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Monday, 24 August, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

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There are two fundamental premises that underpin libertard "thought", or more properly said verbal outpour. One is the proposition that "people matter". The other is that "here is everywhere".

Obviously, these aren't propositions in the proper sense of the term, but mere chants, oft repeated bits of nonsense much akin to the frog's rippit, or the buzzing noise coming out of amplified but untuned antenna. Like the imaginary "noise" one perceives if absolute silence endures, the underpinnings of libertard thought are purely psychogenic and not specifically meaningful.

For that matter, they're readily contradicted in practice. This, incidentally, has exactly nothing to do with Bitcoin, or anything else specifically. The proposition that "people matter" is readily contradicted for instance by the Internet at largei :

The only problem is that... well... it doesn't take. Factually, the unreserved appreciation, esteem, love of the entire world of muppets is not worth much, with their boundless ire following close behind. It's not just that the "social media" clicks aren't worth squat. It's that the very people behind those clicks are not actually worth squat. Whether they like or don't like, whether they agree or disagree, whether they love or hate - it's not even a statistic. They could be gone tomorrow - indeed they will be gone tomorrow - and nobody will even notice.

One could of course have as many examples as one cares to.

The proposition that here is everywhere is readily contradicted by everything all the time, no point to even quote. Take rape : most women that had sex last night had sex with a man that did not bother to ask. This is a fact, and there is an endless stream of similar such facts. Nobody asked Daphna Waxam anything, for another instance. Again, the list could go on endlessly, but to what end ? There's no end!

The reactions - for we are discussing psychology here, and of the lowest kind - are purely psychogenic as well. To the first type of contradiction, the libertard immutably answers along the lines of "the consumers have come to expect", more generally speaking impotent overactivity. So he demands "trilema be banned", my twitter account be suspended, an end to "gamergate" and "fat hate" and what have you.

To the second type of contradiction the libertard answers catatonically, if equally immutably. There isn't some sort of occult force at work that impels the drastic ignorance of the outside world as exhibited by the libertard. Really, he has no choice, because even admitting an outside world invalidates the "everywhere is here" tenet and one can't stay a libertard without that pillar.

I have little doubt that in the solipsistic libertard world, where "people are valuable" because "people say so" things like VC capital squandered on worthless "ventures" because "userbase" make sense. I also have little doubt that for as long as "everywhere is here" that sense can perpetually endure, and we'll all just sit around, "making shit happen" and consensus-this and whatnot, forever. Preferably for an interval not even discussed or considered, because even saying "forever" has a whiff of a flavour of heretic contradiction of the "everywhere is here" principle.

The only problem with this utopia is that, for actually live, intelligent, active individuals it appears inescapably boring. There's only so much masturbation one can endure before one has enough of the crap. And yes, I'm aware that "everywhere is here" should take care of it, and I'm sure plenty unfortunate souls put up with the misery because you've managed to sell them on the ridiculous notion that "no alternatives exist". Then one day they accidentally read Candide or something.

In short - I am perfectly aware as to why it is Bitcoin is perceived as an actual life-and-death sort of threat by a great many libertards, and to why they feel so driven to... "fix it", and then fix the having fixed it too (it was always like this! Bitcoin-xt is how Satoshi himself intended for Bitcoin to be, notwithstanding the man's actual statements to the contrary - he's lost touch with his inner satoshiness!)

It won't work.

  1. The quote comes from an article detailing the collapse of Bitlove LLC, a scummy company offering "Fetlife", a website for BDSM people. How "the press" failed to connect the dry run for the later Ashley Madison debacle is to this day a daily source of amusement to parties in the know. []
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  1. What gets me isn't even the whole sushi not going with beer thing, but that people imagine the plural of beer is beerS. What's next, they went to a wines tasting? At the wines and cheese party?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 24 August 2015

    Whines and choose (the plural of cheese).

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