Obama-Clinton, or the end of the republic.

Thursday, 03 April, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Last year I said something in a MPEx board meetingi about how the current US presidentii is unlikely to respect constitutional term limits and will probably use his wife towards this goaliii. My uninformed and fundamentally disinterested opinion was shot down collectively by much more interested parties, and dispelled by the much more knowledgeable through for instance pointing out that Michelle Obama hates the entire political circus and is not in the slightest interested in actually participating. As if actually participating is in any way required or desired, or in any sense what Barrack Obama is doing. As if anyone asks women what they'd rather, now. What is this, the future ?

obama-clinton-bumperI shrugged then, a year has passed hence, as you can see in the vignette the campaign to that effect is right on track. If I were Messina or Axelrod I'd be starting with the astroturfing just about Spring 2014 too.

The move is, in my humble, uninformed and still quite disinterested opinion extremely likely to succeed. It's exactly the unsubstantial sort of gimmickry that the US media loves, because it's easy to "explain" and, as one anon leahiv explained, "the content just writes itself". If you were hungry, stupid and sad you'd want the content to "write itself" too, and your job to "do itself" too, because you'd be too busy throwing the covers over your head and screaming "I can't hear you nonono" too. Just the way the nookie crumbles.

It's also extremely convenient : the purposeless, clueless pretentiousness that was "The Monkey Does White House, 2008 - 2016, a musical" created a vast armada of political clients, their aggregate cost reaching well in the trillion of dollars. Just like you know, any weak emperor in the history of the "republican" empires of Asia. These people aren't going away, they'd rather set the palace on fire than leave it.v A disinterested Michelle Obama coupled with oh... how sad it is.

Do you remember how hot Clinton was in her youth ? Not just sexually, how clever this woman was ? How utterly seductive ? Nothing much is left today, a Pelosi-esque abandoned, hollow husk. Which brings us to an important side point : allowing women access to politics does not result in women being represented in politics in any sense. It's not the young lovable 1960s Clinton that acquires any sort of power or import in the field. It's the Nancy Pelosies, it's the 70 yo Clintons that do. By opening politics to women you really open it to old women, and in the known world there is nothing worse. Old women are the bane of civilisation, because they're not interested in knowing, like old men, they're interested in loud upsets not existing, like Cixi. They're the natural enemy of men of all ages and young women and children (hey, they're also loud, right ?) and everything nice and good and sweet and worthwhile.

Just like there is a lot of wisdom in writing lifetime terms out of the Constitution, there is a lot of wisdom in writing women out of the political process. Very little of this is directed at actual women, the flesh and blood creatures you love and are loved by. Most of it is directed at keeping old hags out of everyone's way, those loveless, soulless husks that these same women become, after fifty years of politics. And they never die, also, that's the other problem : in any world in which women live an average five years more than men, any papacyvi will be vastly dominated by women. That's why you can't have a woman pope, not for any other reason. Nobody hates women, but everyone who doesn't yet hate hags will definitely live to learn to.

So in short : I don't believe Red USA Army defeating White (southern ?) USA Army is any more avoidable, down the road, as Obama-Clinton is avoidable in 2016. After all, the death rattle is not something your dying father does deliberately, nor is it something you can in any way prevent. It's just the way the cookie... crumbles.

  1. We discuss all sorts of far ranging or otherwise plain old weird stuff. []
  2. Really, the political machine using him for a sockpuppet. []
  3. A wet dream of the socialist party at least since Clinton. Except Clinton was actually a lot more competent a president. At least by today's standards - isn't it interesting how this political deflation thing works, Clinton was a meh president for the 1990s and would have been a great president for the 2010s. []
  4. This shall be henceforth the noun collectively describing Leah McGrath Goodman and people like her : women (of either physical sex) in their 30s, with a dead degree in nonsense and a good load of college debt still unpaid, depending on the benevolence of friends, which are really ex classmates that had the sense to avoid feminism and instead married well. (If you can't be bothered to read them, Kristen Wiig is pretty much stuck depicting the type cinematographically : a pretentious yet mean spirited, ambitious yet incapable, grandiosely frustrated neurotic mess.)

    Bereft of much intelligence, with little practical experience and even less understanding of it, these unfortunate souls labour under the LED lights to produce words by the meter, which may be "published", in a sense, by the numerous outfits nobody really reads anymore. []

  5. This is no joke, incidentally :

    After his marriage, Puyi began to take control of the palace. He described "an orgy of looting" taking place that involved "everyone from the highest to the lowest". According to Puyi, by the end of his wedding ceremony, the pearls and jade in the empress's crown had been stolen. Locks were broken, areas ransacked, and on June 27, 1923, a fire destroyed the area around the Palace of Established Happiness. Puyi suspected it was arson to cover theft. The emperor overheard conversations among the eunuchs that made him fear for his life. In response, he evicted the eunuchs from the palace. His own brother, Pujie was rumored to steal treasures and art collections and sell to wealthy collectors in the black market.

    The life and times of that unhappy scion of a weak emperor following an ambitious but close minded ex-whore empress (who notably forbade railroads because train engines are "too loud") are in no way specific to him. He is specific to them, because weak and insignificant people don't create their own environment but quite the opposite : are the products of their environments. He was succeeded by Communist China, incidentally, which defeated Nationalist China in the field, as improbable as that seemed originally.

    Will yours ? Likely, for the same reasons, in the same way. []

  6. Which is to say any political system predicated by "who dies last" []
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  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 12 August 2020

    Check it out, M. Obama avoided it alright!

    Behind every failed politician is a woman smart enough to want no part of it, and so if one's to compare Hilary an' Michelle's lives that one'd be hard pressed to put the white girl ahead.

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