In numele lui Trompi!

Tuesday, 29 September, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Intro :

punkman Is Trompi the Romanian Dumboi?
mircea_popescu Nah. Trompi is a putative divinity introduced by a comic strip. He's more mysterious than the FSMii in that outside of me and those guys nobody even references it.

Reference-o :

This April 2011 article,

Explicatie venita de nicaieri : Tr. folosit in sintagme precum n. Tr. dinsus nu inseamna nota Trilemei, cum v-ati putea in mod eronat astepta, ci nota lui Trompi. Idem d. Tr. nu noteaza anii numarati de la aparitia Trilemei decit printr-o pura coincidenta. Cu aparitia lui Trompi.

which translates to

Explanation coming from nowhere : Tr. seen in constructions such as n. Tr. above do not denote "Trilema note" as you might erroneously expect, but Trompi's note. In the same manner, d. Tr.iii does not mark the years counted since the apparition of Trilema except by pure coincidence. With the apparition of Trompi.


This comiciv, which reads as follows :

Mo: Ce faci Foca?v
Foca: Bine Mo,
Mo: In numele lui Trompi! Ce Satana ai acolo?vii
Foca: Faceam curat si am gasit o sticla de Chateau Lafite din 1787viii
Mo: Si pune-mi o halba.ix
Foca: Mediocrule! Asta nu-i sifon. Se degusta, nu se bea de sete.x
Anonim: Au ma doare-n pula.xi
Mo: Si pune-mi un shot.xii
Foca: Ahmmm... nu.xiii
Mo: Te rog dulce ca o savarina.xiv)
Foca: Nu. Ca tu te-mbeti instant ca ness-ul, alcolic anonim! Si dup-aia iar nu mai scap de tine.xv
Mo: Hai ma lopitaule mascat, ca nu ma-mbat dintr-un shot.xvi
Foca: Juri?xvii
Mo: Sa mi se arda sursa.xviii
Foca: Un singur shot...xix
Mo: Singur, atat de singur...xx
Foca: Mmmm... daxxi
Mo: Foca... Foca tu stii de ce beau eu?xxii
Foca: De ciuda.xxiii
Mo: Da! Da' mie nu mi-e ciuda ca sunt eu suparat. Mie mi-e ciuda ca-s altii fericiti.xxiv

Ore-o :


So there you go.

  1. You know, self-propelled Disney cartoon elephant. []
  2. Flying Spaghetti Monster []
  3. Article bylines go something like " Monday, 28 September, Year 7 d.Tr. ". []
  4. As you can see, "Published on Dec 1, 2012 Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License".

    But really, it came out January 2011, youtube just sucks balls. []

  5. How you doin', Foca ? []
  6. Alright, Mo, looky... []
  7. In the name of Trompi! What the devil's that ? []
  8. I was cleanning up and I found a bottle of Cheateau Lafite (you know, the original Rotschild domains) from 1787. []
  9. Sooo... pour me a pint ? []
  10. You exercise in mediocrity you! This isn't fizz. It's to be sipped not thirstily chugged. []
  11. Much like FM radio consists of a modulated carrier wave, whose modulations encode the message, Romanian constists of a modulation of cock references, which modulations encode the... eh nevermind.

    Anyway, the guy goes "my cock hurts", which is a big fucking deal as far as the praxis is concerned, but otherwise means "I couldn't care less." []

  12. So pour me a shot. []
  13. []
  14. I ask sweetly like a savarin! (You probably know the cake in question as "rum baba". []
  15. No. Because you get drunk instantly like instant coffee, anonymous alcoholic that you are. And then I won't be able to rid myself of you agai. []
  16. Come, you masked cutting-board you, I won't get drunk on a shot.
    ("Lopitau" is not really a Romanian word at all, but a Hungarian word transcribed and used as if it were Romanian. This is perfectly legal usage in the language, because Romanian, just like the Latin it continues and inherits, really and actually sees itself as the only possible language. All others attempts are simply... broken Romanian, so really, doing that is only fixing things.) []
  17. You swear ? []
  18. Should my power supply burn out! []
  19. A single shot... []
  20. Alone, so very alone... []
  21. Mmmmkay. []
  22. Foca.... Foca, you know why I drink ? []
  23. Schadenfreude. []
  24. Yeah! But I'm not schadenfreude because I am myself upset. I'm schadenfreude because others are happy. []
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