MPEx (S.MPOE) October-November 2015 Statement

Sunday, 06 December, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Revenue : 273.29340404 BTC, of which :

  • Revenue from sales fee : 123.29340404 BTCi
  • Revenue from new accounts : 150 BTC

Expenditure : 25.50112183 BTC, of which :

  • Advertising, 0.1 BTCii
  • Tech, 24.87832294 BTC
  • Taxiii, 0.24831508 BTC

Profit : 248.06676602 BTC


MPEx encountered a technical issue this period which required some downtime.

Due to issues with registrars, some domain names previously used by MPEx proxies have been abandoned. The new domain set for MPEx proxies is ; ; and The abandoned domains ( and currently redirect to active proxies and will continue to do so for a limited time.

The Xotika listing was delayed due to the plague.

  1. Total trade : 61646.70202025 BTC. []
  2. This is still the spots we're buying on BitBet. []
  3. Owed to Bitcoin's Sovereign. []
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