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Monday, 16 February, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Wasn't that a great closer by the way ? Well... the problem is there's no closure. There's never going to be any closure. There can't be any (somebody broke closure ?!). So on it goes :

asciilifeform I'm mindfucked. Searching for error msg, and #b-a log is #4 hit. The log of me crapping it in here a few hrs ago.
punkman Might be personalization...

asciilifeform Does not appear to be...
punkman Let me try.

asciilifeform 'gnat "error: field 'info' has incomplete type" '
punkman Well google loves the log apparently.

asciilifeform I've already learned the cause of the error, but was looking to see who else was affected. The shitgnome destroyed the ability to use an entire language.
punkman I've been seeing it more often for various search strings, but I assumed it was personalization.
mircea_popescu Yes. We dominate google mostly because we say interesting things. The machine can tell by now. To a large degree it's the silent progress that has been happening in the field of machine processing of human text for the past... 20 years ? Google is a major contributor. You can do wonderful things by sorting, word densities, etc etc. You know all those "how to spam google ? ORIGINAL CONTENT!!1" advice-y bits ? They're actually quite on point. Original of course doesn't mean what the marginal retard "trying to make it online" imagines.

asciilifeform Google has extremely questionable motives and - at this point - competence. For all we know, they favour #b-a log on account of the sheer frequency with which sp4mz0rz and sc4mz0rz are mentioned here.
mircea_popescu All motives are questionable. That's kinda what a motive is : "he's not doing it for me, he's doing it for himself". But in one sentence it'd be "for the sheer frequency with which rare associations that match types they only see in quality text are seen here". Believe it or not, Google can actually recognise useful new papers from shitty new papers better than "peer review" committees can.i

asciilifeform So 'google finds unique strings' - sure. Can we conclude that i'm the only one alive trying to build 'gnat' on 'gentoo' ? This is sad. Where did the others go? Ate their nagants from frustration ?
joecool Google moved away from unique strings over the past few years... moved to signals, will match synonyms and areas to a query.
mircea_popescu Only one trying in a sane manner for sane reasons ? Yes. Others : The perfect pitch. The fly eyes on the meat aren't a joke.

asciilifeform Where are the fossilized traces of folks doing it in insane matter, for lunatic reasons? I'd care to read'em. But nowhere.
mircea_popescu See the link above.

asciilifeform Just to underscore the sheer level of the braindamage I've uncovered - the thing won't build on any box with past 2+ yrs of glibc. 3+ actually. You mean to tell me that I'm the only one to 1) notice 2) say something on the net ?
mircea_popescu Yes. I don't think you actually understand how the world works.

asciilifeform Evidently not.
mircea_popescu Ok. Let's put it in perspective. At some point I ended up peripherally involved in the "art" scene by virtue of fucking in it. Out of every 1k kids spending in agregate at least 1mn man-hours/year discussing a) creativity, generally and b) various projects a total of less than 100 hours ever got put into any actually existent item that could be burned for instance. Just because it's easier (and cheaper) to type into box than throw paint at canvas does not mean more anything ever gets made.ii

asciilifeform What happens to the rest of the time ?
mircea_popescu Happens ?

asciilifeform At some point you end up wondering what they're doing instead.
mircea_popescu What is the Pentium 1 doing "instead" ? Instead of what lol. That's the clock rate.

asciilifeform Heating the room. I mean, it is approximately correct to say that it is discharging heat in the time between ticks. As the necessary 'instead'.
mircea_popescu Well I'm sure they all maintained metabolic balance throughout. One particular schmuck formulated plans for at least 24 months, at the rate of one a week, to TALK TO this particular whore. He failed, at the end of the reporting period, to have met the bare minimum level of achievement of finding out that the girl was actually working.

asciilifeform What would have been the purpose of such an exercise ?
mircea_popescu Dude I dunno... if I spend my time planning how to murder Obama, yet fail to find out, as a side product of all this planning, that he died three years prior... I'd be fucking worried. Imagine you were going to war in Afghanistan and discovered the CENTCOM thought Afghanistan is actually in Zanzibar ? If that happens im fucking defecting, because srsly... finding just one cockroach in the kitchen is one thing, but here we have found a cockroach inside the cockroach and no sign of any kitchens.

asciilifeform Why would someone sit and formulate a 'plan' to talk to a whore ? That was the question.
mircea_popescu He DID NOT KNOW THIS. And he failed to find out. Which should be informative. I've never spent two years planning on how to fix a window without discovering it really is a door, at some point during all that.

* asciilifeform suddenly grasps what the story was probably about.
mircea_popescu Aha. The process is wholly self-referential. It is in no sense different from the goings on in any insane asylum. You are essentially asking "ok, the sanitariums of the world hold a supply of at least 5000 Napoleons. Why is there no glorious history being produced ?"iii I dunno. Guess ?

asciilifeform 'Insufficient number and quality of bicorns issued to the Napoleons.' Moar phunding needed.
mircea_popescu Clearly. And in fact more funding is issued by the long suffering parents, either directly (as is the case in Romania) or through collective buying (the state ->taxes->etc in the US). But this can not result in any substantial change, because more effort applied to faulty premise. Consider the ever popular Bryan Adams hit single, Summer of 69. Now imagine that, through the miracle of technological advance, there is actually no real job for any of the kids to do. So Jimmy does not quit. And consequently Jodi has nobody to marry. So she does not marry. So twenty years later, they are still in that garage, still with that guitar. Fingers still bleed. Has more music been produced ? A lot of neuropathy to "explain" and justify it all does get produced, sure. But Google can sort through all that pretty fast, especially because it being psychogenic rather than rational it is dreadfully boring and entirely predictable. Read one police report of crime X, you've read half of them. Read ten, you've (practically) read them all. Clinical psychology is only interesting to the patently insane, as a practice. Otherwise all the notes say endlessly the same five or six things. There just aren't that many things to say. "And then the engine blew a cylinder". Gee.

  1. It's a good part of how they hire, actually. []
  2. "You're the guy who wasn't good enough to sling dope." is good companion reading for this point. []
  3. Or, for that matter, where's all the other Golden Ages ? []
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