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Friday, 15 May, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

It was recently brought to my attention that yes, the MPEx fee for registering new accounts is still 30 BTC.

Taking into consideration that the various "competitors" have all meanwhile closed down (delivering to the sort of imbeciles that made that inept choice a per capita loss well in excess of 30 BTC), a situation muchly reminiscent of the previous rate hike, post-GLBSE implosioni ; and that the last months have seen a lot of speculative MPEx seat acquisition which should in fact be rewarded if the world is to remain equitable and fair ; and that the USD equivalent value implied by the scam exchangesii is absolutely ludicrousiii, not to mention about to pop - it seems perfectly reasonable that the rate should be hiked.

Consequently, a new MPEx seat will cost 50 BTC henceforth. The referral discount stays at 5 BTC for each party. This applies to all accounts that have not yet paid their fee, irrespective when the key was emailed.

The English FAQ has been updated to reflect the changes. I am looking for translators willing to do some work to bring up to date and expand the current collection of FAQs.

  1. Speaking of which :

    [17:05:03] shareholder2 all will flock to MPEX and it will win
    [17:05:10] shareholder1 yep
    [17:05:13] da2ce796 ha.
    [17:05:14] nefario AHAHAHAHAaaaaaaaaaa
    [17:05:17] shareholder2 because its operator isn't "worried" enough
    [17:05:38] nefario Wait until they come knocking on his door
    [17:05:52] shareholder3_ midterm this will win against MPEX and others as they will get shut down soon too
    [17:05:56] nefario for money laundering and funding terrorism

    I'm still waiting, hey. []

  2. Yes, Buttfinex is still a scam. []
  3. You think one BTC is worth ~200 USD ? Go try to buy a hundred or two and see what it actually costs. []
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