Buenos Aires, that southern village.

Saturday, 13 August, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The rurality of Buenos Aires "ciudad" is a common theme herei ; let us continue upon it.

mircea_popescu totalfratmove.com/university-of-tennessee-sigma-chi-fraternity-adult-film-star-parents-weekend/ << anyone know this dude ? Should totally be in teh WoT.
shinohai Wow Tenn... the guy lives mebbe 6 hours from me lol.
mircea_popescu That's a ways neh ?
shinohai Good little drive yeah.

It is, I wouldn't drive six hours to bang some chick, pornstar or no. You wouldn't either.

Oh yeah ? Really ? Tell you what, lest we fall into a pot-calling-kettle-black type of situation, let's examine the Argentinaii porn star offerings, shall we ? Here :


Feel free to pretend like xvideos doesn't, for some reasoniii, capture the true truthful truth about the realistically realist real situation of this very delusional place, if you must. From what I hear there are even local pelotudos who earnestly believe Messi has anything to do with the place, and isn't just some random Spanish citizen putting up with the unwashed for strictly as much as absolutely required to keep the indorsement checks flowing.

For the sane remainder, it is glaringly obvious that this shithole doesn't even manage to fill a top 100! I'm not sure the implications have yet sunk in. True hermaphroditism incidence stands at about 20 cases per million, which means in a country like Argentina there's EIGHT HUNDRED people born with both cunt and cock. Ten times as many as the total population of pornstars! TEN TIMES!

Monozygotic twinning is about 3 per thousand, meaning there's a hundred and more thousand twins in Argentina. And seventy-two pornstars. Cyclopia, a horrid malformation you probably never even heard about, occurs about 60 times per million - meaning there's thousands of these in Argentina. And seventy-two pornstars. There's about 50 meteors weighing a hundred grams or more that make contact with the soil within every 100`000 km2 of Earth's surface each decade. This means Argentina has seen 1`350 meteors fall. AND SEVENTY-TWO PORNSTARS.iv The Czech Republic, a country smaller than the built area of this supposed city, has it beat every week. There's more Czech porn stars produced weekly than Argentina ever came up with.

Moreover, if you think those uglies are "porn stars" you have bigger problems than just the dirt under your nails - you probably fuck barn animals half the time and don't even know the difference.

Night life in Buenos Aires ? With these people ? Nigga. Pleaze.

  1. In no small part because the twelve or so million insolent palurdos inhabiting it seem blessfully unaware - not so much of the fact that their settlement is an overgrown village, but moreover of the fact that anyone might possibly notice this, and laugh at them for it. Somehow wearing "underwear" composed of run through rag and skid marks isn't bothering them in the slightest - it's just the notion that someone might, upon lifting the skirt (at their invitation!) point and laugh while slowly backing away holding nose clamped shut that gives them pause.

    You may think, at this juncture, that "why are you writing then" or even "why are you there then" are valid lines of inquiry. They are not. I write for the Pizdi that will be, daughters of the Pili that now are. These girls, currently aged 9, aged 3, currently yet unborn WILL be what I want them to be ; their bovine mothers and imbecile fathers don't get a say in the matter.

    More generally, Argentina does not belong to a collection of cattle who think themselves "local" and "soberanos" and whatever the fuck else. It belongs to me ; and I'm taking it back. []

  2. The land area of Argentina is ~2.8 mn km2, about a third of non-Alaska US. []
  3. Buitres!!11 []
  4. Before you feel the need to ask, like that Argie fucktard, "oh you think Romania is so much better" : Yes. Yes I do. Romania has fucking triplets porn stars, who fuck each other on cam.

    There were... four cases of triplets born reported in all of the US throughout 2015. The incidence seems to be under 1 per million, or to quote Victor Khouzami, Chairman of Obstetrics at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, "No one really knows the incidence". Yeah, maybe you don't know the incidence - but Romania knows the continence, aaaaite ? []

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  1. Aruncatoru de flacari`s avatar
    Aruncatoru de flacari 
    Saturday, 20 August 2016

    Desigur, exista si posibilitatea cum ca XVideos nu-s exact varful de cool in materie de porno, ci dimpotriva doar unul din vreo 10 saituri mai cunoscute, pe langa alte zeci de saituri micute. Prin urmare, or strange de cateva sute de gagici per total?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 20 August 2016

    Da, citeva sute de copii a acelorasi treiji de ametite, obosite si sfioase fara poza de profil.

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