Just how stupid is the Redditard crowd ?

Monday, 16 February, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This fucking stupid :


In case you're new to the party, the Internet haxxing technique on display there is commonly known as google bombing. This works as follows :

  • That if there is a party with significant fiat exposure but weak Internet exposure,
  • And that party also holds very narrow views and positions,
  • Then it can be distressed by linking it from powerful websites with anchors that reflect contrary views and positions.

Trying to apply this to Trilema fails on absolutely all the counts. On one hand : Trilema is actually extremely powerful online, much more so than say Redditi, a fact readily demonstrated by - for instance - the long celebrated ability of obtaining absolutely any term I wish by simply claiming it.

On the other hand : Trilema is not actually significantly exposed on the fiat side of things. There just doesn't exist a numerous group of people that vaguely know me from somewhere in meatspace but don't actually have a direct channel with me. I've not been on TV, I don't write "books"ii, this scenario where someone goes "Hey, I wonder what that Trilema thing I heard about at the kitten shelter is doing" simply doesn't exist. If someone knows about Trilema, they know about it because something happened online, and this fundamentally invalidates the entire premise of google bombing.

But it gets worse : Trilema, unlike most any other construct of the ESLiii cultural space, is specifically not dedicated to narrow views. If you think people coming here could be in principle distressed by my association with any one topic or position imaginable, well... you must have been reading with the autorefractor still attached.

And it still gets worse : "socks and cocks", seriously ? Someone, somewhere is supposed to lose his shit over this ? In what narcissistic-rage-induced-psychosis of a parallel universe does this proposition even begin to make sense ?

Seriously, what is the scenario envisioned here, that a derp with exactly all the pull online that an account on someone else's site affords himiv is going to spam google by hand, this somehow resulting in the innocent searches of Mae Simpleton from my gym yielding the magical phrase "socks and cocks" thus forever changing her previous good opinion of me ? Because seriously, no good Trilema would ever be associated with something as inflamatory and outright evil as the expression "socks and cocks" ?

Somebody figured that using a toothpick to "push" a rhino towards a lake is a decent implementation of using a branch to push a huge spider towards the woodchipper intake. Because what the hell's the difference anyway, right ?

But that's not the real problem, that's just the setting. The real problem ?

They fucking use a google filter.

I do not believe stupidity in this concentration can readily be digested by the human brain, much like pure sugar can't be digested by most living things. Allow me to restate it.

These people are going to google bomb me with links specifically designed to be invisible to google.

Yes, seriously. That is what that is.

Do you see what a coupla decades of schools with no grades, parenting with no beatings and "no children left behind" have created ? This is that monstrous success, come home to roost.

These idiots literally expect that if they're wishing for something "really really hard", that something will come to pass. These idiots literally expect that "it's the thought that counts", and that there's no technology in this world, or even in the word "technology" for that matter - instead it's all an intellectual void filled with "feelings". They imagine that Godle will see through what they actually did straight into what they "meant to do" and give them an A for effort and everything else on TV. Because "the consumers have come to expect" (see what I did there ?).

These are the people you expect to support you in your old age. These are the people that will supposedly defend you, your interests, your traditions and culture if - for instance - the Russians decide Alaska was merely a loan.

You've made the bed. Enjoy dying in it.

  1. Yes, Reddit is larger, but it is not more relevant. How google scores things is a complicated topic, but simplifying for the layman : one note on half a sheet of A4 paper from a respected physician carries more weight than five metric tons of bulk mailing. []
  2. To quote the muffin tops : "Why is it every half-wit and sitcom star has his own book out now?" []
  3. "English as a Single Language", roughly equivalent to "fucktard from the US". []
  4. Ie : this gal. []
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4 Responses

  1. Very, I've have noticed /r/bitcoin became like another /r/dogecoin, its unbearable.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 16 February 2015

    All teh idiots gotta go somewhere...

    Once dogecoin died they sorta flocked around what was going to be a redditcoin, that meanwhile went away quietly, and so now they're crowding Bitcoin.

    The relationship is superficial, sort-of like between all the wigger "gangstas" and Mercedes a decade ago.

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