Pseudo-racism, faux sexism : the socialist verbal menagerie

Tuesday, 13 May, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Me Check out this retarded shit! "She's poor, stupid and loud." "No, you're a horrible person." This is what the anti-discrimination bullshit is aimed at, IMO. It has jack shit to do with the legitimate interests of black people, or with the legitimate interests of gay people, or with anything legitimate at all. It's just marauding socialism : you must not discriminate, ie, distinguish. Because then and only then may socialism flourish. This is why completely unrelated idiocy such as not giving kids failing marks, and not allowing winners in school sporting events and so forth fold so easily into the libertard mainstream : it's not about niggers or faggots in any sense. It's all about how the words "nigger" or "faggot" could be used to promote this non-discrimination agenda. That's the only way one could explain people being anti smoking AND anti fur AND anti schoolyard bullies AND anti beating misbehaving children AND anti death penalty AND anti racial segregation AND pro "gay marriage" AND anti religion but pro political correctness and so on and so forth. The set is self contradictory on pretty much all scores with the exception of only one unifying thread : this fight discrimination thing. They even say so, actually, if ever pressed to construct some sort of general point of view your contemporary US libertard will come up with this, "fight discrimination". Over a cup of fresh mucus and a small serving of gravel steak.

Her I think you're right, but I'm not sure the source is the best exemplary of what you're talking about. The woman who wrote seeking advice IS a horrible person, but that's not because she's excluding someone, it's because she won't come out at say why plainly. She tries to muffle it with the same bs, "she's divorced and has a young child" "we go to church", supposed to stand for "I think she's a slutty heretic". The woman actually writing the column would've give better advice if she'd just said discriminate who you want, but tell them why. I guess actually this just supports what you said, maybe it's a good example after all. Yeah. Fight discrimination, because we can't actually look at ourselves and discern, nor accept, meaningful difference. It's pretty sad in retrospect that the woman wants advice for this, yet the only thing she'll ever get (unless she wisens and starts asking the right, ie, non-socialist people) is either confused camaraderie that can't define the actual problem or else "you're a horrible person" equally confusedly explained.

Me But not coming out to say it plainly doesn't make her horrible.
Her Why not?

Me It just makes her polite.
Her Polite? Is the quality of politeness saying things so as to avoid offending others, to the point of obscuring what you mean?

Me Yep, quote exactly. Not quite on par with being a horrible person.
Her Seems pretty horrible to me. Isn't this essentially what people do when they profess to "be nice"?

Me I mean, if you tell a twelve year old she's pretty to try and lure her in your pedovan you're a horrible person. If you tell a twelve year old she's pretty when she's ugly you're just polite.
Her So wait. What's the difference? The second supposedly doesn't "intend" to be harmful?

Me Scale goes something like horrible > polite > filthy whore > clean whore > asshole.
Her Ahaha

Me 0 being, I guess, clean whore.
Her Alright, that seems reasonable a scale. I'm pretty sure most people'd have to have the position of "polite" there explained tho'. 'Cause the normal idea is prolly more like "horrible > filthy whore > clean whore > mean > slut/asshole > decent > nice".

Me Mean's undefined anyway.i Wait wait. Scale actually goes something like horrible > polite > filthy whore > clean whore > slut/asshole. Both sluts and assholes being people who say what they mean, with no further qualifications. Isn't it weird that the socialist bunch, while CLAIMING to be against discrimination by gender, actually does exactly that ? There's a slut / asshole distinction predicated on exactly nothing other than the person's gender.
Her I guess so. And yeah it's weird, but it's consistent; people who don't want to look at what things actually mean wouldn't stop to consider the gender difference in slut/asshole, or perceive that a man could be a slut, etc. It's not in the collected mental notebook of "things people who don't make our stomach upset say".

Me So excused by ignorance ? Funny how that works.
Her Not excused. Explained.

Me A right you are.
Her They're all assholes... I mean, polites. Hm I'll have to get used to that.

Me Polites lol. Yeah.

Illustration via Brad Cooper.

  1. I invite you to define it. What does it mean, this "mean" ? And be warned, I do not fuck around, I have read a lot, I know what I ask of your "devil". And why. []
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