Eulora as seen by Mircescu

Wednesday, 09 December, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Thanks to Diana's very useful awkatron, we now have maps of my own efforts, as found in a 10 Mb file worth of exploration logs. Behold :


To go with it, some selection of the better bits of today's other log :

diana_coman Hmm, so 1 level up in building seems to give me quite unfailingly 1q point in everything; on the other hand, 2 levels up in farming gave me nothing.
mircea_popescu Cwazy

diana_coman the only kind of hypothesis I have so far is that I'm kind of way top on building while farming is unimpressive, though that doesn't sound like much of a theory. I think you are next in building mircea_popescu, aren't you? What's your building level?
mircea_popescu Possibly. 371.

diana_coman Hm, doesn't sound like a huge diff to my 404. Although the levels around 400 were huge.
mircea_popescu Yeah they vary. What q farming do you get yet ? And mining or lumberjack and basics ?

diana_coman 135 on farming now. Need to check the rest.
mircea_popescu Please do.

diana_coman 116 mining. So 58 farming gives me... 21 q points lolz. 162 basics. 102 sortage gives me 48.
* diana_coman still thinks the most likely thing is that Foxy is simply an idiot
Birdman2 you keep saying that foxy, do you think your int. effects some of this?
chetty :P
mircea_popescu I'm at 105 non-lj, about 200 basics and 200 lj. So 37 lj gives me ~95, 282 sortage gives me... ~100 say. Clearly I'm talented at lj and you're talented at basics. I'm certainly doing worse in basics than you are. In fact, going with a simple linear model for a second here, 58/21 = 2.761904762 ; 102/48 = 2.125 ; 37 / 95 = 0.389473684 ; 282 / 100 = 2.82. So you're ever so slightly better at sortage than me, much better at farming, but I totally MURDER it with lj.

Birdman2 That would be cool game mechanics if your stats effected skills and all that.
mircea_popescu Ofcoursetheydo.

Birdman2 Well then, Eulora may just have potential to be the greatest RPG.
mircea_popescu I think so.

Birdman2 Mmm, I've always wanted to have a game that uses real money for the currency. Just wish I had started at the same time as you guys.
mircea_popescu Why do you think it makes a difference ?

Birdman2 I could have done some things differently for sure.
mircea_popescu like what ? [14:28]

Birdman2 Well I spent a week or two gathering at level one, and failed to realise I needed to train to progressi, which led me to think the game sucked and stopped playing it for a month or so. So in that time I just feel I might have missed opportunity or a full understanding of the game.
mircea_popescu Well ok, but unlike every other MMORPG out there, the limiting factor in Eulora isn't time. It's money. If you do things dumbly and waste a lot of ECUs, they're gone. If you don't... you can keep playing.

Birdman2 Yeah I like that.
mircea_popescu So in this sense, it's never really "oh if I started earlier". Like Diana says.

And so it goes.

  1. Hey, took one guy a whole day to figure out the recipes go in the mind slot :D

    Eulora has curves to it. Learning curves. []

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