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Wednesday, 22 June, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

It's not just Pizdi and Pili. It's also bees, and birds, and flowers. Passion flowers!


And a river!


Plus unidentified, if very shy and rather tiny birdy. Anyone know what it is ?


Not nearly as shy, but rather strutting-inclined yellow guy.


And his friend.


This is an ordinary gas station :


And this is the carbon hatch :


You ~did~ mean carbon, right ? You're not just a random idiot randomly parroting whatever nonsense you hear most, are you ? Carbon it is, yes ?


Apple could buy Russia. I know because of some pixels, and also because bought a Kiosco in suburban Buenos Aires.

Or wait... maybe... nah! That's terrorist talk!


Two girls for fifty pesos, take your pick out of a dozen or so. About what a cup of coffee costs.


Let's explain this wonder.

A man left his home in Central Asia and came to Argentina, leaving behind a woman, some children and other things (which gives our title).

A local middle aged twerp of that kind noticed the man, and that changed things for her.

Much like the rural beauty who meets an actual civilised person suddenly realises in a rather visceral, almost painful manner the shortcomings of the local rubes ; much like someone who used to think their walls "white" by default over consecutive decades accidentally has someone wearing an actually white collar on the premises and suddenly is shocked by the dirty drab gray of everything, this local twerp realised the other local twerps aren't men, as she had thought before. But twerps.

Nevertheless, her "education", which is to say, the ample collection of gargauni & barzaunii swarming around her brainbox prevented her from the correct reactionii.

Yet the correct impulse is there, and it won't just go away. So our "civilised" idiot goes to all the trouble of printing (and laminating) rambling attempts at schoolyard poetry to communicate the very simple fact : she now understands the hole that man left behind.

Of course she understands it : right between her legs.

The conclusion can only be one.

  1. Both of these denote loud flying insects in the direct, and stupidity of the pretentious type in the (usually female) socially marginal mind. []
  2. Illustrated here :

    woman-at-work-2 []

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  1. Can has a moar valid signature on that rapeshack img pls?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 22 June 2016

    We wish you a traditional Gypsy "taci si suge".

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