Riverwalk. A proper one.

Wednesday, 09 July, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


The famous Buenos Aires Clit Bridge. It's not across the river of silk silver as you may think, but simply across some body of water. Explicitly dedicated to women everywhere.


This is me casting my endless shadow over the seawalli and the... river. Honest, there's river in there!


Vedeti ba timisoreni fututi in cap cu ascensoru' cit si banda rulanta, asa arata o promenada de-aia unde sa pui casute dubioase sa haleasca pulimea carne fripta in conditii igienice precare. ASA. Pe malu' riului, sa traga briza putoarea. Afara din centru cit si din treaba oamenilor care nu-s peoni jegosi & sclavi care nu are de servici. Nu cum faceti voi, veni-v-ar damfurile de "capitala culturala" invers pe nas afara, ptiu. Auzi cultura.


Deci in spatiul asta intins cit vede ochiu' in zare si-nainte si-napoi, lat de minim treiji de metri incap la rigoare un milion de saormari obositi, sa se bitiie din treningu' de fis minca-ti-as cit si sa dea dintr-un slap in altu' de bucurie maxima ca uite, este hoit, pot pui si ei cit si este unsoare, sa se frece-n voie. Bine ? Bun ? Si nici nu deranjeaza pe nimeni, ba chiar astfel amplasati pot fi chiar simpatici.


Hai Romania!


This is the world's most elaborate game of hopscotch, going as you can see for over a mile's worth of cells (1600 meters to the mile) as well as over the wall and straight into the river. It's known as Suicide Hopscotch. Just like the Suicide Girls, only for younger females. And there definitely is a river in there. Honest!


Told ya.


I believe this is called waterfowl.


I ate one of those. What do you want from me, I was hungary.


First person to come up with the GPS coords of this thing gets a beer.


From a distance I imagined this is a reed harvester, to make paper (pretty much the best newspaper paper is made from reeds). From close up I'm however not so sure, might just be some dredge.


Cine cunoaste stie, in plm.


These are the holding cells on the grounds of the BDSM thematic park. During the summer months they stuff these full of girls, but at the moment it's too cold. I think.


A ruined fane.


The pony walking grounds attached.


S-a inteles si acolo in capul din fund ?


Un pom.


Alt pom.


O pasare, in acuarela.


O inserare.


This is a logo depicting a grown, bearded man giving oral pleasure to a child of indistinct gender. Some insurance company.

And that's all for today!

  1. Which is pretty solid concrete, about a meter thick, maybe four or so down to the water level and who knows what below that. It goes on for maybe three miles or so that I've personaly seen. []
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  1. 34°36′44.3″S 58°21′34″W. 'Torres El Faro.' Beer plz.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 9 July 2014

    Yay. WD!

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