Tango on Avenida Corrientes, Buenos Aires

Thursday, 11 September, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Remember the flamenco dancing girlies in San Jose, Costa Rica ? How about the morning bird ? Well, allow me to introduce a combination of the two, captured yesterday evenining around 1800 altura.i


She works hard and is talented, but I'm pretty sure she lives in the street. Which, if you think about it, is rather impressive - Washington DC doesn't even allow bums in the "security perimeter", through police violence ; most everywhere else, they're more likely to either glare or look through things in stupor than actually go to all the trouble of maintaining a costume set and dancing complicated, figure dances.


That guy's also street fauna, except the more common fare : incredibly odorous, shitstained all over, the works. As my companion pointed out, he's probably the worst part of her day because... how does she get rid of him ? Think about it, it's no small matter. If you're a pianist you don't even touch this, if anyone's being obnoxious in any way some people you've never met kick him out. If you're a stand-up comedian or some other version of entertainer closer to the street bum, you try and use the audience's own preconceived notions against itself to control it, and hope that you've sold tickets for a price point high enough to not allow too many free spirits in the hall. But what if you're free ? Really, truely, skyclad free ? What if you're stuck dealing with other free people ? Sucks to be you, huh.

Freedom isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially if idiots get any freedom whatsoever.


Here's on display the correct use of high heels. As explained other places in other languages, the high heels aren't there to walk on, they're to stop walking and that's it.


Notice the camera movement on the bike wheel. I am rather proud of this shot because I was trying to get her thigh in focus doing a freehand autofocus thing. Seems to be working to some degree.


So there she is, dancing by herself, in the street of the big city.


Just like you.

  1. As discussed earlier, Buenos Aires is splendidly organised. Since the town's a grid, and since the last two digits indicate the position within a block whereas the rest indicates the block index, with the passage of time and the accumulation of social practice you get a further meta-benefit along all the direct ones : people abstract a concept of "height", ie, how far up/down/left/right you find yourself. This is aptly called altura.

    It doesn't exist in shitholes such as Bucharest, which being irregular do not support the abstractive benefits of regularity. What's more, fuckwits living there don't even know this could exist, because how could they imagine it ? And so live happy, self-contented lives in their muck. (Drop dead yo, you're too offensively, stupidly dumb to justify any further expenditure of calories. Stop breathing people's air, on you it's a waste.) []

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