The very very jealous with envy thing, part deux.

Monday, 03 August, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I was minding my own business doing other things while my most mircescuesque avatar was busy crafting by itself, when suddenly I was congratulated! For outstanding achievement! Like so :


That's ~20k Slag recipes + ~5k Coarse Cordage recipes + 3k Disgusting Goop recipes + 800 Braided Coarse Thread recipes, my fair and square payment for doing one click. The right click.


For the mathematically inclined : 0.03 BTC = 3`000`000 Eulora copper coins. Whereas the Disgusting Goop click costs ~500 coins, depending on qualities and such esoteric considerations. Which means that above represented is me hitting a 6`000x jackpot.

Which isn't even the largest available in game. Because, get this : Eulora returns are uncapped. Yes, actually. There isn't a "largest loot" nor is there a "largest multiplier". Obviously they have to be finite, but on the basis of the formulas employed, you can not exclude any finite value. They get less and less likely as you go up, of course. But the probability never actually reaches zero.

The probability never actually reaches zero.

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