Building the first Remarkable claim in Eulora

Saturday, 13 February, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

With visuals :


As you can see, one Remarkable Clump of Dry Grass claim requires 10 Bandar Toolkit Bundlesi, 41 Grubsilk Threadsii, 7 Suspect Ointmentsiii, 5 Tuber Milks, 9 Sharp Clumps of Slagiv, 3 Pointy Clumps of Slagv, 36 Widow's Whisp Berries, 4 Shed Snakeskins, 20 Nondescript Tubers, 26 Rickety Reeds, 1 Crumbly Rock and 1 Better Bitterbean to be developed.

Through the magical blessing of history, I had a decent stash of Grubsilk Thread at a whopping 206 quality, which carried the rest of the bundle all the way to q 195. The base value for the entire thing is about two million, so I'm doing currently a 4 million ECuvi click, readily the most expensive click in Euloran history to date, and perhaps the record holder for a lengthy time to come.

I'm not even sure what sort of grass I'll be pulling out of there, on account of not having had time to do any mining because of all the crafting piling up on me these past months - but I suspect something in the q 200 zone. If that's correct each grass would be worth ~120 or so ECu, meaning that something like 30`000 items would be more or less a breakeven return (this doesn't properly account for either the Ennumeration, which is about half a million or so itself, on account of my respectable quality, nor does it account for the yet unknown value of the stick itselfvii). Nevertheless, I would say anything around 50`000 or so grasses is a profitable result, whereas anything under 30`000 is doubtlessly a loss.

In any case it seems altogether improbable that I'll manage to miss poppingviii on this basis, to answer an older question of Birdman's. To keep a more optimistic view, a 100x modifier, such as is commonly the case in mining (for instance every time a ~200 ECu hit of a tool results in a 10 or maybe 20k ECu worth of an ordinary claim + ennumeration) would in this case make me a few Bitcoin richer than I was before, and you never know which particular coin will constitute your retirement.

The building itself threatens to take upwards of 10 hours, and so I guess we shall know sometime tomorrow. Until then, I wish you the best of luck, and enjoy your time!

  1. 2 Cruddy Hoes, 2 Stone Adzes, 2 Stone Pickaxes, 3 Shiny Rock Shards, 7 Coarse Frangible Thread, 1 Coarse Cordage, 1 Deserted Crab Shell. []
  2. Quite the bill at 15 Crumbly Rocks, 1 Boulder, 2 Swarming Grubs, 2 Alchemist's Cheap Gins (24 Nondescript Tubers, 1 Two Leaf Clover, 1 Leaky Treebark Flask (3 Coarse Frangible Threads (3 Clumps of Dry Grass), 12 Indistinct Bark Shavings (2 Flotsam, 1 Shiny Rock), 1 Disgusting Goop (3 Rotten Fruit, 1 Crumbly Rock, 1 Spicy Moss) ) ) []
  3. Also quite the bill : 1 Dulce de Leche (1 Tuber Milk (see below), 1 Disgusting Goop (see above) ), 1 Mollusc Cheese (2 Elusive Purple Snails, 1 Slithy Tove, 5 Dead Molluscs), 1 Tuber Milk (1 Crude Stinky Wineskin (29 - 32 Crumbly Rocks, 48 - 52 Worthless Putrid Leathers, 9 - 10 Shiny Rock Shards (1 Boulder, 5 Shiny Rocks) ) , 5 Nondescript Tubers, 4 Improbable Oils (1 Wooly Mushroom, 3 Spicy Moss, 2 Boulder, 1 Leaky Treebark Flask (see above) ) ) ) []
  4. 5 Slag (5 Flotsams, 3 Shiny Rocks), 1 Improbable Oil. []
  5. Same as the other shape. []
  6. Euloran copper! []
  7. It's more or less agreed among players that the sticks themselves carry some sort of value, even if it's not altogether clear what it'd be. []
  8. See the excellent Vocabulary section on the Eulorum. []
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  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 13 February 2016

    Results : 9484 grass q 220 and 38257 grass q 221 (link). Comes to 6`324`766 ECu base value, which is not too shabby!

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