Why should the Argentine population go graze already ?

Wednesday, 16 September, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Because they're bovine, that's why.

The above would be the short answer, but if you must there's also a long answer. Arbitrarily long, as long as you could possibly find the time or summon the interest. Longer than that, really. For starters :

They do not think, they just agree with each other.

It's not even the case of retardation as observable in the US, where one group of retards (let's call them libertards) agrees with itself that right-to-choice and words-are-like-bullets! and everyone-is-unique-just-like-everyone-else and whatnot whereas another group of retards (let's call them Bush, because they're all related anyway) agrees with itself that every-sperm-is-precious and drugz-r-bad-mkay and whatnot, and then they go about "disagreeing" with each other and "debating" "issues" in the psychotic manner of each side repeating its mantras at the other like so many magical incantations.

None of that in Argentina, everyone just agrees with everything anyway. They're not rich enough to have two sets of opinions even, let alone any sort of counterculture of any kind whatsoever. Nope, none of that, it's all "humanism" and socialism and "democracy is best" and human rights and human dignity and footbal is great and "the politicians" suck and dolche de leche. You can't find the group of people who think football sucks, because they don't exist. I don't mean the group doesn't exist, I mean the individual people that'd make it up don't exist. An Argentine may either not think about it at all, or else think football's great. Those are the two available states, and the arrangement makes the very notion of "an individual Argentine" somewhat dubious. Individual unicellular organisms making up together a sort of immense dog vomit is to my eyes a description much more considerate of the truth of the matter and perceptible reality.

There. Is. No. Counterculture. In. This. Country. Do you comprehend this ? The fucktarded teenagers agree with their fucking parents! Who agree with the grandparents. They're so far away from a thinking population they never even ecountered subversive ideas as a thing. Not ever. The average local does not know what to do when confronted with a divergent opinion just like the original penguins didn't know what to do when they heard gunshots. So they agree with you! Oh, you want to eat babies ? Sure, that sounds like it might be fun. But left to their own devices they're so idiotic as to import faux sex-issues and assorted ready-made bullcrap so they look, to themselves, in the mirror, like they're all controversial and shit.

It's disgusting.

They don't do anything, just go through the motions.

This country does not exist, economically. It simply survives on handouts. For a while (mostly last century) the Europeans kept throwing wealth away at Argentina, and as a result the downtown has some pretty decent Colonial style constructions. Then that ended but fortunately China is willing to send over plastic goods it doesn't particularly insist to be paid for, and so, everyone gobbles down the rice with soy sauce, wears the plastic sandals and plays the Banasonic. That's it. If tomorrow the China faucet turns off, and Congo starts somehow magically sending them shit, they'll all play the mvet and that'll be that.

The normal way you'd expect something like Argentina to work would be, a large but mostly rural population that is very active and industrious building up the provinces, with a capital city slash port that keeps pumping people and tools into the deep country. That'd be sane, a functioning organism that has some sort of future. What actually happens in Argentina is that half the population is huddled in Buenos Aires doing nothing in particular, whereas a few stragglers here and there lost in the vastness of the Pampas also don't do anything in particular, mostly for lack of infrastructural support. The government goes abroad and borrows money because "Great potential of the Pampas", then comes home and distributes that money to the poor of Buenos Aires (and they're all poor, literally, because none of them does anything useful) in exchange for votes. So it can go next year and borrow more money. That's the sum total, even the notion of a return on investment... what return ? What investment ?

The only thing Argentines (as aptly represented by their "various" governments) can invest into is pretense and imagination. They came up recently with this natural resources scam called "Vaca Muerta", which according to the government and nobody else is an immensely immense oilfield of immense potential and hey, did I say immense enough times ? Ok let's also add potential potential potential, lest we shortchange these simple hearts and honest people, god forbid. So then nobody gives a shit and five years later the government discreetly wonders in the government press how come is it that the government owned ('cause they nationalised it, of course) YPF is the only entity claiming to be interested in this great potential (and doing as little about it as it can possibly get away with - for the obvious reasons).

Yes, they can cook, in the sense that if you eat here you discover the food is great. The reason, however, is that the kitchens are already in place and the recipes holy. They don't actually cook, you see, they just follow blindly (that, they can do) a tradition, and are lucky enough the original items that thing was made for still exist, and are also lucky enough that the rest of the world fucked itself over with "progress" so that eating meals made on 1965 tools by unthinking automatons programmed sometime in 1965 is actually a great deal. That's the whole lot of it, and should tomorrow a selective meteor hit the old kitchens in town, that is the end, complete and unmitigated, of good food in Argentinai. Because these schmucks could never rebuild the thing, for any sum of money. It's just good while it lasts, which may be a decade or two, yes, given the unthinking slavish bovine fixation they have on following the book, but then what ?

If you honestly wish to see where the US is headed, come live in Argentina for a bit. Delusions of self-importance and the narcissism of misery unwarrantedly encourage most thinking USians (ie, most USians that understand the place peaked) to imagine the thing's going to come down into a huge fiery cataclysm, of fire and brimstone.

Not so. It may be how it works on TV, but reality isn't TV. Socialist states without a national basis collapse slowly, painfully, like a fistful of pussy, blodshot snot coming down a sanatorium wall.

  1. Did you know that their main export was beef, up until they couldn't actually fill the minimal contract quotas so they lost the contracts, because contrary to what an Argentine imbecile might think, no it's not worth it to export two cows at a time.

    Now they're reduced to exporting soy, which is even less intensive than meat. They couldn't balance the trade before, even, but by now it's a foregone conclusion : for as long as the Chinese don't demand actual payment for their exports, Argentina has a "quality of life", and once the Chinese start demanding payment the party's over. That's it. []

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  1. Protip: If the soybeans aren't glyposate resistant in Estados Unidos they are frequently sprayed with glyphosate before harvest to dry them faster. SOP for potatoes.

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    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 16 September 2015


  3. Hi! Argentin is a very good country with good people who is carrying and respect each other!

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 19 September 2015



  5. @Ny Enxa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG_tHmL2Oug
    Un poco de respeto!

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