The first trading day of F.MPIF

Thursday, 01 May, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Some highlights :

May 01 01:41:36 mircea_popescu kakobrekla am I correct in assuming panacea F.MPIF investment is 50.0 May 1st ?
May 01 01:41:47 kakobrekla Correct.
May 01 01:41:49 mircea_popescu Ty. So that's everyone then, I will be publishing the F.MPIF 1st statement tonight.

Originally the F.MPIF inaugural statement had been promised "before the 5th", with trading to begin after it was published. Because the two managers in charge of finicky, non-automated aspects of trade were extremely on the ball and sent their reports within minutes of the month closing (and big propos to dooglus for being extremely helpful), I was able to amass all the data by 1am, and so started preparations to publish the consolidated report.

May 01 02:28:52 BingoBoingo mike_c: Looks like you are getting the first S.MPIF statement tonight so you can analytics.

Much to the market's delight.

May 01 03:42:48 JorgePasada In the meantime, work needs doing.
May 01 03:43:59 mircea_popescu Idem, these F.MPIF books ain't gonna cook themselves...

And so the first (and best) F.MPIF monthly statement was published, and there was much rejoicing :

May 01 04:24:53 assbot [MPEX] [FN] [F.MPIF] 4000 @ 0.000215 = 0.86 BTC

So much rejoicing, in fact, that by evening the entire stack was practically gone :

May 01 17:58:55 assbot [MPEX:F.MPIF] 1D: 0.000215 / 0.000215 / 0.000215 (832805 shares, 179.05 BTC), 7D: 0.000215 / 0.000215 / 0.000215 (832805 shares, 179.05 BTC), 30D: 0.000215 / 0.000215 / 0.000215 (832805 shares, 179.05 BTC)
May 01 17:59:00 mircea_popescu Holy. Mk Ima add another 1mn shares then.
May 01 18:00:02 jurov Oh, at the same price?
May 01 18:00:11 mircea_popescu Well yes.
May 01 18:00:13 assbot [MPEX] [FN] [F.MPIF] 167195 @ 0.000215 = 35.9469 BTC

That was it, 13 hours and change after listing, the entire million shares gobbled up. So as promised I created another million shares, which gave rise to some lively debate, which so far seems to have yielded a better understanding of how this thing is supposed to work. It also resulted in a collar put on jurov'si trade activity, which I think is a significant gain.

At any rate : the 1.5% spread I am tolerating currently is not firm, and may change as circumstances dictate.

And with that... happy first trade day, F.MPIF! And happy labour day everyone else - except the French.

  1. It occurs to me that the news of Profit Center 5's new manager was documented in an unlinked article. []
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