[RFC] The Gavin Assassinsen Memorial Mining Pool Implementation

Sunday, 18 January, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

You are to create a Bitcoin mining pool that :

    1. Merge-mines both Bitcoin and Gavincoin chains.i

    2. Includes anyone's broadcast transactions in the Bitcoin blocks, rationally sorted so as to maintain the blocks small while at the same time optimize fee collection ; mines empty Gavincoin blocks, except in cases where it originates the transactions.

    3. Allows miners to create payments from the Bitcoin chain that are divergent, so that payment ends in one user-specified address on the Bitcoin chain and in another user specified address on the Gavincoin chain. This would require an intermediate step where the miner sends Bitcoin to a pool-owned Bitcoin address, and so is not trustless by design. These are the only transactions the pool will include in the Gavincoin chain.

    4. Sends all miners that contributed to mining a block on either chain a bonus payment, proportional to their share contribution, equal to the last character of the mined block's hash % out of specified Bitcoin and Gavincoin addresses.ii

    5. Advertises itself on either blockchain identically to the pool that last solved a block.

This pool is named in memory of a circus freak that had some cursory involvement with early Bitcoiniii, who then used his social media influence to kill a couple of kids.

  1. Turns out I hadn't really thought this through. Spec will need a lot of rework. []
  2. So for example if the Bitcoin address holding the bonuses is 1BitcoinBonuses and it cointains 50 Bitcoin, and a block is mined whose last character is A, then each miner will receive a 20% extra to the payment he'd normally be entitled to (10% of 50 is 5, which is 20% more than the current25 BTC coinbase). If the Gavincoin address holding the bonuses is 1GavinKilledSomePeopleInAstoria, and it contains 0.01 Gavincoins, and the block is mined whose last character is 1, then each miner will receive a 0.0004% bonus over whatever he's due.

    This should be implemented as a private service, pregenerating the tx that'll need to be signed later. []

  3. Principally providing party entertainment as a cosplay artist. If you're organising a conference, corporate outing, Bar Mitzvah or other similar event, don't forget ol' Gavin. He'll dress up as Satoshi Nakamoto or any other imaginary personage you might fancy. All for the lowest price! []
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  1. Patrick`s avatar
    Friday, 10 April 2015

    YES! We need to take it all into account. Thank you.

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