the [low class mass produced kitsch wallhanging stuff], the bedbug infested pressed shitboard nightstand. But indifferent to all these points, they play a role to support a theory : the theory that here too, in the assghetto of shit "we got fine stuff", and a John who, even if only four letters long, is still quite as great as any Mircea come from afar.

    Well, that's patriotism, the girls in this example show "love of their ghetto" and that's the thing upon which socialist Romania was built, if you're curious - a structure otherwise borrowed from Carlist Romania. Totul pentru patrie!

    It's not just communist Romania, or for that matter Carlist Romania, that were built on this. All socialism is ever built on this same stupidity, because that's all there is when it comes to stupid : some idiots will band together to lend each other imagological support in face of their utter, all-consuming fear. Because maturation is scary. Because it is different. Because they're weak and stupid. What more ? []

  14. "I will ask ; but if you have an answer, which burns and should be fucking illegal, I'll pretend not to care. Ha-HA!".

    How not to love them ?

    But hark : whenever you feel tempted to hate women, remember that they somehow manage to find something lovable in the face of their adolescent sons and daughters. Nobody else can, for there's absolutely nothing there ; and yet they manage. []

  15. Do you know how many stupid girlies said something along the lines of "love me for me" just before meeting the whip ? Guess. []
  16. In fact I already have. He is poorer today, and getting less in "human services" from his government because Bitcoin exists. At the rate things are going I will end up utterly dominating his life in the coming decades, to the point of being the direct cause of the physical extermination of his entire support system. Yet hope springs eternal, and delusions are by their nature sweet. []
  17. Much too late for that ; there were lines to suck my dick for my reputation long, long before anyone involved in this discussion was on the Internet even. []
  18. Possibly the peak comedy gold point. Why use cryptography when one could just reach up one's ass. []
  19. Infantile is actually pretty hard. Juvenile is the proper description.

    (If you're curious, the bovine, mouth open, cum dumb image girls in advertisements display is infantile. They're there because the current juvenile population is really into neoteny.) []

  20. Because why not, right. []
  21. This is a valid point, actually. []
  22. Recall MPOE-PR ? []
  23. Amusingly, that's a more apt description of that other time rather than this one. The differences between the case that worked and the case that failed, even if half a decade apart, should I suspect be instructive. []
  24. Among the lot, I'm mostly waiting to see those "emails" I supposedly exchanged with this fellow. []
  25. This is not even wrong - not being an ESLtard, I'm unlikely to respond correctly to their IFF ; or for that matter want to. So foe it is. []
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  1. what the fuck is the deal with the light gray text on a white background?
    fucking make it go black and never go back

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 30 September 2016

    Not all things are equally important.

  3. hosts a series of sites dedicated to diverse subjects that share an idiosyncratic intellectual perspective, questioning orthodoxy and fomenting elitism and high standards in topics from software design to politics, passing by art and journalism and anything else interesting.

    A bunch of confused dorks overly preoccupied with bad videogames and otherwise possessed of all the life skills of white middle class teenagers.

    Other than total and complete world domination, the overriding goal is to encourage and stimulate critical and independent thinking.

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  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 30 September 2016

    I'm sure the difference is negligible from certain perspectives.

  5. La tati ni-i greu.

  6. Internet Expert`s avatar
    Internet Expert 
    Sunday, 2 October 2016

    The reason they're petrified, although I can't for a second imagine you don't know or that it isn't deliberate, is that they try to engage you with the anglotard handshake and it fails. The SYN is at 17:06:05, "we're not fancy people". The expected SYN/ACK response is very strictly "oh no, you guys are great, no such thing as competence may exist, nobody can ever have any power, we're all equal" yadda yadda. The response you provide is not simply failure, it's literally signing off as Chtulhu. To mock the castrated ESL beta bois for their very castration is strictly indistinguishable for terrorism, psychopathy and generally speaking evil by them. For the whole rest of the conversation they're flailing desperately around in a doomed attempt to recover some face after that original catastrophe. Much like the whole rest of their lives.

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 2 October 2016

    Heh. You're right, I'm sure. Evidently, nobody cares.

  8. 17:29:48 mircea_popescu khm the butthurt aside, bitcoin actually provided the resources that saved openbsd. you are aware of this, yes ?

    even worse

    OpenBSD was notified of the vulnerability on 15 July 2017, before CERT/CC was involved in the coordination.[...]Note that I wrote and included a suggested diff for OpenBSD already, [..]. As a compromise, I allowed them to silently patch the vulnerability.

    look at what you've created, terrorists! national threats! THEY ACTUALLY FIX THINGS

  9. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 16 October 2017

    Twas in teh logs.

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