The practical sexuality cryptograph

Tuesday, 13 May, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Without further ado :


As a result of all the troubles encountered last time, dignork has now made a special bot. You can query puzzlomat on Freenodei, it looks something like this :

mircea_popescu trilema guess 1ii esteem
puzzlomat Your guess for puzzle #1 esteem, and You actually guessed correctly!

No more hashing or anything. Have fun now!

  1. First, join Freenode, using either your dedicated client or else webirc. Then, open a private session with puzzlomat, by typing /query puzzlomat in the bottom bar. Then, talk to it. []
  2. Replace with the count of the current cryptograph, of course. You can get this from the name of the image, we're looking at cryptograph-2.jpg right now, for instance. []
Category: Criptograme
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